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Sharon was a sixteen old girl from a broken home, her dad had left home a few years ago, her mum was an alcoholic, her sister Amy who was four years younger than what Sharon was took after her sister and was foul mouthed with a bad temper, the sisters were for ever getting into trouble and often involved in fights. Both girls were known to have a could not care attitude towards life. Sharon was surprised to get a job working part time in a small corner shop that was owned by fifty five year old Mr Khan a Bengali man who had a son called Alif who was two years younger than what Sharon was. Sharon was in the back room of the shop ready to start her work. Mr Khan gave Sharon a gown to wear as all staff did, to his surprise Sharon pulled her jumper up over her head and off, Sharon was not wearing a bra, Mr Khan stared at Sharon’s naked large boobs, Sharon looked at him and said ” what is the matter you never seen a pair of tits before and as she put her gown on saying it is to hot wearing a jumper under these things, Sharon started working in the shop stacking shelves and as she put a bottle of juice on one high shelve a larger bottle fell from the shelve as it did the top came off and Sharon was covered in juice, Mr Khan quickly helped Sharon out the into the back room, there was juice dripping through Sharon’s hair and down her face and gown, When Mr Khan told her she could have a shower Sharon said ” I need one ” and started to unbutton her gown, Alif had now entered the back room and when Sharon took her gown off Alif’s eyes went wide when he saw the white girls naked boobs and when Sharon took her jeans and panties off both Mr Khan and his son looked at her love tube and admired her bum as she walked to the shower they then watched as the naked foul mouthed girl stood under the shower and cursed when the glass panels steamed up but after ten minutes when Sharon got out the shower still naked they both smiled again, Sharon looked at the two and said ” what up you never seen a naked girl” Alif said ” not like you” Sharon said “look if you want I don’t care” Alif said ” can we touch” Sharon sighed and said ” go on then” and soon both Alif and his dad were fondling Sharon’s boobs and rubbing her bum and love tube when Mr Khan started to gently squeeze her nipples Sharon’s eyes went wide, she was used to being groped when drunk on cheap cider and it had no effect on her but always got aroused when her nipples were squeezed and was now getting aroused, Mr Khan knelt and started to lick her love tube while Alif squeezed her nipples and soon Sharon was feeling really aroused and when Mr Khan gently got her onto the work bench Sharon offered no resistance and when Mr Khan opened his trousers and let his eight inch erection out Sharon parted her legs, Alif was now sucking Sharon’s nipples making her groan and when Mr Khan slid his dick into her love tube and started to thrust in and out Sharon started to groan deeply and after five minutes groaned extra loud as she climaxed, Alif carried on sucking Sharon’s nipples as his dad continued to thrust in and out of her love tube and not long after Sharon had cum a second time Mr Khan pulled his dick out of her love tube squirted his cum over the floor, Alif moved quickly and was soon pushing his six inch dick into Sharon’s love tube and started thrusting in and out and after a few minutes was squirting his cum up her body happy that he had lost his virginity with an older white girl. The following day as Sharon too her jumper off Amy was talking to Mr Khan trying to get a job and when told she could one day a week Amy was thrilled and the following day was stacking shelves and did not see the stick poking through the hole in the wall pushing the large bottle of juice with no top towards the edge of the shelve above her head, when the bottle fell it covered her juice and after twenty minutes was standing under the shower with Alif admiring her naked body, Sharon was stood topless in the next room with Mr Khan rubbing her boobs, When Amy got out of the shower she looked at Alif and when she asked him if he was ok Alif said no looking at your tits and cunt has given me a hard on and undid his trousers Amy looked at his erection said sorry walked over to him and started to jerk Alif’s erect dick when Alif started to rub her love love tube Amy just smiled and said cool then after a few minutes Alif was surprised when Amy said to him ” do you want me to suck your cock” Alif smiled and said to Amy ” you bet I do” Amy said ” OK I will but you have to be naked as well” Alif wasted no time and took all his clothes off Amy knelt down and after saying let me know when you are going to cum” took Alif’s dick in her mouth and started to suck it and shortly after saying I am about to cum Amy swallowed and swallowed all of Alif’s cum, when she stood up Amy said “that is the first Bengali cock that I have sucked and swallowed the spunk” Sharon was now laying naked groaning as Mr Khan thrust in and out of her love tube and after he had made Sharon cum three times he squirted his cum over her body. The following day Amy was on her own in the back of the shop happy that she had got the job, Sharon was in detention at school after being involved in a fight. Amy was laying naked on a table with Mr Khan saying you will have to do in the absence of Sharon and when he slid his dick into Amy’s love tube she cried out as Mr Khan thrust in and out of her love tube Amy saw Alif’s sixteen year old cousin who went to her school standing naked with an eight inch erection and when Mr Khan had finished Alif’s cousin was soon thrusting in and out of Amy’s love tube, Later after Amy had left Alif’s cousin asked him how old Amy was Alif told him same age as your sister. That night Alif’s cousin looked at his twelve year old sister and smiled thinking I have fucked one of your class mates and she is nice and tight then stood and stripped naked his sister looked at her brothers solid erection and watched as he jerked it off and when he squirted his cum his sister thought Amy is lucky.

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