Purse Snatcher Spanked – Part One

Sixteen year old Martin was a well known thug in the town where he lived, he was violent and racist and homophobic, it was well known that he was a burglar, it was often said that if something was not screwed down Martin would steal it and if it was screwed down he would still try and steal it. Many residents of the town where Martin lived were scared of him and were trying to get him thrown out of town and banned from the town but no matter how hard they tried they failed in their quest. It was early afternoon when the eighty nine year old pensioner had just left the shops as she walked towards the bus stop Martin stepped out of a doorway and snatched her purse pushing her over as he did. Martin went straight home after snatching the purse, there had been no no witnesses to the purse snatch but everybody knew it was Martin who had snatched the purse. As Martin lay on the sofa his sister Amy who was four years younger than what Martin was walked in wielding a length of wood which she hit Martin with, Amy was the only person that Martin was scared off he knew she could be more violent than what he could be and was very dangerous if she had a weapon, standing behind Amy was Sara, Amy’s classmate at school, Sara was the granddaughter of the lady Martin had robbed. Amy hit martin with the wood a second time and said to him ” you are a fucking wanker your robbed an old lady ” Martin flinched with the pain from the blow, Amy hit Martin a third time and yelled ” you are in fucking trouble you are going to get your arse spanked ” Martin winched in pain again and said ” lay of me ” Amy screamed ” you are getting spanked so get your fucking clothes off ” and hit Martin again, Martin knew that he was well beaten and stood up as he did he looked at Sara and said ” not in front of her she will see my cock ” Amy yelled ” do as your told ” and raised the wood, Martin quickly started to undress, Amy and Sara stood watching him, once he was naked Martin covered his dick with his hands, but when Amy said ” hands at your side Martin obeyed, both girls smiled as they looked at Martin’s seven inch hairy dick, Sara told Martin to kneel and once he had done so she started to spank Martin’s bare bum as hard as she could, with each slap Martin winched, Sara was looking at Martin’s dick liking the way it bounced about, after slapping Martin twelve times Amy stopped then looked at Sara and said to her ” your turn ” Sara looked at the red hand marks on Martin’s bum smiled and started to spank Martin’s bum stopping after she had given him twelve hard slaps, Amy then made Martin stand with his hands on his head, as he stood both girls were admiring Martins dick, then to Martin’s horror and embarrassment Amy’s class mate Anjana a Bengali girl arrived, Anjana gasped when she saw the naked white thug, the three girls sat talking while they did to his horror Martin felt his dick start to stiffen and soon he had a full nine inch erection which the three girls quickly noticed, Amy stood up saying ” you got a hard on you dirty sod ” and slapped Martin’s dick, Amy then spoke to her two friends who joined her the three girls took turns in slapping Martin’s erection, then Amy took Martin’s dick in her hand pushing it down as far as she could and slapped it three times then watched as her two friends did the same, the three girls then sat back in their seats, Amy smiled hit Martin with the wood and said to him ” wank off ” Martin hesitated but once Amy raised the wood Martin quickly got hot of his dick and started to jerk while the three girl watched, when Martin squirted cum the three girls cheered and not long after left the house. Steve showered as he did he was thinking of revenge.

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