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Pete and Carmel, mother and son loved the new physical relationship they had developed. Pete now the only man that could cum in his mother. He still let her fuck his Uncle Grant, with specific rules, one rule really he must wear a condom.

Tonight was like any ordinary night, if you could call Carmel coming home to her secret lover, her son. She brought take out. The smell of the pizza fumes as she stepped into the kitchen.

” Good evening mum. ” He said admiring the figure of his mother, her black pencil skirt, red satin blouse and black stockings. Her hair in a ponytail.

” Hi baby. How was your day? ” She said placing the pizza on the counter.

” Fuckin great bitch. ” He said standing behind her placing his hand on her arse squeezing her arse cheek.

” Good, mine was good too. ” She said reaching up to the cupboard as Pete pressed his groin into her arse sliding a hand to her front up to her breast squeezing it over her blouse. He kissed her neck as he fondled her bosom.

” Good mum. You know… ” He said now sliding both hands to her stomach taking a deep breath in smelling the perfume on her. ” I think its time to expand our sex life mum. ” He whispered.

” How do we do that, we are mother and son. ” She said turning around wrapping her arms around his neck kissing his lips.

” Well, Id like to share you, watch you with other men, maybe a threesome. A secret of course, they don’t have to know your my mother. Maybe some rough sex, I know you like it rough you fuckin whore. ” He said. He loved been able to talk to her like that. She loved it to. She loved been his whore.

” Oh yes ok, why not. We need to be extremely careful though aye. ” She said.

” I know. ” He replied kissing her lips.

” So tell me, what do you want to do with me with other men? ” She asked.

” Well mum. I want to tie you up, blindfold you and let strangers fuck your slutty pussy. You not knowing what they look like. Make you suck their cocks, let them cum down your throat, might even let one cum in my moms pussy. ” He said

” Ummmm. ” She said. ” I would like that baby. ” She replied. ” Lets have dinner, get drunk and fuck. ” She said.

” Ok. ” He replied.

” Why don’t you go through mummy’s wardrobe and find some nice clothes to wear.

” Ok ” he replied kissing her lips.

He made his way to the bedroom opening her wardrobe. He stripped off naked and flicked through her dresses. He opened her drawers pulling out a red g string. He put it on with a matching bra. He loved he could fit his mothers clothes. He pulled out a long red dress and stepped into it. It sat just above his ankles. The v neck bodice held up by thin straps over his shoulders. He put on white high heels. She had brought heels his size especially for him to wear as she now knew her sons love for cross dressing in her clothes.

He walked out to the kitchen.

” Hello sexy. ” She said smiling at her son.

” Thanks. ” He said stepping over to her, they stood hands on each others hips.

They moved to the couch and sat with their red wine and pizza. Peter loving been dressed up in his mothers clothes.

” So tell me baby. What are your fantasies? Apart from watching me tied up been fucked by strangers. ” She said.

” I like the idea of group sex, fucking women with other cross dressers. ” He said.

” Umm baby. Erotic honey. ” She said ” What else? ” She asked.

” Outdoor sex, I wouldn’t mind fucking you and been caught. ” He said.

” So in general you like fucking me, with others but them not knowing I’m your mother. ” She said.

” Well yeh, but then how cool would it be to have a threesome with someone knowing you are my mum. ” He said

” Ummmm yes baby. That would be cool. I’ve been dreaming of sharing you with your wife or girlfriend. ” Carmel said smiling at him.

” Oh really? ”

” Ummmm. Of course with her knowing I’m fucking you. That’s my fantasy. ” She said.

” That would be erotic mum. ”

They finished dinner. She stood walking to the kitchen, he followed. He stepped behind her and gripped her hair pulling it down tilting her head. He kissed her ear. ” Ready slut. ” He said.

” Yes Pete. ” She replied.

” Good girl whore. ” He said slapping her arse and squeezed it. ” Mummy needs to know who is in charge. ” He said.

” Yes Peter. ” She said.

” You haven’t fucked Uncle Grant this week? ” He said.

” No Peter, you said not to. ” She said feeling the pressure of her hair been pulled.

” Good girl. Because this week your fanny is mine, understand you fuckin weak bitch. ” He said.

” Yes Peter. My master. ” She said.

” Good girl. Your pussy is in training for another cock. ” He said.

” Now say it louder BITCH ” he snapped walking her to the bedroom holding her hair.

” YES PETER, MY MASTER ” she said loudly.

He walked her into the room and sat down leaving her standing.

” Take your clothes off slut. Show your son your naked body. ” He said sitting crossing his legs in her dress leaning back on his hands.

She reached behind her back undoing her skirt dropping it to the floor. Peter sat watching his mother undress. He admired the black g string under her stockings. She lifted her red satin blouse taking it off dropping it onto the floor. Pete’s eyes loving her cleavage. She took off her bra.

” Pass your bra here. ” He said.

She passed it to him. He held it sniffing it. He loved the scent of the mixed lingerie smell, with his mothers scent, her perfume. Her lacy lingerie. She pushed her stockings down her hips and thighs, her son watching as she undressed. She stepped out of them. He then stood up walking over to her. He walked around her trailing his hands around her body admiring it as he held her bra sniffing it. He loved her breasts her stomach, her back, her arse cheeks. He loved her in a g string. He walked to the front of her and kissed her lips.

” Right mummy. ” He said smiling at her cupping her breast. ” Take off my dress. ”

She reached behind undoing his dress. She pulled the straps down of her dress he was wearing. It fell to the floor. He stood wearing her bra and panties and heels.

