RV trip with mom – New Sex Story

tags: incest, teen.

I was home on leave while in the Air Force, staying with my parents. One night I decided to walk to a nearby tavern. Upon entering I saw my mom sitting alone at a table. I walked over and she had a glass of wine and some queso chips on the table.
“Oh hi Jim. What are you doing here?”
“Just came for a quick beer then heading to the red lion for some dancing and who knows what!”
“Well, I. Done here so can I come with you?”
“Uh, mom…. it’s a night spot for young people,”
“I know that, but I like to dance and you know your dad doesn’t!”
“But, you’re my mom!”
“Afraid you will miss out on a little fun with a young woman?”
“Well to be honest, yes!”
I could tell she had been drinking awhile.
“Well, I’m not a young woman, but I’m certainly not old! I’m only 43!”
“Yeah but again, you’re my mom!”
“So you can’t have fun with your mom?”
“Well… not the kind of fun I am looking for.”
“Oh, I might surprise you!”
I decided to see how far she would go with this teasing.
“Okay, then why don’t we skip the dancing and go straight to a hotel?”
I think she thought I was just messing with her.
“Okay Jimmy boy, there’s a hotel a half mile from here. Let’s walk down there and check in!”
I figured she was seeing how far I would go with this. She was smiling at me as if daring me to do it.
“Okay, let’s do it! I’ll pay your tab here and we can walk down now.”
I thought she would laugh and say she was just teasing but she handed me the check. I left enough for a tip and we left the bar and started walking. I was curious close we would get before she backed out and at the same time wondering if I could go through with it if she didn’t.
“Here’s the hotel honey. You wait here and I’ll check in.”
Damn!she was serious! I wasn’t about to be the one to back down so I waited until she came out with the keycard. It was one of those suite hotels with outside doors. We walked to the room and she swiped the card, opening the door.
“So, big boy! Are you going to come in with me?”
“Oh wow mom, you’re really serious? I mean are we…?”
She chuckled, “well, I didn’t pay a hundred bucks to just watch TV! Now, don’t I remember you wanted to dance? Let’s see what we can get on the radio.”
She walked over to the bedside radio and tuned it to a classic rock station. There was a fast song on and she started dancing to the music, swaying her hips. I watched her and was reminded what a sexy woman my mom is. She looks at least a decade younger than she is. Her boobs are large but still stand up nicely, with just enough jiggle. Her hips are wide and she has a bit of a belly bulge. In short, she is still a very desirable woman and as I watched her sensuous dance I started getting hard. The fast song ended and the DJ announced that a allow song was next. Mom walked up to me and put her arms around my neck.
“Put your arms around my waist honey!”
I put my arms around her but tried to keep my crotch from pressing against her tummy. I was getting very hard and although I was acting brave to even be here, she was my mom and I wasn’t sure if I could actually do it with her.
She pulled me close and my hardon was pressed against her abdomen.
“Mmmmmm, baby, I feel that you’re enjoying this!”
I tried to pull back but she held me close. “Don’t pull back! I need this honey! I need to be desired and loved! Please!!”
I surrendered to her need and moved my hands down over her ass and pulled her harder against me.
“Oh baby, yesss!! Oh god! I love how hard you feel! Your dad never gets that hard anymore!”
I wish she wouldn’t mention dad while she is grinding against my cock, but I was not about to stop her. We kept dancing slowly, just really dry fucking in the middle of the room. If we kept this up I would cum in my pants. And at this point I needed my cock buried in my mom’s cunt!
I started pushing her gently toward the bed as I leaned in and kissed her. She returned my kiss and our tongues entwined as we moved closer to the bed. She moaned as her legs touched the bed and I lowered her onto it. I broke the kiss and she begged, “oh god! Rip my clothes off! I need you right fucking now!!”
