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It had been very sunny and hot for just over two weeks, but then with out any warning what so ever there was a big thunder storm, the storm had not been mentioned on the weather forecast the first that residents of the English town knew about it was when early one evening there was a sudden loud clap of thunder followed by streaks of lightening more thunder then rain which began to fall lightly but after a couple of minutes was pouring down very heavily, the unexpected storm lasted for four hours catching people by surprise with in a minute of the storm starting many of the towns residents were soaking wet and running for cover, Pia was a girl from Bangladesh who was now living in England, Pia had been about to leave the block of flats where she lived with her parents when the storm had started and had stood in the flats entrance watching the rain as it poured down, not long after the storm had started all the lights flickered then went out Pia realised that there was a power cut and knew her mum would have the candles out, as she stood at the entrance to the flats watching the rain fall, Pia saw Steve walking towards the flats, Steve lived in the flat next door to Pia’s and at sixteen years of age was four years older than Pia, Steve was a known thug but never gave trouble to Pia or her family, as Steve got closer to the flats Pia saw that Steve was wearing his football gear which was soaking wet and clinging to his body, Pia also saw that Steve’s shorts had become completely see through in the rain and smiled when she saw Steve’s dick, it looked as if Steve had no shorts on, Pia smiled at the sight of Steve’s seven inch dick and was thinking very nice sight, Steve walked past Pia and found that the lift was not working because of the power cut and went up the stairs, after ten minutes Pia went up the stairs when she got to her flat Pia saw Steve waiting outside his flat, his mum had gone out and he could not get in, Pia went in her flat which was in darkness and after lighting candles found a note from her mum telling her she had gone to work would not be back till morning, Pia took rubbish to the chute and seeing Steve still outside his flat asked him if he wanted to come into her flat and get warm, after accepting the offer Steve followed Pia into her flat where Pia got Steve a towel telling him he could have a shower, Steve looked at Pia who kept looking at Steve’s still visible dick and said to her ” are you happy that you can now see my cock ” Pia smiled and said ” yeah it is nice and big ” when Steve told Pia not to tell anyone that she seen it Pia told Steve that she would not and never told anyone anything, Steve then took his shirt off followed by his shorts saying you seen it so no good hiding it, Pia looked at the now naked white boy and said ” cool ” Pia saw Steve’s dick twitch and watched in awe as it grew to a nine inch erection, Pia looked at Steve and said ” that is awesome ” when Steve said ” you can wank me off if you want ” Pia went over to Steve and started to jerk his dick, Steve reached out and cupped Pia’s developing boobs then said ” as I am naked you should be naked as well, Pia smiled stood back and took her clothes off, Steve started to rub Pia’s developing boobs while she stroked his dick stopping after a few minutes and slid a finger into her love tube which he found was wet, Steve smiled and said ” want me to fuck you ” Pia was feeling extremely horny and nodded her head, Steve gently lay Pia on the floor then knelt down parted Pia’s legs and was soon sliding his dick up Pia’s tight virgin love tube causing her to cry out as he did, Steve slowly started to push in and out of Pia’s love tube noticing her erect nipples as he did, Pia lay groaning and breathing very heavily and after five minutes she cried out very loudly as she climaxed, Steve paused for awhile then continued to push in and out of Pia’s love tube, after ten more minutes Pia climaxed again not long after Steve pulled his dick out of Pia’s love tube and squirted his cum over her body then lay on the floor beside her. Twenty minutes later Steve heard his mum and got dressed smiling at Pia who also got dressed. In the morning when Pia’s mum arrived home from work and told Pia that she would be working again that night, Pia thought cool I wonder if Steve will come in here and baby sit me he would be welcome to do so.

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