Saved By A Thug – New Sex Story

Steve was a sixteen year old thug was had a violent temper and was well feared, his mum was a well known alcoholic who spent most of the day sleeping off the drink from the night before, The only person that Steve really cared about was his twelve year old sister Amy, some people said he was more like a dad to Amy than a brother, he made sure she had food and clothes and stuck up for her if she had trouble. One day Steve saw her peeping through the keyhole of his bedroom, he had just had a shower and was in just a towel, Steve had coughed Amy turned went red and ran to her room, Steve followed her sticking his head round the door saying peeping tom are you, Amy blushed, Steve walked right into Amy’s room and her eyes went wide when she saw that he was naked, as Amy looked at Steve’s seven inch dick he said ” this what you looking for” as Amy stared at Steve’s dick it started to grow Amy watched in Awe as it grew to a full nine inch erection, Amy sat on her bed staring at the biggest dick that she had ever seen and when Steve started to jerk it Amy could hardly believe what she was seeing and after five minutes when Steve squirted his cum in four spurts Amy said “wow” after Steve had left and Amy heard him go out, Amy phoned her best mate Sara and said to her ” I just seen my brother stand naked and wank off he has a big cock and lots of spunk” A week after that as he walked home Steve saw a group of racist boys pushing sixteen year old Anjana a Bengali girl in his class at school, Steve walked up to the youths who were pushing Anjana around and calling her racist names and started punching them telling them to buzz off, the louts quickly ran off, Steve made sure Anjana was not hurt then walked her to the shop that her dad owned and after speaking with her dad left, the next day Steve saw one of the yobs in the shop with a base ball bat and went in hit the yob took the bat off him and kicked him out of the shop, Steve looked at Anjana put his arm round her shoulder asking her if she was ok, Aajana said she was, as Steve pulled his arm back his hand brushed over her boob, Steve quickly said sorry saying that was an accident, Anjana smiled and when she said ” that is ok you have earned a feel I don’t mind” Steve smiled and said ” in that case” then slid his hand up the inside of Anjana’s jumper and rubbed her naked boobs, Anjana smiled said not in the middle of the shop people will see, Steve said ” out the back” and followed Anjana into the back of the shop where Steve saw Anjana’s sister who was two years younger than Anjana who told her to go mind the shop, after she had gone Steve lifted Anjana’s jumper up and started licking her nipples gently squeezing her boobs at the same time and when he slid a hand inside her trousers and started to rub her love tube Anjana smiled. after a few minutes Steve lifted Anjana’s jumper over her head and right off then lay her on the table and pulled her trousers right down and off he then stood back and undid his jeans letting his solid dick spring out, when Anjana saw it her eyes went wide and she opened her legs, Steve moved forward and when Anjana felt the white dick slide up her love tube she groaned and after a few minutes was breathing heavy and groaning in deep pleasure as Steve thrust in and out of her love tube and after five minutes Steve felt Anjana cum and as she did Anjana let out a very loud groan, and soon after Steve pulled his dick out of Anjanas love tube and squirted his cum over the floor, twenty minutes later the pair went back into the shop, when they got there Steve saw ninety eight year old Tom his next door neighbour at the counter, Tome looked at Steve and said ” watch these two I have to keep fighting them off they are after my masculine body” and with a grin on his face walked out of the shop, Anjana’s sister went out the back and returned in a minute saying ” if you don’t wipe that spunk up of the floor you will be fighting dad off, Steve looked at her and said ” if I had my way there will be more there after I have finished fucking you” the girl looked at Steve and said to him ” but I am not out the back I am in here” Steve bent forward lifted her over his shoulder and carried her out the back and after a few minutes was sliding his dick up the girls love tube, Anjana smiled when she heard her sister moan out loudly and ten minutes later smiled again when she heard her sister cry out yes yes yes, after ten minutes Steve walked back into the shop looked at Anjana and said ” she is just cleaning the spunk up off the floor, Anjana smiled and asked Steve which lot and smiled when Steve said both lots. The following day in school there were a few surprised faces when Steve and Anjana were seen holding hands and cuddling, some of the white girls thought what a lucky bitch she is I would love to be her, that evening Steve went to shop where old Tom was stood at the counter and heard him say to Anjana ” this is your last chance try and get me in the back again and I will use my karate on you and as he walked out grinning Tom said my friend will sort you out and help me save my energy, Steve smiled at Anjana and said I will deal with her don’t worry. There was never any trouble from racist thugs at the shop again and the girls became more happier with working at the shop in the evenings and were often late getting home and keen to get to the shop after school letting their dad go home early, he commented to his wife one day that Steve was a good boy, his wife thought yes I see that in the girls eyes.

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