I didn’t even think of the consequences of my mom being in a hotel room with torn clothes as I grabbed her blouse and pulled hard, fabric tearing and buttons flying! I yanked it off her arms and threw it across the room. Then I grabbed her bra in the back and pulled hard, bending the metal clasps until the bra came loose and it joined the blouse on the floor. I paused to look at my mother’s tits up close and exposed. They were big and flopped to the sides, with large dark brown aureoles and long nipples that were hard as pebbles. I dove right down and sucked a nipple into my mouth.
“Oh yessssss!! Suck mommie’s nipple! Oh baby!! Ohhhh! Ohhhhh!”
She pushed my head away and begged, “pull my panties off!! Tear them and just shove your cock deep in my cunt!!”
I lifted her skirt to her waist and grabbing the crotch, I pulled until they ripped and I threw them aside. I quickly pulled my own clothes off and spreading her legs, took my cock and used it to spread her cunt open.
“IN!! I need it all the way in!! Now!! Fuck me!!”
I buried my cock as deep as I could. “Aaaarrrggghhhhh!!! Oh my fucking god!! Ohhhhhh!! Your in me! Inside me!! Ohhhh baby!! In my cunt!!”
“Oh yes mommie! Oh god! Your cunt! In your cunt all the way! Gonna fuck you hard!”
“Yes baby! Yes! Yes! Fuck mommie! Make me cum!”
The feeling was incredible as I jammed my cock deep into her! We didn’t bother with gentleness but just rutted on the bed.
“Oh god baby! Fast! Faster!! Fuck meeeeee!!!”
We had only fucked for a few minutes but we were so excited that we both shouted at the same time!
“Oh god mom! I’m going to cum!! In your cunt!! Oh god, I can’t stop it!!”
“Yes baby! Do it! Cum in mommie! Oh god! I’m cumming too!! Ohhhhhhhhhh!!ahhhhhhhh!! Cuminnnnnggg!!”
I threw my head back and felt my sperm jetting out and deep into her cunt! We both moaned and spammed as our orgasms wracked our bodies. When we finally collapsed together we looked in each other’s eyes and realized what we had done.
“Oh god baby, I hope you don’t hate me for this!”
“Oh mom! I could never hate you! This was the most fantastic feeling ever! I never want to stop doing this!”
She hugged me tightly and started crying. “Oh honey! I’m so glad!”
My cock was still in her cunt and still half hard.
Mom actually giggled, “are you going to pull out or fuck me again?”
It had been a long time since I heard mom giggle!
I flexed my cock in her, “what do you want me to do?”
“Let me give you a hint!” She squeezed my cock with her cunt muscles!
My cock rose to the occasion and I started a slow fuck, almost pulling out before slowly sinking in until my balls touched her ass.
“Oh yes baby! You feel so good in me! Fuck me forever!”
“Oh yes mom! I’ll fuck you until you beg me to stop!!”
This time we took our time and enjoyed the feelings coursing through our bodies. We kissed and held each other while we slowly built to a mind shattering orgasm!
I felt my orgasm approaching and started to speed my thrusts.
“Oh yes baby!! Now!!! Fuck me harder!! Oohhhhhhhh!! Deep!!”
I was fucking her as fast as I could. The room was filled with slapping and slushing noises along with the smell of sex.
“Oh yes!!! Cumming!!! Oh god baby! Mommie’s cumming!!”
“Yes mommie! I’m cumming too!! Filling your cunt mommie! Oh god!!!”
After emptying myself in her cunt, my cock wilted and slipped out of her. I felt my cum pour out of her and puddle on the sheet. Mom giggled again and said, “Damn baby, good thing I’m on the pill or we’d be in real trouble!”
I rolled off and mom sat up, looking at her ruined blouse, bra and panties. “Um, honey? How am I going to walk home with torn clothes?”
“I think we should stay here tonight and I’ll get the car tonight so we can drive home after dad goes to work. We just have to come up with a reason we didn’t come home last night.”
“Okay, I’ll say I was with June and we talked late into the night so I just crashed on the sofa. You can just say you scored!” We laughed at the truth of that!
Needless to say we didn’t get much sleep and by the time we checked out we were both sore from fucking.
