This story is a continuation of rich madam badly pregnant by cheap driver. I was very impressed by that story so I have decided to create my own sequel of it. (This story is narrated from the driver’s side).

I am Mahemood and I am driver of a rich businessman. His wife is Minu Sharma. She is a sex godess, bulging round boobs which any man would die to suck on and a shapely hourglass body. Her skin is as white as pure milk. She is a brahmin housewife. No one would ever believe she is a mom to 3 kids. She is 36 yrs. Madam always used to wear sexy transparent sarees with revealing threadless sleeveless blouses. She had been a conservative wife until the incident happen where I satisfied my long dream of fucking that heavenly beauty. Since the day she tasted my cock she had become a sex starving slut to me. We had multiple and countless sex since then. And she also conceived twice from my sperms and gave birth to two dark girl babies. All her relatives and friends were shocked as both the children were dark black in color while madam and her husband were pure white. Her husband is a sissy faggot who always concentrates only on his office. Till now he doesn’t know that his cheap driver is fucking is rich high class wife and also that his driver is the father of his two children.

To describe about me I am 6ft muscularly built, I an dark in color and I have got a 10 inch long 3 inch width circumcised cock. I come from a very poor slum. I grew up as a thief until I joined Mr. Sharma as his driver. I have fucked many women, from prostitutes to many married women, but no one has ever satisfied me like my madam. She has become so close to me that she obeys all my orders like my obedient wife and she also gives me lots of money. But till now the lust for her is not satisfied I wanted to make this high class rich brahmin housewife into a cheap sex befogging slut……

One day I was at my home in the slum. There were six people. In my small home. My father a jobless drunkard, my mom who works as a cleaner in many houses, my wife she is 42 yrs I had married her out of compulsion. She is a short dark colored lady and she is stout looking and fat. She had given me 3 children (2boys and 3girls). The boys never went to school and they just remain roaming around the slums.

I was sitting at my home that afternoon. Neither boss nor madam had called me so I was at my home. Suddenly I got a thought of my sexy goddess and I got a hard on. My cock sprang up to life. I threw open my lungi and pulled out my 10 inch cock and started shagging it imagining my madam. I soon started moaning ‘shaaaaaa minuuuuu take my seed shaaa mmmmmmmmmmm’ and with a splash came out my thick white semen it sprang on the wall. I turned out to c my wife standing with her shocked eyes. She came and with an angry tone ‘who is that bitch?’ Me: whom? ‘The name u were moaning now? Tell me now or else I will make it a big mess.’ She threatened. ‘Ok, shes the wife of my boss, I was just imagining her whats in it?’ ‘Imagining what?’ ‘Mind your work bitch go and make food for me’. ‘So u r imagining another woman, a wife of an other man?.’ ‘Yes so what?’ She started shouting at me angrily. I just stood up and slapped her hard. Tears rolled down her cheeks. I pulled down the pallu of her old saree. Her boobs were dark with large black nipples. I just pulled out her blouse and petticoat and before she could speak a word I started pumping my cock in her hairy dirty pussy. She never kept herself clean. And her pussy was wide unlike madams pussy which was shaved white and soft. I started pumping my wife showing all my anger in my fucking. She started yelling in pleasure. She begged leave me. I said ‘then will u ask about my personal deeds?’ ‘Nooo she cried’. ‘Will u mind if I fuck another woman?’. ‘No neverrr.’ Suddenly my phone rang it was madam. I picked up the call. “Hey Mahemood darling where r u”. The phone was on speaker and my wife was shocked to see a rich housewife speaking like a lover to me. “I’m busy at my home darling whatsupp”. “I need to the go to the parlour when will u pick me up.” “Haaaa aahhha ahhhh”. “R u shagging u naughty?” “No baby I’m fucking my ugly wife… “. I Pulled out my tool without cumming into my ugly wife. I just left her naked she was lying tired in the dirty floor of my house. I put on my shirt and took the car key and left to madams house.

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To be continued.

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