Slavery 2 – New Sex Story

There had been civil unease in England for nearly two years then as had bee predicted rioting broke out all over the country, due to the heavy cut backs made by the government the police admitted that they could not manage and they did not have the officers needed to gain control, the government then brought the army in to help the police regain control, after two weeks the rioting had been quelled and the police were back in control. The prime minister was forced to call a general election, a well known racist party won the election with a massive majority, with a couple of weeks of being in power the racist party made some changes for the better and things started to improve for the country, the new government then announced that slavery was being brought back in and that any none English people living in England would be slaves to the English, after a few weeks nearly every house in England had slaves many who were treated very badly, a big mansion in the country miles from the nearest town had twelve slaves, sixteen year old Emma who was very racist treated the slaves very badly often whipping them, but her sister Amy who was four years younger than what Emma was treated the slaves with care often getting them extra food, The girls parents went away on a months holiday leaving Emma in charge, Emma soon arranged a party that was attended by a few of her friends who were also racist and they were soon treating the slaves badly, the party started early in the evening, Amy did not attend and was in the grounds when she saw sixteen year old Steve hit one of the slave boys, Amy ran to the boy’s aid but got slapped by Steve as she lay on the ground Amy saw sixteen year old Joel a slave who she had helped many times jump on Steve knocking him to the ground as he did, Amy saw Joel’s sister who was her age stood near by, Joel looked at Amy who said ” it is time they were taught a lesson in respect ” then after a short pause looked at Steve and said ” strip him naked ” a few of the slaves went to Steve and ripped his clothes off him, Joel’s sister looked at the naked Steve and smiled liking what she was seeing, Amy stroked Steve’s dick till he had an eight inch erection then looked at Joel’s sister and said to her ” finish him off ” Steve tried to break free from the grip of the slaves holding him but could not then after ten minutes of being jerked by the slave girl squirted cum in three spurts, Amy the said to the slaves have fun in the big house and watched as the slaves headed towards the mansion, When Joel walked into the ball room Emma looked at him and said ” what the hell are you doing in here get out you black bastard ” Joel smiled walked to Emma reached out grabbed the top of her off the shoulder gown and pulled very hard ripping the top of the gown open and revealing Emma’s ample naked boobs, Joel then ripped the entire gown off Emma’s body then did the same to her panties leaving her naked, the slaves moved in on the other guests who were now screaming and after a few minutes there were ten naked sixteen year old girls who were trying to cover their bodies with their hands, Emma tried to run for the door but was stopped by Joel who started to rub her boobs then after undoing hi trouser and releasing his ten inch erection forced Emma onto the floor and was soon thrusting in and out of her love tube all round the ball room the male slave were thrusting in and out of a white girls love tube, Amy had tied Steve to a tree and was now watching through the window as the black slave boys pounded away at their white tormentors, Joel was thrusting in and out of Emma’s love tube feeling her cum for the fourth time then pulled his dick out and moved over to a different girl, when Amy saw the size of his dick he gaped and thought that is massive, when Amy looked back at Emma he saw her on her hands and knees with a boy thrusting in and out of her mouth and another thrusting in and out of her bum, after four hours there were ten naked white girls laying on the floor Emma had managed to crawl to her room and call the police, when they arrived at the mansion the slaves had all ran off, Steve had managed to free himself from the ropes and ran off, despite a big hunt Steve and the slaves were never found, Amy told police that she saw the slave heading to the house but could do nothing to warn Emma or her friends and had ran and hid, her story was believed, Emma’s parents cut short their holiday and returned home, after a couple weeks new slaves were brought to the house as well as some big burly security guards, Emma left the mansion, Amy stayed at the mansion treating the slaves with respect and allowing them to join her in the bath.

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