We drove home and luckily dad was gone to work. Don’t know what we would do if he was home. We got breakfast and talked about what we had done and whether we wanted to continue what we had started.
I had another 20 days on leave and after that was going to be stationed in California, far away from home.
“I know what we have done is considered wrong and illegal by society”, mom began, “but all I know is that I haven’t felt loved like that ever! I don’t want to and can’t stop.”
“But what will we do when I have to leave? I won’t be able to come home on leave for another year!”
“But I can visit anytime I want! And I have been thinking for a long time that your father and I need to separate. We are just living together at this point and arguing about everything. I don’t think he’ll object, I suspect he has a girlfriend on the side. I can get a job at a hospital in California. When I convince your dad, I’ll put in applications and resign when I get an offer. It won’t take long.”
Mom was a nurse at the local hospital and was working the night shift. She was on her two days off per week.
We didn’t fuck that day but took a nap together, holding each other. And of course we set an alarm.
When dad came home he lit in to mom right away! “Okay Mary, would you like to tell me where the hell you were last night?!”
“I was over at June’s place. We were talking and drinking and it got very late so I slept over there.”
“You could have called me!”
“Didn’t know you cared. You’ve certainly been out late or overnight and didn’t bother to let me know!”
“Yeah, well…”
“I hope to hell you weren’t going to say but I’m a man!”
He got a little red in the face and turned to me, “and where were you?”
“Got lucky!”
“Hey! Your mom is right here!”
“I’m not a high school girl! I know he gets laid from time to time!”
“Okay, enough of this! I’m going to the tavern! You two wanna come with?”
I answered first, “not me, I didn’t sleep much last night.”
Mom said, “remember, I’m on the midnight shift. I am on it the entire month cause I traded with Gail. She need to be on day shift for a while.”
Dad walked out to the garage and as soon as we heard the door close and his car run down the street, I bent mom over the kitchen table and pulled her yoga pants down to her knees.
“Oh yes!! I’m so fucking horny I could fuck a goat!”
“Baaaa!” I barked
“Very funny but I’m not sure that’s what a goat sounds like.”
I dropped my sweats and shoved my already hard cock deep into her cunt.
“Aaaaahhhhhh!!! Fuck baby, you’re going to make me into a nympho!”
“I think you already are, mom!”
I started fucking nice and slow, picking up speed as mom got more and more vocal in her moans.
“God mom! Your cunt is so tight!”
“That’s because your dad is smaller than you. Good thing he doesn’t want me anymore or he would wonder why I’m getting, uuuuhhhnnn!, ohhhhhh!! Shit, stretched!”
I was holding on to her hips and pulling her back onto my cock. The table was sliding across the floor and I had to keep moving my feet to keep my cock in mom’s cunt!
“Oh god honey! Keep fucking me! Ohhhhhh!! Ahhhhhhnnnnnnggggg!!! Ahhhhhhh!!! Yes! Yes! Ohhhh god! Fuck me! I’m cumming!!”
I felt my own orgasm building as I pulled her hips back hard against me and spewed my sperm deep in her cunt!
“Aaaaaarrrrgggggfphhhhhh!! Cumming mommie!! Oh god it’s so fucking good!!! Your cunt!! I love your cunt!!”
When my cum stopped dribbling out I backed away from mom, pulling my cock from her juicy cunt. The cum and cunt cream oozed from her hole and hung from her cunt in a long string that mom scooped off with her finger and lifting her head back, let it slide into her mouth.
“Damn mom, that was fucking incredible!!”
“Oh god yes!! I love you fucking me! But now I have to get ready for work. Come up to my room and you can watch me dress!”
She got her scrubs on and left for work. I watched a little tv then went to sleep.
In the morning I was woken by someone slipping into my bed. “Good morning sleepyhead!” My naked mother said as she rubbed her body on mine, then she turned her back to me and grabbing my cock, inserted it into her from behind!
“Mmmm, mom! I love the way you wake me up!” I slowly sank all the way, enjoying rather sensations of her cunt caressing my cock. I slow fucked her until we both started going faster.
