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I am on the road a lot with my job. My beautiful wife Kathy a a five foot three red head with tits the size of small watermelons and a ass that is round and firm stay’s home taking care of the bills and house.

I call every night before I go to bed to say goodnight. The last couple weeks when I call her there seems to be something a little different. Being away is a little hard on both of us I understand that. This is different though. I began having the feeling that she might be seeing someone else. It could be my imagination but sometimes that can even drive you crazy.

So I call my boss told him that I needed to get home that there was something wrong and he gave me the OK. I made it home in record time around nine the next evening. Just as I suspected there was strange car in the drive.

My blood began to boil I was ready to fight who ever it was with my wife. I was willing to spend the rest of my life behind bars if necessary. Unlocking the door and walking in all the light were out except the kitchen light over the sink and a dim of light from under the bedroom door.

As I approached the bedroom door I could her my wife’s voice. I heard her say that it felt so good and she wanted more she was breathing hard and letting out slight moans. Slowly opening the door trying not let who ever it was know I was there.

As the door opened I could see two shadows on the wall beside the bed. As the door opened even further I seen the other person and was surprised. Standing there for more than a moment before I was spotted they both jumped and covered their bodies.

It was my wife Kathy and Linda from next door. Before they jumped for cover Linda was down licking my wife’s pussy and my wife had her pulled in deep between her legs by her hair. Linda is the girl next door pretty. The girl that every man wishes he could fuck married or not.

Kathy asked why I was home so early I just told her that I missed her and wanted to see her before my next run. Linda just smiled and said nothing.

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“Well baby while your here why don’t you get undress and join us. We both need some meat I promise you will not be disappointed.”

I wasted no time as fast as I got undressed I should have been in racing. Or at least the pit crew. Before my last leg was on the bed Linda was grabbing my hard cock and swallowing the entire thing all nine inches,

Kathy just smiled at me and then her face disappeared behind Linda’s ass. Reaching over Linda from time to time giving her ass a hard swat making her whimper. Then it was my turn my wife asked me to taste Linda’s pussy and then lick her ass. She wanted to watch.

That wasn’t the case though Kathy sat on her face riding Linda like she was on a wild stallion. When it came time to fuck Kathy ordered me to fuck Linda’s ass saying that she had always wanted to try me out for size.

That is exactly what happened I pounded her like I had never had a peace of ass before. After that night I told Kathy that as long as I am out if she felt the need I preferred her to be with Linda rather than with some guy. She assured me that I was the only guy she wanted. She also assured me that this would not be the last time we all would get together.

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