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Wife and I have been married for about five by this time. We both have had a long hard week with work and even some remolding. The week end rolled around and we decided to invited a couple that we have known for about a year.

Susan and Tom, we met them at a small get together at hew years eve party my job had thrown. We hit off right away and became friends pretty quickly. Susan is much like my wife about five foot dive and nice curves in all the right places. Tom is nothing like me he is built like a brick shit house. He works out every day and have invited ma a few times but I was always a little to busy.

Well They showed up around six I had the grill going and the beer on ice. Kathy my wife had snakes and bread pudding ready for later. Tom met me out side popped open a beer and we began talking about football and all the guy stuff. Kathy and Susan was on the other side of the deck talking girls stuff.

Steaks were about ready and we was starving. we all sat down and chit chatted of diner and beer. Afterwards Kathy and Susan returned from doing the dishes and there was this strange look o her face. it wasn’t a bad look just kind of strange.

“What wrong babe?”

“Nothing wrong Susan and had been talking and we came up with a game we should play.”

“What kind of game?”

“Truth or dare.”

It kind of shocked me because neither one of us done anything like that sense college. At the same time it sounded like fun so I agreed as long as Tom did. We decided to play in side with more beer and some wine for the ladies.

We drew numbers to see who was going first and thank God it was Susan.

“Truth or dare James?”

“Hell I ain’t scared, DARE!”

“OK, I dare you to stand up and strip showing off that thing between your legs.”

Not bereaving that she started right off in that way I could not turn it down.”

“Truth or dare Tom” My beautiful wife asked.

“Hell I’ll do a dare.”

Kathy as him to strip and then slap Susan in the face with it. Every one kind of chuckled and watched as he did what he was asked. A couple loud slaps right across her right cheek. Tom was hung like a small mule kind of made me fill kind of small even with a full nine inches between my legs.

Kathy was asked to lick Susan’s pussy by Susan her self. I sat up straight I had never seen or even heard her say any thing about wanting to lick a woman’s pussy. Her head went down quickly her moving frantically back and fourth as her tongue made Susan pull her in tight and let out a moan.

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Susan was asked to suck my dick. I leaned back on my hands with my eyes closed. I would open them just long enough to see Kathy watching and smiling

Tom Hand my wife on her knees licking and sucking her ass. That is one thing Kathy loves and I could see the pleasure running through her body. The game continued for about another hour and then all hell broke loose. That would be in a good way.

We were still on the living room floor The girls licking and fingering each other. you could smell their aroma through out the entire room. At on Susan was on her hands and knees Kathy was under her licking her. Tom was behind her banging away while I was making her chock on my hard cock.

Then things changed My wife was still on her back Tom had her legs pulled up high pile driving her making her scream and use words I have not heard her say in a long time. Susan was on top of me bouncing and grinding the sounds of our flesh slapping with every thrust could be heard through out the house.

Then the time came the girls drew numbers to see which one would win the prize. The prize being getting there pussies filled by both guys and the other just enjoying a cream pie.. Kathy won or lost how ever you want to see it.

Tom went first fucking her hard and deep the filling her with his load. then my turn for sticky seconds. It took no time at all I was so horny I let loose making her gasp and pull me in deeper holding me there for a couple moments.

Susan raised her legs and began cleaning her up sucking and licking not missing a drop. After that night we made it a point that once a month we all would enjoy a night together. four years later we are still looking forward to that night.

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