Slave Girl – New Sex Story

Pia was a sixteen year old Bengali girl who now lived in England with her uncle and cousin Anjana who was four years younger than what she was, Pia kept it quiet that she was bi sexual because she thought if it was known the Bengali community would disown her and her life would become really bad, Pia was sharing a room with her cousin and had just had a shower and was stood naked in her room when Anjana walked in, to Pia’s utter surprise Anjana said ” wow you got lovely tits ” Pia sat on the stool by her dressing table looking at Anjana who walked over to her and cupped her boobs and started to massage them, Pia just sat in stunned silence, Anjana then started to lick Pia’s nipples at the same time she slid a hand between Pia’s legs and started to rub her love tube then after a couple of minutes Pia felt Anjana’s fingers slide into her love tube, Anjana said ” I like finger fucking older girls ” and pushed her fingers in and out of Pia’s love tube wriggling them about as she did, soon Pia was moaning softly and after five minutes gushed, After a couple of minutes Anjana removed her fingers from Pia’s love tube and said ” it is going to be cool sharing a room with you and left the room. That evening Pia was in her uncles shop with Anjana her uncle was away on a business trip for two days, sixteen year Tina was working in the stock room, Tina was known for being short tempered with a violent streak in her, After pulling the security shutters down for the evening Pia went into the stock room and saw Anjana sitting on one of the benches with her skirt pulled right up and wearing no panties,, Pia looked at her cousin’s love tube and said what are you doing ” she then saw Tina standing naked her nipples fully erect, Pia admired the white girls boobs and love tube, Anjana said she is our slave ” Anjana asked Pia if the door was locked when Pia nodded her head Anjana said ” cool ” stood up and stripped naked, Pia looked at her nicely developing boobs that had erect nipples and her love tube, Anjana then said to Pia ” come on strip naked ” Pia did not hesitate and was soon naked, Anjana sat back on the table and said to Tina ” come on bitch get to work ” Pia watched in awe as Tina knelt down and started licking Anjana’s love tube, after watching for a minute Pia walked up behind Tina reached round her and started to massage her boobs, after a few minutes she stopped and sat on the table beside her cousin who after a couple of minutes cried out yes, Tina moved her head back looked at Pia then started to lick her love tube, Pia could hardly believe her luck and said enjoying have a white girl lick her and after five minutes cried out in deep pleasure as she climaxed. Later that night at home Anjana said ” wait till tomorrow night there will be a group of white boys and calls all naked in the shop some of the boys have got big cocks ” Pia smiled thinking I can not wait, don’t know what was I worried about.

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