Raani Comes with me to the Farm

Transportation was arranged for me to go home by road, I and a Driver left early morning and we reached late night, I was tired and I straightaway went to sleep, The next morning I went to the terrace to have some fresh air, we have a spare room set and I was surprised to find Raani coming out of the room, she jumped on seeing me ” तुम कब आए? ” She had freshly bathed and her wet hair made her look Sexy, I went to her and touched her Face ” रानी मेरी जान कमाल लग रहि हो ” . She smiled as I leaned to kiss her ” तुम नहीं सुधरोगे आते ही? ” Her lips met mine halfway and she kissed me, I hugged her and groped her butts, she tried to free herself ” अभी नहीं, सब है घर में, जाने दो फिर जी भर के लिपट लेना ” . Just then my mother called for me, I let her go came down, mom and dad were in the Drawing room and I was given another news, that my Dad has arranged a job for Raani and I had to take her along with me and if things worked out she will be working at The Farm, I was delighted and tried to hide my Happiness by trying to avoid taking her, but quickly I agreed when mom told me that she was going through a tough time with no job and no place to live, so everything was arranged and I had to head back in a week, I was getting impatient, Finally they left and I went to the kitchen and hugged her from behind ” रानी तुम मेरे साथ चल रही हो, तुम्हारी नौकरी का हो गया है ” . She turned around delighted and kissed me vigorously on my lips ” सही में साहिल बहुत बड़ा बोझ उतार दिया तुमने ” I kissed her back and picked her up ” तो चले फिर? ” She kissed me again and I took her to my room, I lay her on the bed and stripped to my underwear, she got up and took off her top, a black bra was supporting her big melons, she undid her salwar revealing her dark blue panty, she touched my bulge and gently pressed my cock ” साहिल तीन महीने हो गए है, इसे देखे हुए ” . She lowered my underwear and freed my cock and stroked me ” बहुत काम ले रहे हो इससे? ” I joked ” घिसा हुआ लग रह है?? ” She kissed my cock head ” अभी तक तो तन के खड़ा हो जाता, कंडोम तो लगाते हो न? ” She circled her tongue around my cock head teasingly and gently massaged my balls I groaned softly ” ओह्ह्ह आंटी तुम्हारी अलग बात है ” , she took my cock head into her mouth and made me shiver and my cock started to harden, I didn’t want to hurry ” रेखा कहाँ रहेगी? ” She let go ” थोड़े दिन देखूंगी, अगर सही लगा तो उसे भी वहीँ बुला लूंगी ” . I sat between her legs and fondled her tits ” फिर कैसे होगा हमारा प्रोग्राम? ” She held my shoulders ” कब तक इस बूढ़ी को थकाओगे, अब तो नई मिल गई है तुम्हे ” , I kissed her chest ” उन नईयो में वो रस कहाँ, जो मेरी इस बूढ़ी में है ” . I moved to her fleshy belly and gently bit her and unhooked her bra freeing her melons ” उस दिन पूनम के साथ कर रहा था तुम्हारी याद आ गई और जल्दी छूट गया, फिर तुम्हारे बारे में बताया उसे, मुझे क्या पता था की साथ ही आने वाली हो तुम ” , she lifted her tits and offered them to be sucked ” वो सब छोड़ो, आओ चूसो आंटी को बहुत दिन हो गए है ” . I pushed her and made her lay and got to her side, and groped her left tit and sucked the right on, she moaned loudly and put her arms around me ” अह्हह्ह्ह्ह सससससस साहिल प्यार करो अपनी आंटी को! ” I kissed her chest and boobs ” हाँ आंटी, आज तुम्हे जी भर के प्यार करना है ” . I got on top and kissed her lips and slowly moved down kissing her entire body, I buried my face into her pubis and smelled her ” ओह्ह्ह्ह आंटी तुम्हारी खुशबू मुझे दीवाना कर रही है ” she pressed my face in ” चाटो अपनी आंटी को अह्ह्ह हहह ” , I peeled her panty off and kissed her hairy pubis ” ओह्ह रानी!!! ” , And spread her pussy lips and licked her clit she moaned loudly, I felt weirdly excited having sex with her, I got on top and roughly kissed her lips, she placed my cock head on her love hole ” अह्ह्ह्हह करो अपनी रानी को ” she panted loudly as I pushed into her and held my butts as I worked her pussy deep, we didn’t last long and orgasmed in each other’s embrace, I lay on top emptying into her. She was feeling the scratch marks on my back ” किस बिल्ली को कर रहे हो? ” . I held her left tit and sucked on her right nipple ” रानी तुम्हारे साथ अलग ही मज़ा आता है ” . She tried to get up ” चलो हटो, मुझे काम है ” . I pinned her down ” अभी कहाँ चली, इतने दिनों बाद मिली हो! ” She caressed my face ” मान जा मेरा बच्चा बार बारी नहीं होता आंटी से अब, थोड़ी देर रुक जाओ ” . Her body is still firm at 45 years, I looked at her nude body and my cock was already hardening ” रानी कपड़े मत पहनो ” . She dropped her clothes and came near me ” चलो नहीं पहनती, पर जल्दी जल्दी नहीं करोगे ” . I agreed and she went to the kitchen, I followed her and I sat on the counter ” आदत छूट गई है तुम्हारी ” she joked back ” अब तो तुम्हारे साथ रहना है फिर पड़ जाएगी ” . I went behind her and hugged her and started kissing her back as I reached her ass, she spread her legs ” आओ ” she guided me and in one push my cock entered her we both grunted together as I thrust into her, she abruptly stopped me ” साहिल रुको निकालो बाहर चलो कमरे में ” , I picked her on my shoulder and carried her to my room, I put her on the bed and pounced on her ” रानी यह हुई ना बात अब आएगा मज़ा ” , she was getting carnal ” हाँ साहिल आओ ढीला कर दे अपनी आंटी को, निकाल दे इतने दिनों की कसर ” . I kissed her body wildly and she reached out and held my cock pulling it towards her cunt ” चोद मुझे और भर दे मेरी चूत ” , I touched her pussy ” रानी रुक जाओ ऐसे मेरा जल्दी छूट जाएगा ” , she held my face and directed me down, I kissed my way to her pubis ” आंटी आज कुछ अलग करते है ” , I inserted my index finger into her and started licking her clit, she moaned and writhed with pleasure, I did all sorts of things in her pussy pushing her over the edge and she orgasmed in my face as she caught her breath, I climbed on top and positioned my erect cock to her pussy ” ओह्ह मेरी रानी चल तेरी चूत रमा करूँ ” , I pushed into her, she sighed loudly and whispered ” आह्ह्ह्ह मेरे राजा बस प्यार से करो ” , I started fucking her and soon she was aroused again, I pounded her well and we again came together, I ended up emptying into her but it was a hell of an orgasm, I fell asleep by her side, she woke me ” जल्दी उठ के कपड़े पहन लो, मम्मी पापा आने वाले है ” . I freshened up after about half an hour my Folks arrived, I opened the door for them, they sanitized and Raani prepared tea for them, my mother looked at her ” क्या हुआ रानी थकी थकी लग रही है, जायदा काम कर लिया आज! ” , She quickly exited the room, later that night I sneaked into her room and was told that her periods have come, but still she gave me an awesome ball massage and a blowjob.

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