He lifted a blanket on her bed, well now their bed, the bed they now shared together. Mother and son, a couple, a secret couple. He picked up handcuffs and clipped her wrist and clipped the other side to the bed. He turned her facing it and cuffed her other hand, cuffing it the bed. He put a studded collar on her and then a lead. He bend her over tieing the lead to the metal bed. Her head now and inch off the bedhead tied to it. He stood behind her and slapped her arse cheek.

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” Ahhhhh bitch. ” He said slapping her again.

” Ohhhh Peter. ” She said.

” No fuckin talking bitch. ” He said slapping her arse. He ran his hand up her back feeling her soft skin. He rubbed her shoulders and sides pressing his groin into her arse. He loved feeling her underwear he was wearing against her arse and g string. His hard cock barely held in by her skimpy material over his body. He loved sharing his mothers underwear. He wore it during the day. He knelt down as he slid his hands over her arse. She spread her legs and he knelt behind her arse cheeks with his thumbs seeing the lacy material over the labias of his mothers pussy.

” Oh Carmel. ” He said leaning in kissing over the lacy material. He licked her and tasted her pussy juices and discharge. He licked and kissed loving the taste of her.

She moaned as he used his fingers to rub over her underwear feeling the contours of her pussy, her labias, her clit through the thin lacy material. He slid a finger under the lace feeling her moist pussy. He found the vagina hole and pushed his finger deep into her pussy.

” Ummmmmm. ” She moaned not been able to lift her head. He slowly fingered her watching his finger slid in and out of her vagina against her lacy g string.

As his finger pulled out he licked the sweet juices off before pushing back in.

” You taste delicious today slut. ” He said.

She wanted to talk but knew she wasn’t allowed to.

” This pussy needs more cocks. ” Peter said. ” The slut needs a good fucking. ” He added. ” Don’t we slut? ”

” Yes master Peter. ” She said. ” If that’s your wish ”

” Its my wish bitch, all those small cocks you have had, its time your pussy had some big cocks. ” He said pulling out his erection from his mothers lacy underwear on his body. He stood pulling her underwear to the side guiding his cock into her pussy. She moaned as she felt her sons hard erection penetrate into her.

She knew he was right. It was the biggest cock she had been fucked with, until her son been the third man she had fucked, she had only fucked her ex husband and her ex husbands brother. Both had small cocks. She loved the length and girth of her sons penis. She could not get enough of it.

He watched as he pushed in and out of her. His cock entering her pussy stretching her vagina more than her ex husband or brother in law had ever stretched her. He slapped her as her arse as he slowly pushed in and pulled out of her slowly fucking her wet pussy. He loved wearing her lacy bra and panties admiring her red lacy lingerie on his body. He looked at the black g string on her arse, his hard wet shaft sliding against her lacy material.

” Ummm. ” She moaned.

” You like it bitch? ” He said.

” Yes master. ” She said.

” How much bitch? ” He said thrusting hard into her. He grabbed her long hair pulling it as he thrusted into her harder.

” I love it a lot. ” She said feeling her hair pull against her scalp lifting her head up against the collar.

” Yeh slut? You love your son fucking your slut pussy bitch? ” He said

” Oh yes son. ” She said each hard thrust jolting her body.

He leant back pulling against her hair thrusting harder slapping her arse.

” Agghhh bitch yes. ” He said.

He sped up thrusting harder slapping his groin against her arse. He felt his semen flow from his balls through his cock into his mother, into her womb.

” Oh yes slut oh yes bitch. ” He said.

He looked down feeling his cum enter her. He stood his hard cock acting as a plug.

A few minutes later he slowly pulled out. He wiped the oozing cum from his cock over her arse cheeks as his cum oozed from her vagina.

He knelt down kissing over her buttocks tasting his cum. He rubbed the lace of her g string over her pussy.

He could see his white creamy juices oozing between the lace. He licked over her g string tasting his semen rubbing the lace over her his mothers oozing pussy. He slid his finger inside her finger fucking her sloppy cum filled wet moist pussy. His tongue licking up the oozing discharge from her.

He undid the collar letting her head free, he then knelt on the bed sliding his cock in her mouth gripping her head pulling it up and down his cock. He slapped her cheek as she sucked his cock.

” Suck it mum. ” He said as he slapped her cheek.

She sucked up and down his shaft and knob supporting her sons cock with her mouth. He sucked his cum off mixed with her pussy juiced.

” Yeh bitch that’s it, suck it clean slut. ” He said slapping her cheek. He then gripped her head feeling his cock re harden. He forced his cock down her throat making her gag. He held her head on him making her face go red. He then pulled out. She coughed and choked.

” Like that slut? ” He said.

” Yes master. ” She said as he spread her hair into two pig tails wrapping his hands around each one controlling her head

” Open up bitch, your not finished yet slut. ” He said as she opened her mouth he slid his cock back in. He fucked her mouth thrusting in like it was her pussy, as he pulled her head up his cock with her hair.

” Yeh bitch, you know who is in control don’t you, fuckin suck it. ” He said.

” Ummm Ummmmm Ummmmm Ummmm. ” She moaned with each thrust her son pushed in her mouth occasionally thrusting in deeper down her throat making her gag.

” Yes mummy, my bitch. My slutty bitch. I fuckin own you bitch. ” He said letting go of one ponytail and stopped thrusting, but his cock still in her mouth. He slapped her cheek.

” Suck bitch. ” He said.

She started sucking..

” Lick it bitch. ” He said.

She dropped it out, he watched as she licked his knob and shaft.

” That’s it mummy, lick my cock, lick your sons cock. You like my cock bitch? ” He said.

” Yes master. ” She said.

” Good girl, lick it. ” He said now running his fingers through her long hair.

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