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Tracy was walking home from school, as she approached the flat where she lived with her alcoholic mum Tracy saw the landlord in the street, Tracy looked at him and noticed that he had his son Asif with him, at sixteen years of age Tracy was two years older than what Asif was and she hated him, Asif was known as a little creep, he often crept round spying on girls, residents had tried to get him deported back to Bangladesh but had failed because despite his family being from Bangladesh he had been born in England so was an English citizen, Tracy hurried into the flat knowing that her mum would be out and that they had massive rent arrears, when Tracy got to the flat she saw the landlords brother waiting, not long after the landlord and Asif turned up, Tracy knew that she had no option but to let them into the flat, the landlords brother did not stay he left to go and catch somebody else, the landlord started to call Tracy a rent dodger and saying how much Tracy and her mum owed, they owed nearly two thousand pound in rent, the landlord started to talk about the legal side of things and how he now had the right to evict Tracy and her mum unless they cleared the rent arrears, Tracy knew that there was no way that she or her mum could raise the money needed to clear the rent, when she told the landlord this the landlord smiled and said we can come to an agreement, Tracy looked at him the landlord then said to Tracy ” I will leave my son here for one hour and if he is happy when I get back to collect him I will reduce the rent, Tracy looked at Asif who was now smiling, the landlord left the flat, after his dad had gone Asif looked at Tracy smiled and said to her ” strip naked ” Tracy looked at Asif and knew that she had no option but to do as Asif had said or she would be homeless along with her mum, Tracy took her jumper off then after unbuttoning her blouse took it off reached behind her back unclipped her bra and took it off as her very ample boobs fell into view Asif said ” yeah nice white tits ” Tracy unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor then after stepping out of it slid her panties down and off and stood naked, Asif stood looking at the naked Tracy admiring her boobs and shaved love tube then undid his trousers letting his thick seven inch erection spring out he looked at Tracy and said to her ” suck my cock dry ” Tracy knelt down and took Asif’s dick in her mouth and started to suck it and after five minutes gagged but swallowed Asif’s cum when he squirted it in her mouth, Tracy stood up, Asif told her to make a drink, as Tracy walked to the kitchen Asif said ” you have got a very cute bum ” while Tracy was in the kitchen Asif took some viagra and waited for Tracy to return, when Tracy returned she saw that Asif was still had and erection, Asif looked at Tracy and told her on the floor legs open, Tracy reluctantly did as Asif had said, Asif looked at Tracy’s open love tube got up and knelt between her legs then bent forward and slid his erection into Tracy’s love tube then started to thrust in and out, after a few minutes Tracy was breathing heavy and was surprised that it was feeling good, Asif noticed that Tracy now had erect nipples and carried on thrusting in and out of her love tube and after five minutes felt Tracy cum as she climaxed Tracy let out a groan, Asif continued thrusting in and out of Tracy’s love tube making her cum twice more before he squirted his cum over her stomach, after a few minutes Asif stood up looked at Tracy and said ” you are a good fuck ” twenty minutes later Asif’s dad returned and after speaking with his son told Tracy the rent was reduced by five hundred pound and left with Asif, Tracy went and had a shower as she stood under the warm water she thought that was quite good only another three or four sessions to clear the rent which I think I will be able to manage with out problem.

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