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Speedy was a young Romanian girl who had been give the nickname of speedy by her dad because she was very agile and a fast runner, when she was just ten years of age speedy and her family had been smuggled into England but as the came ashore the police and immigration officers who had been laying in wait for the immigrants jumped out from their hiding places and quickly caught the illegal immigrants taking them into custody but when an immigration officer grabbed hold of speedy she hit him very hard in the balls which made him let go of speedy who then very quickly ran off and despite being chased by other officials speedy managed to out run them and escaped, it was now two years since speedy had escaped in which time she had survived by begging and stealing food and clothes she suffered racist abuse sometimes suffering violence Speedy slept where ever she could find a safe dry place to sleep. It was late at night when speedy arrived at a derelict unused farm on the outskirts of a large town where she had been staying for a few months, a fellow immigrant had told speedy of the dereclict farm. As speedy went into an old barn she noticed a caravan that was parked a few yards away from the old barn but was not worried about. Speedy went upto the barn loft were where she found there were a few blankets that her friend had told her about, as she was spreading the blankets out speedy heard singing and looked out and saw Steve who at sixteen years old was four years older than what speedy was, speedy knew that Steve was a racist thug he had hit her and spat at her a few times, speedy could see from the way Steve was staggering around that he was drunk and watched him as he tried to unlock the caravan smiling when she saw him struggling to unlock the door, Steve stopped trying to unlock the door and turned his back on the caravan and after a struggle lowered the front of his joggers, speedy smiled when she saw Steve’s seven inch hairy dick appear and watched as he had a wee after he had finished Steve fell backwards against the caravan then in his drunken state fell side wards onto the ground rolling onto his back as he did and lay still, speedy watched him noticing that his joggers were still partly down with his dick on show, after ten minutes Steve had not moved, speedly went down and slowly crept to where Steve was ready to run if he got up, when she got to Steve speedy could hear him snoring and shook him after shaking him quite hard and getting no response she watched him for a few minutes, Steve just snored on, speedy then smiled and held Steve’s dick in her hand for a couple of minutes and after getting no response let go of the English thug boys dick and gently ran one finger up and down Steve’s dick after a few minutes speedy saw Steve’s dick start to move and carried on running her finger up and down it smiling as it grew to a nine inch erection, speedy went through Steve’s pockets finding some cash and his mobile phone, speedy put the money in her pocket then took photos of Steve and his erection before putting the phone in her pocket then took hold of Steve’s dick and started to jerk it liking the feeling of the hard warm dick in her hand after twenty minutes speedy felt Steve’s dick twitch and smiled when four long spurts of cum shot out of it landing on Steve’s hoody after taking photos of the cum on Steve speedy went back up to barn loft leaving Steve smoreing away on the ground, speedy then send the photos she had taken of Steve to every number in the phone’s address book and after getting rid of the chip went to sleep. When she woke a few hours later speedy looked out but could not see Steve on the ground but saw him inside the caravan through the window smiling when she saw that he was naked and thought he has got a nice bum when Steve turned speedy smiled even more when she saw that Steve had a full erection when Steve started to jerk his dick speedy watched in awe loving it when Steve squirted his cum in five long spurts, speedy then saw a group of Steve’s mates with a girl she knew was Steve’s girl friend heading towards the caravan, when the group got to the caravan two boys went inside and dragged the still naked Steve out and started to push him around and heard Steve’s girlfriend Sara saying ” why did you send those pictures of your hard cock and spunk to people for my nine year old sister got them as well your a fucking pervert we are finished ” Speedy then saw Steve get pushed to the ground and saw the boys undoing their jeans and smiled when she saw all five boys with their dicks out and saw them all pee over Steve, speedy saw that like she was doing Sara was looking at the boys dicks and had pokies in her tee shirt, when the boys had finished peeing over Steve he crawled back into the caravan, speedy then saw Sara lift her tee shirt up over her head and off revealing her naked boobs that had erect nipples then start to undo her jeans and start to take them off, speedy looked at the boys and could hardly believe her eyes when she saw that they all had erections Sara was now standing naked, speedy watched as the five boys all stripped naked as the did Sara lay on the ground spreading her legs as they did, speedy watched as each boy took it in turn to kneel between Sara’s legs push their dicks into her love tube and start to thrust away, as speedy watched in awe she was wishing that she had kept the chip in Steve’s phone so that she could have filmed the scene, as each boy finished thrusting in and out of Sara’s love tube they all squirted their cum over her body before the next boy took over, after a hour speedy watch the girl all dress then walk away from the caravan not long after a fully dressed Steve left the caravan with two bags. Later that afternoon speedy was in town and after selling Steve’s phone met up with one of her Romanian friends who she told what had happened her friend told her that Sara was a slag and that lots of the immigrants had watched in the park having sex with different boys sometimes two or three at a time. Speedy stayed at the derelict farm for a couple weeks but never saw Steve at the caravan again she did not see him about town either and realised he had left the area, speedy often saw Sara go into the caravan with a boy and watched from the barn through the caravan as Sara was pounded by the boys. After two weeks speedy left the barn, it was normal for immigrants to only stay sleep in one place for a short time to lessen the risk of the immigration officers catching them, as she walked towards a large derelict factory that she had been told was a safe place to sleep speedy was wondering if the place was used for sex by local youths.

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