Sex thirst of the girlfriend – Part 1

Hi, I am new to this writing but not as a reader where I was following all the latest posts and enjoying the reading of the sexual relations.
This was the story which has been experience of my own in the college days where this was with my senior girl Nidhi (name changed) If you want to know she is whitish and thin with perfect figure height of 5.2 and weight 60. Where she was also a same combination so it was easy for me to get to contact with her so it was all started with first semester itself where after getting her number for casual talk then we started has a friend’s but when she saw my style and bike and money she started hanging out with me where the chats where also were very sparsh so it didn’t took any time for me to understand what she is expecting from me so you directly asked her for outing but she told she needs time then one day she called me and she had breakup with boyfriend so fresh up mind she needs to go out so it was my chance so I took my bike and went near the college bus stop picked her and went to some less crowded place so that nobody can disturb us so after getting into the place she went forward I just followed her she stood at one place and started staring at me so I gave some time relax and started to touch her hand and she co-operative at moment so I raised my hand on her shoulder and she was quite so I brought my face to her cheeks and she started to moan and that I started to kiss her neck then finally came to liplock for almost 20 minutes where she was just biting a lips without a break where her boobs were like orange size so at moment I started pressing it and I was above remove her pant but she suddenly stopped me and reminded it’s a public place so that I stopped it then but I was pressing her ass as it was so smooth and I took my hand till her navel where she was on my lap and kissing was going on and I was pressing and sucking boobs so overall it went for almost 45 minutes in that place where I lifted her by kissing till the parking place and left her to her home by giving one last kiss. So in next part I will tell you how I fucked her in my home when there were nobody. So guys if you like the story and if your interested then leave the comments for the below email id [email protected]

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