“Ahhh baby!! Fuck momma!! Oh goddamn I love your cock!! Ohhhhhh!! Yes!! Yes!!! YES!!”
She was banging her ass back at me and I matched her intensity! Pretty soon I felt the tingling in my balls and moaned, “oh god mom! I’m gonna cum! In you!! In my mother’s cunt!”
“Yes baby! Fill me!! Fill my cunt!!”
I shoved deep and sprayed her insides with my sperm! She came with me, “ohhhhhh,!! Fuck!!! Fuck!!! Fuck, fuck, fuck!!!”
After our orgasms faded we got up and went down to breakfast, mom sat on a stool facing me and spread her legs, showing me her cunt with my cum leaking out. Damn, she was nasty!
After breakfast we talked for a while and mom told me she had applied to three hospitals and a clinic that were close to the base. She was confident she would get a job at one of them with her resume. She had informed her present employer that she was resigning effective when I was due back at base. She was going to inform dad tonight and tell him she didn’t need anything from him and he could keep the house. She asked that I make myself scarce during that time.
The next morning she woke me to say that dad had agreed. She was thinking we could drive back together.
We cuddled that morning but she was very tired so we didn’t fuck. That afternoon after she woke when her phone rang. It was the clinic and they wanted her to start as soon as possible. They needed an RN right away and she was able to get a great salary and be in a lead position. We fucked everyday and finally the day came when we packed all our stuff. Mom had rented a motor home one way and sold her car. She needed a new car anyway and we wanted privacy on our trip. It was small with an over the cab bed big enough for both of us. Dad was at work when we left, locking up and throwing the garage door opener under the door as it closed. We headed out with mom driving first. She was wearing shorts with an elastic waistband and a tee. Other than sandals she was wearing nothing else. I was dressed similarly. As we drove we talked about what we would do in California and how we would present ourselves. As we drove on mom looked over at me with a sexy smile and pulled her tee shirt above her breasts.
“Mom! Someone might see you!”
“I know!” She giggled. “And if we’re going to be living together you’ll have to stop calling me mom in public.”
I was distracted, gazing at her perfect breasts.
“Okay mom.”
“Call me Sandra, please!”
“Okay Sandra but we’re not in public yet!”
I was very hard from looking at mom’s tits.
“Why don’t you take it out honey? I want t see you too!”
I pulled my shorts down and my cock sprang up.
Mom used one hand to pull her shorts down and kicked them off.
I started stroking my cock and she was rubbing her cunt as we drove. We were getting very worked up when we saw a sign for a rest area.
“Oh god Jim! We have to stop! I need you to fuck me or we’ll have an accident.”
Mom pulled off the highway onto the rest area ramp. She parked in the first RV spot available and quickly turning the engine off, she grabbed my hand and pulled me to the back of the RV. She laid down on the bench seat along the side and pulled me on top of her.
“Just fuck me Jimmy! I’m so fucking hot I can’t stand it!”
I grabbed my cock and found her hot and juicy cunt, rubbing up and down and over her clit. Mom grabbed my ass and pulled me into her cunt, “ohhhhhhhhh yessssss!!! That’s it! Right there honey! Fuck mommie!”
I started fucking her, both of us moaning and sweating as we enjoyed each other’s body!
We were so fucking hot it only took a f ew minutes until we were almost there!
“Ooooohhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhh! Fuck me Jimmy! Mommie’s cumming!!”
Yeaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!” I grunted as I unloaded a huge amount of cum deep into her!
“Oh baby! I love it! I love your cock!! I love you!!”
I kept firing cum into her, “ohhhh mommie!! It won’t stop!! I can’t stop cumming in your cunt!!”
But I did finally stop cumming!
We straightened our clothes up and both had to use the rest room. We exited the RV and were headed for the rest rooms when we saw a woman with a teen boy and girl standing by a old banger Chevy with the hood up. The mother had tears running down her cheeks.
Mom approached them and asked, “what’s the problem? Can we help?”
“Oh god, I don’t know! We’re traveling to California for a new job and a new start and this shit ass car won’t start!”
