Saviours Reward – New Sex Story

The council owned housing estate was very run down it looked more like a war zone than a housing estate, it was only a small estate but it had a lot of trouble, the police did not like attending the estate and would not go there if they could help it, the crime rate was very high with lots of cars that had been stolen dumped and burnt out on the estate, the estate was known as being lawless, unless they lived on the estate people did not go there, Cindy was a sixteen year old girl who lived on the estate, she was well known for being ruthless and being involved in a lot of the crime on the estate, Cindy did not have many friends who lived on the estate mainly because her neighbours did not trust her and thought it best to stay away from her and not associate with her. Asif was a Bengali boy who delivered the early morning papers on the estate he had often seen Cindy when he was delivering the papers, Asif was four years younger than what Cindy was but that did not stop him thinking she was cute. Asif was delivering the papers one morning when it was starting to get light as he did he heard a lot of shouting and headed to where the shouting was coming from and saw Cindy having problems with two boys in the disused garage area, it was obvious to Asif that Cindy was in real trouble and needed help, he looked around and saw a metal pipe which he picked up then after removing his paper bag crept down into the basement where without being seen by the boys crept up behind them and attacked them hitting them with the bar and yelling at them to leave Cindy alone, the boys were taken by surprise and after being hit a few times ran off, After throwing the bar to the ground Asif asked Cindy if she was hurt, Cindy thanked Asif for saving her and reassured him that she was ok. Cindy told Asif that she owed him big time, then to Asif’s surprise Cindy walked over to him and rubbed his crutch saying come with me after a minute and walked inside the garages, Asif followed her and once inside watched as Cindy lowered the zip on the front of her hoody and pull it open revealing her naked boobs, Asif looked in awe at the naked white boobs the first that he had seen and when Cindy said to him ” come on you can play with my tits ” Asif went over and started to massage Cindy’s boobs, after a minute Cindy rubbed Asif’s crutch then undid his trousers pulled them down knelt down took his four inch erection in her mouth and started to suck it, Asif could hardly believe what was happening to him but stood enjoying it and after a few minutes his knee’s bent as he dry climaxed, after a minutes Cindy stood up, after zipping her hoody up Cindy said ” thanks and left the garages, After recovering Asif did his trousers up and continued with his paper round thinking sucked off by a girl four years older than me. As he got to Cindy’s house he saw her sister July who was two years older than he was, Asif smiled when through the window he saw July was naked, Asif looked at her boobs and love tube thinking nice, July opened the window said, thanks for saving my sister, Asif thought I like being a hero.

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