Slave House 2 – New Sex Story

England had been in the grips of a recession for five years, jobs were scarce which meant that many people could not pay bills and buy food and clothes and were heavily in debt. The government brought back slavery which helped. Sixteen year old Mandy was the daughter of the owner of a slave selling centre and would often go to the sale rooms to look at the naked slaves , she loved to see mums and dads bring their children in and sell them. It was a Saturday afternoon when Mandy was sat in the office when she saw her classmate Steve and his little brother Mark who was four years younger than what she was walking towards the slave house with the local police chief, Mandy thought oh great Steve is a slave this will be well cool. After five minutes the police chief and Steve walked in to the office that Mandy was sat in, Mandy smiled, the police chief then told Mandy that her dad had been fiddling the books and stealing money so the government had taken control of the slave house with Steve being appointed as the slave master, the chief then explained that Mandy’s parents were now in prison, then to her horror the police chief told Mandy that she had been made a slave and would be sold as a slave, Steve stepped forward a collar round Mandy’s neck, the collar had a chain leading from it, the police chief left, Steve looked at Mandy and said to her ” how the mighty have fallen ” ark walked into the room looked at Mandy and smiled, Steve got hold of the chain and pulled Mandy along and took her to the preparation room and once there Steve looked at Mandy and said ” Slaves are to be naked at all times so strip ” Mandy saw Asif a sixteen year old Bengali boy who she hated stood wearing a collar and chain and completely naked, his sister Anjana who was two years younger and a lesbian was also naked wearing a collar and chain, Mark stepped forward saying you are to slow as he did and using a sharp knife sliced through Mandy’s clothes which fell to floor, Mandy saw Anjana looking at her and smiling, after being weighed and checked over by a doctor Mandy was taken to a holding room where she was chained to a wall by her ankles and wrists, with her legs apart, Mandy knew that the next sale was three days away so she would be chained naked for three days, after half a hour Mark walked into the room and said ” your tits look better than what I thought they would, he then told Mandy that she had visitors and her best friend Sara walked in, Sara told Mandy that her dad was going to buy her, Mandy sighed a sigh of relieve but when Sara said ” you will be a play toy for my brothers, ” Mandy said ” no ” Mandy then saw Sara’s boyfriend Colin talking to Steve, Steve unchained Mandy and took her to a sampling room where he chained her to the bed the same way as she had been chained in the holding room, Steve smiled said ” have fun ” and left the room, Colin the walked into the room and said ” you are fucking cute ” and undid his trousers, Mandy looked at Colin’s seven inch erection and when Colin slid it up her love tube Mandy tensed up, Colin started to thrust in and out but much to Mandy’s joy he did not last long and was soon squirting his cum on the floor, Colin smiled and walked out of the room, after he had gone Asif walked in, Mandy saw that he had an eight inch erection, with out saying anything Asif went to Mandy and slid his dick into her love tube and started to thrust in and out after a few minutes Mandy was starting to enjoy herself and five minutes later climaxed with Asif squirting his cum on the floor, Asif walked out of the room with out saying anything, Mandy then saw a smiling Anjana at the door, Anjana walked over to Mandy and started to rub her boobs and love tube after a few minutes Anjana started to lick Mandy’s love tube then pushed her tounge right inside and after five minutes to Anjana’s surprise Mandy climaxed, Anjana carried on playing with Mandy making her cum twice more, suddenly there was a lot of shouting then the police chief appeared with some of his men who he ordered to release Mandy, after half a hour the chief was in the office with Mandy where he told her that further investigations had shown that it was Steve’s dad not hers fiddling the books with the help of Steve, her parents had been released and were running a bigger slave house and that she was to run the present one, Steve Sara and Colin were now slaves along with Mark. An hour later Mandy was looking at Steve who was in a slave collar, Mandy produced the sharp knife and sliced Steve’s cloths off him she looked at his seven inch dick and said not bad, then did the same to Colin and Mark, she then got Sara to stand in front of the boys and sliced her clothes off her, soon all three boys had fully erections caused by seeing Sara’s naked body, the three boys were taking to the male holding centre and thrown in, Mandy then said ” oh deer what a mistake that is the gay section ” and heard the three boys scream as they were set upon. Mandy went to the sampling room where Sara was chained to the bed, Mandy looked at Sara and said ” there are thirty slave boys all with erections wanting to get at you but they are not going to ” Sara looked at Mandy and said ” thanks ” Mandy then added ” I am keeping you for myself ” and started to rub Sara’s boobs, as she did Mandy said ” I am bi sexual but keep it quiet and have always wanted you ” Sara looked and said ” no you can not I am straight ” Mandy said ” your a slave ” and slid her fingers into Sara’s love tube and started to suck Sara’s nipples, after ten minutes Mandy stepped back and said ” meet my new assistance ” Sara then saw a fully clothed Anjana walk in, Anjana smiled said this will be fun went to Sara and started to lick her love tube thinking life is cool.


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