The girl said, “mom! You’re not supposed to use words like that!”
“We’re not under your dad’s roof anymore so I can cuss when I want to!”
Mom looked at the car and it was obvious it wasn’t going anywhere.
“Well we’re going to California also. What city are you going to?”
“Sacramento. I have a job as a secretary in a law office. We left my no good abusive husband.”
“That’s where we’re headed! We can give you a ride if you don’t mind the accommodations. We’re not going to stop at any hotels. Just RV parks on the way, but there are three beds in there.”
She looked at her children and the boy said, “we really don’t have any choice mom and we can just leave the junker here. We can call the local junkyard to pick it up maybe.”
Mom looked at me and asked, “are you okay with this Jimmy?”
I was disappointed that we wouldn’t have privacy to fuck on the way but the girl was cute and the boy sounded cool. “Yeah, mom, they really need help.”
The woman asked, “but there are only three beds. I don’t want to throw you an in with mine if he’s uncomfortable with that.”
“Well that’s another thing you need to know. To be honest with you, he sleeps with me anyway. And also my name is Sandra.”
“Oh, I see. Um, well I guess I am not going to judge anyone. And we really need the ride and I think we can trust you and your son. And my name is Kathy and this is Debbie and Mark.”
“Well it’s nice to meet you and I’m glad we can help. I think we will get along great. I hope we can become friends.”
We used the facilities and then we all got in the RV. Kathy found a listing for a local salvage yard and the said to leave the title in th glove compartment and they would tow it. Kathy said they didn’t want anything for it so we were all set. We transferred their luggage to the rv and this time I took over driving. We pulled out on the highway and mom and Kathy got to know each other.
Kathy asked, “I hope you don’t think I’m out of line, but when you say you are sleeping with your son….?”
Mom laughed good naturally and said, “yes, I mean we are having sex. I know society deems that as wrong and perverted, but we love each other that way and don’t think it’s wrong. I hope you don’t think badly of us!”
“Oh no, like I said before, I am not in a position to judge and anyway, I don’t see anything wrong with two people enjoying each other sexually.”
Mom hugged Kathy and gushed, “oh, I’m so happy to hear you say that! I so want us to be friends!”
Mo told our story and Mark and Debbie were very interested in the details. I saw Debbie squirming in her seat as mom got very explicit. And Mark was rubbing his crotch. This could get very interesting!
We drove for around four hours then decided to stop for lunch. We got fast food and found another rest area to stop at.we sat in the rv and mom and I sat together. When we finished our lunch mom leaned close and kissed me passionately.
She broke the kiss and told Kathy, “we’re going to go up to the loft bed for awhile. If you guys are uncomfortable staying in here, you can sit at one of the park benches until we’re done.”
Kathy responded after looking at her kids and getting nods in return, “um, we would like to stay if it doesn’t make you uncomfortable.”
Mom and I climbed up to the loft bed and I was about to close the curtain when Kathy said, “no, please, leave it open! We.. we want to watch.” She was obviously embarrassed to say it.
I left it open and mom and I pulled our clothes off and laid down. We started kissing again and I was fondling her breasts. She was moaning and we heard a moan from below. Mom looked down and saw that Kathy had her hand between her legs, rubbing her pussy.
“Would you like to come up her and fuck Jimmy? He’s really a great lover and from what you’ve said, you could use some gentle loving.”
“You wouldn’t mind me fucking him?”
“Oh no! I know Jimmy will fuck other women. I don’t mind as long as he comes home to me.”
Mom climbed down, still naked and beautiful and Kathy climbed up.
From the moment I saw her standing by her junker car, I knew I wanted to fuck her. She had bigger breasts than mom, which was saying a lot and the same hot body. I took her tee shirt by the hem and pulled it over her head. As I suspected, she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her tits sagged a bit from the size of them but they were firm with nice pink nipples. I took one between my thumb and finger and squeezed gently. Kathy moaned as I lowered my head down to take the other in my mouth and lick it. I sucked on it and Kathy stroked my hair and cooed as I used my other hand to unbutton her shorts and with her help, skin them down. I backed up to take her panties off so I could take in all her beauty. She was gorgeous with blond streaked hair, those great boobs and a nicely trimmed pussy. She had nice big outer cunt lips and she was already wet. I kissed her gently and ran my finger through her cunt from bottom to top, staying on her clit for four or five seconds, then back down.
