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At sixteen years of age Steve was not liked by many people, he was an out of control violent thug, he had been in and out of youth detention centre since he was twelve years old, not many people wanted to have anything to do with him and stayed away from him. Steve’s dad had left home a few years ago and his mum could not cope with him, his new step dad tried to take control of him but failed and spent a few days in hospital after getting beat up by Steve. One night Steve’s mum and stepdad were out his step sister Kim who was six years younger than what Steve was was sat watching telly when Steve who had been out all night arrived home, Kim heard him go up stairs and after a few minutes heard him come back down, she then herd the lounge door open and Steve walked in, Kim’s eyes went wide when she saw that Steve was naked, she looked at his seven inch hairy dick and said ” wow you got a big cock ” and after a short pause said to Steve ” get a hard on ” Steve was surprised at what he was hearing, Kim said ” do not just show me your cock get it fucking hard ” Kim got up out of the chair she was sat in and said ” I told you get a fucking hard on ” and to Steve’s surprise delivered a karate kick to his thigh knocking him to the ground,, hen he got up Kim delivered a second karate kick to his other leg knocking him to the ground a second time, as Steve lay on his back Kim said ” get a hard on ” Steve lay where he was looking up at Kim as he did his dick grew to a nine inch erection, Kim smiled and said ” now to see how much spunk you got in it ” then knelt down got hold of Steve’s dick and started to stroke it, Steve started to speak but Kim hit him with three karate blows making him shut up straight away then carried on jerking him and after ten minutes Steve squirted cum in four spurts, Kim said ” good amount of spunk ” then stood up and left the room, Steve hobbled up to his room hardly believing that a young girl had beat him. In the morning Steve saw his step dad and mum leave for work, he then got his base ball bat and went to Kim’s room as he opened the door he felt a heavy thud in his back which sent him sprawling down the landing, he heard Kim say ” tough I was in the bathroom ” he looked up and saw the Bengali girl who lived next door who had made friends with Kim and was the same age as she was stood looking at him, before he could do or say anything Kim reached down grabbed the waist band of his pyjamas and ripped them off leaving him naked, Steve heard the Bengali girl say wow, Steve realised that the girl could see his dick and put his hands over it, but when Kim kicked him and told him to uncover his dick Steve did so, he could see the Bengali girl looking at his dick and smiling, he then felt his dick start to stiffen and was soon fully erect, he saw the Bengali girl staring at his dick her mouth wide open, Kim looked at her friend and said to her ” go on ask him off ” Steve said ” no ” and got two karate kicks from Kim, he saw the girl kneel then felt her take hold of his dick and start to jerk it, Steve looked at Kim and saw her posed ready to strike and did not say anything he just lay still while the Bengali girl jerked him and when he squirted cum in three spurts the girl said ” yes cool ” the two girls left. Steve had a shower and then stayed in his room, that night Steve’s mum told him that Kim a top junior karate champion, Steve thought yeah I know and cringed when he saw her with four girls heading towards the house, when the girls entered the house he saw them all smile at him, Steve’s mum left the house to go to a friends house, Kim looked at him and said ” you are nothing but shit I rule you and you will do as I tell you ” Steve looked at her thinking I am being controlled by a kid and I can not do anything to stop her ” Kim then looked at Steve and said ” get your clothes off ” soon all the girls were giggling as they looked at Steve’s dick. Steve knew he was finished.

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