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The town was very quiet, normally it was very busy with the market attracting loads of customers but most of the residents of the town had gone away for the day on the annual town day out, Adhira had watched the twelve coaches leave earlier in the day wishing he could have been on one of them, but he had been left behind by his parents to watch the house, he had never fitted in with the Bengali community and often wished he was back home in his own country of Bangladesh, Adhira saw Jane who at sixteen years of age was four years older than what he was and lived in the house next door, like him she had not gone on the trip, Jane was picking up rubbish from her garden as she did she looked at Adhira and said to him ” I bet you threw this over into our garden instead of putting it in the bin you lazy bastard ” Jane’s boyfriend Steve walked out of the house grabbed Jane by the arm and said to her ” you do not blame him for things with out evidence ” Steve then told Adhira to come round to their house, after doing so Steve took Jane into the house while Adhira walked round to the house, as he went in he saw Amy who was in the same class as he was at school and Jane’s sister, in the lounge Adhira saw Jane standing with her hands on her head, Steve told Adhira that he should toughen up and take control adding that females were the slaves of men and do as they are told and not argue with men, Amy walked in with drinks, Steve looked at her and after she had put the drinks down Steve said to her ” take all your clothes off ” to Adhira’s surprise Amy started to undress and after a couple of minutes she was standing naked, Adhira could hardly believe that he was looking at a naked Amy admiring her small boobs and smooth love tube, Steve then looked at Jane and said to her ” you can strip as well ” after a couple of minutes Jane was naked, Adhira stared at her ample boobs and hairless love tube, Steve undid his joggers letting his nine inch erection spring out, Adhira thought hope my dick gets as big as that, When Steve said to Jane ” on your knees and suck me off ” she obeyed him, Adhira watched in silence as Jane sucked Steve’s dick he thought Steve is lucky and after a few minutes Adhira saw cum trickling from the side of Jane’s mouth, not long after Steve put his dick away and was doing his joggers up after which he looked at Amy and told her to give Adhira a blow job, not long after Amy was kneeling in front of Adhira undoing his joggers and after freeing his four inch erect dick Amy started to suck it and after a few minutes Adhira did a dry cum,, for the next hour Adhira sat watching telly with Steve while the two girls walked around naked, then Steve stood looked at Amy and told her to suck his dick, Amy was soon doing as she had been told, Steve told Jane to suck Adhira, Adhira could hardly believe his luck as Jane started to suck his dick but loved having a girl four years older than him suck him off. That night Adhira lay in his bed thinking I am glad I did not go on that trip and fell asleep thinking of Amy.

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