“Oh god! You’re going to make me cum already! It’s been so long since a man actually cared about my pleasure! Ohhhhhh god that’s good!! Ahhhhhhhhh!! Fuck!! Fuck!! I’m cumming!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!”
Before her first orgasm ended, I quickly got on her and found her hole quickly and shoved in all the way!
“Ohhhhh!!! Oh my god!!! Oh shit! Your big!! Deep!! Your fucking deep!! Her eyes rolled back as she came hard, nearly fainting.
Meanwhile, down below, mom was sitting next to Mark and rubbing his thigh as he watched his mom getting fucked. His cock was tenting his jeans shorts and there was a wet spot from his Precum.
Mom unzipped his pants and reached in to pull out his cock.
She asked, “Is this your first time, Mark?”
He shyly answered, “Uh yeah. I’ve never even seen a real woman naked!”
“Well now you have honey! But I don’t want to be your first fuck if your mom wants to be. What do you want Kathy?”
Kathy was moaning beneath me, she gasped, “oh god! I want you to fuck me Mark! God help me! I want my son to fuck me!”
She hugged me as she came down from her orgasm, “you don’t mind, do you? I will let you cum in my cunt all you want on this trip, but right now I need Mark to fuck me!”
Again we had a switch of partners, this time it was me climbing down and Mark climbing up, shedding his clothes before he did.
“Come to mommie!” Kathy purred as he laid beside her.
Debbie yelled at her mom, “MOM!! This is disgusting! You can’t fuck Mark! That’s incest!”
Kathy responded calmly, “Debbie, I’m aware of what it is called! And yes I can fuck Mark. He has a hard cock and I have a very wet cunt. If you don’t want to watch, then you can go out to the park bench! Now honey, get on top of mommie!”
Debbie turned away but didn’t leave as Mark crawled on top of his mom. Kathy reached between them and guided his cock into her cunt. “Now push in slowly Mark.”
“Ohhhh god mom!!! Ohhhhhhh! It feels so good! My cock is in you!”
“I know baby! Now fuck mommie!”
Debbie couldn’t resist the urge to turn and watch. She had her hand between her legs as she watched her mom and brother.
Mark pumped four times then yelled, “AWWWWW SHEEEEIIIIITTTTTT MOM! IM GONNA SHOOT IT!”
“Yes baby! Cum in mommie! Cum in my cunt!! Ooohhhhhhhh baby!!”
Mark shoved in and his body jerked as he groaned, “aaarrrrggghhhhhh!! Ohhhhhh!!! Ahhhhhhh!!! Fuck!! I’m cumming!!”
“Oh yes baby! I feel it!! Fill my cunt baby!”
On the bench seat, Debbie was furiously rubbing her cunt, “ohhhh god!! This is so hot! Ohhhhh I can’t help it! I’m going to cum!!” She arched up and her legs went straight out as she orgasmed! “Ohhhhh yessss!!! Oh god! I need a cock!! I need to be fucked!!”
Back in the loft, mark said, “oh god, I’m sorry mom! I couldn’t stop it!”
“It’s okay Mark, it was your first time and with your mom! I’m surprised you even got it n before you came!”
She cradled him against her breast and stroked his hair.
Down below, I scooted close to Debbie and drew her close, kissing her passionately!
Mom, being the only one not drunk with passion at the moment told Mark, “here’s some money. Go to the men’s room and buy several condoms. We really don’t want Debbie to get pregnant her first time! This is your first time, right Debbie?”
Debbie broke the kiss long enough to reply, “Yes Sandra, it is and I’m a little scared, but I really want to! Will it hurt?”
“Probably not, and if it does it will not hurt very much.”
