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Amy had been at the leisure centre for most of the day spending the last half a hour in the swimming pool and was heading to the changing rooms o get changed, as she got to the female changing room Amy saw a sign on the door stating the room was closed due to an electrical problem, Amy went to the family change room after an attendant had got her clothes for her. In side the family changing room she saw that it was not very busy and spotted Steve who at sixteen years of age was four years older than what she was, Amy saw that Steve had his nephew with him and was changing him. Steve had been the boyfriend of Sara Amy’s older sister but after a very big argument the pair had split up, Amy did not know why why they had split up and did not really care. Amy went into a cubicle and shortly after heard Steve tell his nephew to go to his mum outside, Amy then saw Steve go into the cubicle right opposite the one that she was in, after pulling the curtain to his cubicle closed Steve started to dry. Amy could see a gap in the curtain through which she could Steve moving about and when Steve slid his trunks down and off Amy gasped she could see his seven inch hairy dick the biggest that she had ever seen and wondered why Sara was letting that go, Amy stood watching in awe as Steve stood drying his hair watching Steve’s dick as it flopped around and after a few minutes saw Steve’s dick start to move and could hardly believe what she was seeing as Steve’s dick slowly grew into a nine inch erection and loved what she was seeing and when Steve started to jerk his dick Amy smiled and watched, after watching for five minutes Amy saw Steve bend at the knees and four spurts of cum shoot from his dick, Amy sat looking still unable to believe what she had seen. After ten minutes Steve left fully clothed smiling at Amy as he went. Later when she was at home Sara asked Amy to go to Steve’s flat and get her DVD’s, after twenty minutes Amy was knocking on Steve’s door and after waiting a few minutes Steve opened the door with just a towel wrapped round his waist and invited Amy in, as she went in Amy looked at Steve’s crutch noticing the out line of Steve’s dick, in the lounge Amy was stunned when Steve said to her ” did you enjoy seeing my cock at the swimming pool and watching me have a wank and shooting my spunk ” Amy smiled and said ” yeah it was cool ” Steve then asked Amy if she want to watch again and when Amy nodded her head saying yes as she did Steve dropped his towel Amy looked at Steve’s semi erect dick smiled and watched as Steve’s dick grew to a full erection, Steve then said to Amy ” do you want to do it for me Amy smiled even more and said ” yes ” Steve sat on the sofa, Amy went and sat beside him then took his dick in her hand and started to stroke it, when Steve slid his hands up the inside of her tee shirt and started to play with her developing boobs Amy did not mind and let him, after ten minutes Steve took his hands from inside Amy’s tee shirt sat back and squirted his cum in four spurts., A hour later Amy was at home where after giving the DVD’s to Sara smiled when Sara told her there were two missing, Amy said ” I will go round Steve’s flat after school tomorrow and get them, as she spoke Amy was thinking and I will get what ever else I can get.

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