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Near Le Grond, a group of lesbians gathered daily. Some hailing from parts of the world, as far as Spain, Greece, Germany, Italy, and Russia. In Le Grond, California, it was par for the course for people from every walk of life to come to California.

Perdica came from abroad, opened a yoga club, and a physical exercise room: and taught karate, dancing, even pole dancing which reached some level of acclaim as a legitimate sports among women and slightly among lesbians. Lesbians came to her classes because it defined them: after their kind, whatever they do together, they tend to do very, very well.

By night, their muscles rippled in the shadows like feline, and moved with extraordinary grace through streets, rooms, and buildings. When they came together for sex, it was far more involved and even desirable: each lesbian deeply appreciative of their partner’s form. Whatever praise these lesbians gained for strength, fitness, and physical beauty, it was well-deserved.

When fingering one another, however softly or assertively, it was nearly an art form: each lesbians fresh from the beach, and their form like cast bronze in the light.

Call it taboo in any other part of the world. But where no harm was done, no harm was done. In the schema of the world, its wars, famine, and plagues, its civil unrest, these sculptured lesbians were the least of the world’s troubles: far from it, far, far from its evils. Their language was silence, their actions seeking consumate love and affection through physical bonding. It was far, far from the world’s trouble, in a slice of heaven uniquely their own. Their frames appareled in bliss, and terrible thoughts far, so far from them.

Peace, and where peace was: as lesbians sought it, in their clandestine intercourses, it was the best portion of their life, all life. Even nature for its tranquility was a constant war among its species: for authority or hierarchy. Lesbians ruled like greek goddesses in the comfort of their own homes. The constant theme of their life: love.

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Perdica a patient Greek, watched with pride as her students advanced. Reportedly married, Perdica slept with one of her lesbian students at least once. She never returned to it again; but didn’t regret it. Her craft was to mold lesbians into an art form; and they dazzled indeed: climbing buildings or poles with speed, and demonstrating mastery over their world, and sex. Some lesbians once sickly or bent out of shape, were renewed to rosy-colored complexions, vibrance, and energy under Perdica’s care.

Perdica when slept she did with a lesbian student of exotic Spanish / Germany ancestry moaned in awe of the power of sex: lesbian or otherwise, it parted her mouth in awe: she worshipped the night, and for one night, worshipped a lesbian, with her complete body. And awoke renewed.

In Le Grond, California, may lesbians be so lucky as to have only love and vibrant fitness as their only cares.

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