“But all the kids at school say it hurts a lot and you bleed!”
“Those are kids who haven’t done it. Most women don’t bleed at all and don’t feel any pain.”
Mark was already out the door and a few minutes later returned with a handful of condoms. Sandra took them and handed one to me, while I was in the process of removing Debbie’s bra. She had small breasts and nice pink nipples. I traced a finger around each nipple, causing Debbie to moan. “Mmmmmm, that feels good! Don’t stop!”
I continued with one hand while pulling her elastic waisted shorts and panties off with the other. I was still naked from the earlier fucking and asked mom to help me get the rubber on. Mom opened the package and stroking my cock a few times, rolled the condom onto my hard cock. Kathy jumped down from the loft and sat on the other side of Debbie. She gently laid her head in her lap then stroked her hair.
“Just relax baby, you’re going to love fucking!”
I laid on top of her and taking my cock in my hand, I rubbed it up and down her cunt, pausing on her clit and rubbing her clit up and down, then repeating until she begged me, “Oh god!! Put it in me Jimmy!! Fuck me!!”
I pushed in slowly, spreading her tight pussy as my cock sank in to her.
“Ohhhhhhhhh!!! God!! Ohhhhhh mom! It feels so good! It doesn’t hurt!!”
“I know baby! I know!! It’s the best feeling in the world!!”
“Ohhhh!! Fuck me jimmy!! Fuck me! Fuck! Fuck! Fuuuuuuuucckk!!!”
She was bucking up at me and moaning and grunting as I fucked her, gaining speed as my own orgasm approached.
“Ohhhh nooooooooo!!! I’m cumming!!!, oh goddamn!! I’m fucking cumming!”
I sped up until my hips were almost a blur and I couldn’t hold my orgasm back any more!
“Oooooohhhhhhhhhhnnnnnngghgggghhhh!!!” I bellowed as I filled the condom with man juice!
We finally recovered from our orgasm and the women used the toilet to clean up a bit before we continued our trip.
The next leg of our trip had turned in to an incest orgy as Debbie couldn’t get enough fucking now that she had started. When either Mark or me weren’t driving we were fucking. If it was up to Debbie, she would be the only one fucked but mom and Kathy insisted they needed fucking also.
We finally got to our overnight stop at an RV park in Colorado. We were all exhausted from all the fucking and driving so we went right to sleep, mom and I in the loft and Kathy, Mark and Debbie in the fold out bed.
We started out again in the morning after getting carry out breakfast at a fast food.
It only took an hour before Debbie wanted to fuck again.
Kathy said, “Damn girl, you might as well stay naked all day! All you want to do is fuck now that you started!”
“Great idea! Now who wants to fuck me, Mark or Jimmy?”
Both boys said they were fucked out for now, they couldn’t raise an erection.
Kathy told Debbie, “you know, Debbie, there are other ways to get fucked than with a cock!”
“What do you mean mom?”
Instead of answering right away, Kathy opened her suitcase and pulled out an eight inch dildo. It was shaped like a real cock and had a base that turned on a vibrator and adjusted the speed.
“Oh wow mom! It’s too big for me!”
“Don’t worry hon! Your cunt will stretch more than you think. Let’s try it!”
“Uh… okay but if it hurts you’ll stop right?”
“Of course honey and I’ll go slow at first.”
“Okay, I’ll try it!”
“That’s my girl!”
Debbie spread her legs and Kathy reached back in the suitcase and pulled out a tube of KY. She squirted a big gob on the dildo then put some on her finger and rubbed it into Debbie’s cunt.
“Uuuuu, mom, that feels good!”
Kathy rubbed for long enough to get Debbie hot and ready.
“Okay Deb, I’m going to put it in now!”
“O… okay…”
Kathy rubbed the end of the dildo up and down her slit, opening it up. She turned the vibrator on low and put it on Debbie’s clit.
Kathy saw Debbie’s cunt leaking juice so she placed the fat dildo on her vagina. She pushed in slowly and Debbie’s cunt spread open to allow the dildo to penetrate.
