Racist Down Fall – New Sex Story

It was early evening in the small coastal town, earlier in the day there had been a protest march b a racist organisation who were protesting about immigrants being in the country, the protest turned into a riot with people being hurt, shops looted and set on fire, it took the police three hours to regain control of the streets, three hours after the police had taken back control of the streets most of the fires had been put out some were still smouldering there had been a lot of damage and property destroyed, the residents of the town were very annoyed and started to round up the racist thugs taking them to a warehouse in the docks where the rioters were left with their wrists tied to an overhead beam and their ankles tied to rings that were set in the floor, Steve who was one of the ring leaders of the riot was in the shower at his house when the vigilante mob burst into the house and before he had time to react Steve was dragged from the bathroom still naked his hands tied behind his back and dragged down stairs, Martin the gay boy who lived in the house next to Steve and two years younger than Steve was stood in his garden and when a naked Steve was dragged from his house Martin’s eyes lit up when he saw Steve’s seven inch hairy dick, word very quickly spread that Steve the racist homophobic thug was in his garden naked soon there were lots of people at Steve’s garden looking at the naked thug who was now tied to a pole in his garden, there were lots of flashes as people took photos, then one of the vigilante group walked up to Steve and forced some viagra tablets into his mouth and made him swallow them, Steve was unable to move, he looked at the crowd seeing some who were not even old enough to start the big school, he saw Amy his girlfriends sister who was six years younger than him and who he hated, Steve thought bet she is happy now that she can see my cock, Steve knew that Amy had been trying to see his dick for ages, Steve then felt his dick starting to grow and after a minute he had a full nine inch erection, he saw the big smile appear on Amy’s face as she looked at him and heard cheers from others watching, he then saw Anjana the Bengali girl who was four years younger than he was being brought into the garden by one of the vigilantes who pointed at Steve, Anjana smiled walked over to Steve and started to jerk his dick and after five minutes when Steve squirted four spurts of cum a big cheer went up from the watching crowd, Just up the road Steve’s girlfriend Sara had been dragged from her house and tied to a post in her garden after which her clothes were cut from her body, as she hung naked Anjana’s twin brother was took in to the garden and was soon playing with Sara’s large boobs then after a few minutes was pushing his fingers up Sara’s love tube after masturbating her for nearly ten minutes the watching crowd cheered as they saw Sara gush, in the warehouse the racist rioters who were hanging from the pole had been stripped naked all the boys had erections the girls erect nipples, all over the town the racists were being dragged from their homes stripped naked and tied to posts in the gardens, where the supply of viagra came from nobody knew or cared, to her horror Sara saw Tony who was in her class at school and hated because he was a peeping tom and flasher stood in front of her, when Tony said ” nice tits and a nice cut ” Sara spat at him and said ” fuck off you pervert ” the vigilantes moved forward cut Sara free from the pole and tied her spread eagled on the ground, the watching mob started chanting ” go on Tony fuck her ” Sara saw Ton undo his joggers and his eight inch erection spring out and when Tony got between her legs and slid his dick into her love tube Sara screamed, the watching mob were egging Tony on by chanting ” fuck the bitch ” Tony was thrusting in and out of Sara’s love tube as deep and hard as he could and when he felt her cum he shouted ” she has cum ” Amy was now smiling broadly as she stood stroking Steve’s dick and when Steve squirted his cum Amy said ” yes yes yes ” in the warehouse it was like an orgy, seventeen year old Adam was hanging not believing that a girl nine years younger than what he was had jerked him making him cum, Sara was now being pounded by a sixteen year old Bengali boy Steve was being jerked by a very happy Martin who made him cum, as Martin stood back from Steve the vigilantes said to him ” wait there ” they then cut Steve free from the post and tied him face down spread eagled on the ground after which the looked at Martin and said to him ” go on fuck him ” Martin could hardly believe his ears and what he had been told to do but knelt down and after rubbing Steve’s bum for a few minutes pushed his dick up Steve’s tight virgin bum, as Steve felt Martin’s dick slide up his bum he yelled out, Martin started to thrust in and out of the straight racist homophobic thugs tight bum and after ten minutes was squirting his cum up Steve’s bum, Sara was now being pounded by fifty year old Mr Khan who was Anjana’s dad his shop had been destroyed in the riot, Mr Khan’s wife was sucking Sara’s nipples, all over town the rioters were being forced into sex acts of one form or another, Tony was walking through the town when he saw Amy go into a shed closing the door behind her, Tony walked up to the hut and opened the door when he had the door open he saw Amy stood with her hand down the front of her joggers with the crutch area moving about, Amy took her hand out of her joggers and to Tony’s utter surprise Amy took her joggers off smiled at Tony and took her tee shirt off and stood naked, Tony looked at Amy’s love tube and her pimple like boobs, Tony pulled his erect dick out and when little Amy said cool knelt down and started sucking Tony’s dick he thought he was dreaming but enjoyed the unexpected blow job and squirted his cum into Amy’s mouth as he did Amy chocked but swallowed most of the cum. A few days later, builders were in the town carrying out repair works and demolishing some buildings, Steve was working on his own in the cellar of a shop when Martin appeared, Martin saw a bulge appear in Steve’s joggers and five minutes later Martin was thrusting in and out of Steve’s bum while Steve’s erect dick bounced about after he had squirted his cum up Steve’s bum Martin watched as Steve jerked off squirting his cum in four long spurts, Tony was stood in Amy’s house watching the naked Amy fingering herself while a naked Sara was sucking his dick, later that night Martin was thrusting in and out of a naked Steve’s bum while Amy was sucking his dick and Tony was thrusting in and out of a naked Sara’s love tube, things changed in the small town following the riot some of the young racist were very quiet and stayed indoors while a few others developed sluttish behaviour that was welcomed.


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