Running Things, Part 1 – New Sex Story

Emma was sitting behind the reception desk of the small hotel that her parents owned and ran, Emma was happy that her parents had gone away on a two week holiday leaving her to run the hotel, the only other member of staff on duty was eighteen year old Colin who Emma hated, Colin was the duty cook and well now in the town as a peeping tom. Emma had checked the register and discovered that there was a convention being held and after looking at her watch realised the guests would be arriving very soon and when a coach pulled up outside and forty people got off Emma could see that they were devil worshipers and thought cool, Emma was also a satanist but kept it quiet, Emma then got very excited when she saw one boy that stuck out from the rest and knew from what she had read in books that he was the chosen one, one of the group checked everybody in after doing so they all went up to their rooms, Emma saw from the register that the boy who she knew was the chosen one was four years younger than what she was, Karen went to the room he was in and when she went in she said to the boy ” welcome master it is really good to have you in our humble hotel ” I am ready to serve you and do what you want ” the boy smiled and said to Emma ” remove your blouse ” Karen did not hesitate and took her blouse off ” the boy said and the bra ” Karen removed her bra, the boy looked at her ample boobs and said now everything else, after a few minutes Emma was standing naked with the boy looking at her boobs and love tube, the boy went over and rubbed Emma’s bum then her love tube and after telling her to sit on the bed waited for Emma to do so and once she was sat on the bed the boy started rubbing Emma’s firm boobs, after a couple of minutes the boy smiled at Emma and told her to play with herself, which Emma started to do and was soon breathing heavy as she masturbated with the boy watching as she did, after ten minutes Emma climaxed, five minutes later the boy told Emma that she was not to wear any underwear, Emma put her skirt and blouse back on and returned to reception where she phoned some of her friends who were also satanists telling them he was here soon there were three other sixteen year old girls in the hotel agreeing with Emma that the boy was the chosen one. After dinner had been served Emma locked the doors as requested. After doing so Emma saw that all the group had stripped and were now naked the boy looked at the girls and said to them ” strip naked ” soon all four girls were standing naked much to the joy of Colin who was looking through the window. Emma thought this is going to be a good weekend, the master is here.

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