“Ohhhhhhh mommie! It’s going in!! Oh god! It fells so good!!”
We all watched as the dildo slowly sank into Debbie until only a few inches were visible.
Mom stripped her shorts off and spreading her legs, begged me, “oh fuck Jimmy! Lick my cunt!”
I crawled over to her and dove right in. I started with her clit, running my tongue in little circles around it, then flicking it across the little nub.
“Ohhhh yesss!! Right there!! Ohhhhhh!!”
I swiped my tongue down the middle of her gash then on to her little rosebud. I stiffened my tongue and penetrated her asshole.
“Ohhhh Jimmy!!! Lick momma’s cunt!! Hurry!!”
I went back to her cunt and licked up and down then shoved my tongue into her hole.
“Ahhhhhh yeesssssss!!!”
I looked to the side to see Kathy pushing the large dildo in and out of Debbie. Debbie was moaning and jerking her hips in time with Kathy’s thrusts.
“Oh god mom!!! It’s so big!! I love it mommie!! Fuck my cunt!!”
Kathy kept fucking her, then leaned down and licked her clit while pushing the fake cock in and out.
“Oh goddamn mom!! I’m cumming!!,! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!! Uuuuuuunnnnnnnhhhhhggghhhhhh!! Cumming!!!”
She started shaking all over and her hips jerked spasmodically as she orgasmed violently! Her eyes rolled back and she grabbed her mom’s hand, holding it deep as the vibrations of the dildo took her higher and higher!
Finally her body collapsed back and she panted loudly as she came down from her orgasm!
“Oh mom!! That was awesome!!”
I was still sucking mom’s cunt. Watching Debbie cum and my licking her clit brought mom off!
“Oh baby!! I’m cumming too!!!”
Her pussy squirted juice into my mouth and I swallowed as it flowed into my mouth.
She finally pushed my head away.
Mark was driving and complained that he was missing out. Kathy went to the front and kneeling beside the drivers seat, took Mark’s cock in her mouth.
“Oh yeah mom! Suck my cock!!”
Kathy slid her mouth down until his cock was all the way in. He moaned as he bobbed up and down, keeping his cock deep in her throat. Mark swerved a few times and mom said, “Damn Mark, your going to run off the road! Pull over and I’ll take over driving!”
Mark pulled off to the side of the road and moved to the bed in back while mom got in the driver’s seat and pulled back on the highway. Kathy resumed sucking her son’s cock, going down all the way again.
“Damn mom! Your a great cocksucker!”
I looked over at Debbie and she got the message. She came over to me and kneeling in front of me, took my cock in her mouth. She tried a deep throat and at first gagged but kept at it until she could take it all the way to the base!
“Oh yeah Debbie! Suck my cock! Suck it good!!!”
I looked back at Kathy and Mark on the bed. Mark was panting now and I could tell he was close.
“Oh god mom! I’m gonna cum!!”
Kathy just mumbled something around his cock as he jerked up and we could tell he was shooting his load into his mom’s mouth, she collected it all without swallowing, then opened her mouth to show us all the whitish goo before swallowing it all!
That was more than I could take! “Oh yeah Debbie! I’m cumming!!”
Her eyes bulged as I started shooting my cum in her mouth. She choked and my cum squirted out and onto her boobs. I shot another rope onto her face and she covered my cock with her mouth to take the rest and swallow it!
For the rest of the trip we stayed naked unless we were at a rest stop. We preferred to use the rest area facilities rather than the rv.
We finally arrived in Sacramento. We all checked in to a two bedroom hotel suite until we figured out where to live.
We had become so close we were a family so naturally we didn’t see any reason not to live together. We found a 3 bedroom apartment that we could afford and moved in. You might think Mark and I shared a room but in fact, Debbie and I shared a room and mark had his own room. Of course the whole family slept with each other at different times so in practice the bedrooms were just were we put our clothes and stuff.
It’s years later now and Debbie and I got married but still live with Kathy and mom. Mark met a girl and they got married and have a place of their own but visit often for family orgies.

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