Stormy Night with Three women (Full night Banging Raani)

Poonam left in a hurry and I went to the washroom when I came. Raani was under the sheets I put my arms around her ” सो गई क्या? ” . She reached out and touched my face I slipped my hand into the sheet and felt her naked body ” तुमने कपड़े नहीं पहने? ” She threw the sheet away ” दरवाज़ा बंद करो और लाइट जलाओ ” . I quickly secured the door and switched on the lights, she sat up ” अब सोच क्या रहे हो? आओ अपनी आंटी की सेवा करो! ” , I sat beside her and kissed her juicy lips she kissed me back, I moved to her breasts and kissed them one by one ” रानी बड़ी गरम हो तुम! ” I tickled her nipples with my tongue, she sighed ” ससस हहह, मेरे बगल में उसे चोद रहे हो मेरा मन नहीं करेगा? ” . I sat on the bed and straightened my legs and she climbed into my lap and made me lay down ” तुम्हारे साथ सुहाग रात मनाने का मन है ” , she positioned my shaft between her slit and rubbed her clit on my cock head ” सुहाग दिन, रात, दोपहर सब कुछ तो मना चुके हो. इतना तो मैंने रमेश के साथ नहीं किया, जितना तुम्हारे साथ कर चुकी हूँ ” . I squeezed her well-rounded butts ” रानी, चलो आज खुले में सुहाग रात मनाते हैं ” . She declined ” नहीं रे बाबा, किसी ने देख लिया तो बदनामी हो जाएगी! ” I turned her over and got on top and kissed her lips ” कुछ नहीं होगा कोई नहीं देखेगा, तुम चलो तो! ” Raani when once fully aroused will try anything. I lay on top and kissed her passionately. Played with her big tits until her nipples were hard and shiny, I kissed her pubis and her pussy mound, her smell made me harden, I spread her lips and licked her entire leaking pussy ” रानी मेरी जान, तुम्हारी ख़ुशबू मुझे पागल कर रही है ” . She pressed my face into her pussy as I played with her clit ” अह्ह्ह साहिल तुम जब ऐसे करते हो मैं पागल हो जाती हूँ स्स्स्स, जीब करो मेरे अन्दर ” . A thing with rain is she keeps herself clean and once she is fully aroused she initiates sex and does everything I say, I poked my tongue into her vagina and pinched her clit with my fingers, she spread her pussy and moaned loudly ” ह्म्म्म ह्ह्ह्ह्ह साहिल ” , I did her with my tongue and finger till I was confirmed of her arousal, I climbed on top and kissed her lips ” बस रानी, तुम झड़ने वाली हो ” , she held my face and kissed me back and positioned my cock head on her pussy ” बहुत कुछ सीख गए हो! अब चलो अपनी आंटी को एक अच्छा सा करवाओ ” . I gently pushed and it went straight in, I started to work her pussy doing all kinds of strokes she suggested and in no time she was shivering, her legs clamped around me and she kissed me violently as spasms went through her body, I kept doing her ” रानी मुझे अभी नहीं होने वाला ” , she caressed me back and squeezed my butt ” तुम छत पे जाकर ही मानोगे, चलो. She quickly grabbed a towel and I grabbed my extender, tonight was going to be a Pleasure night. On the terrace, the atmosphere was very sexy, it was raining and there was just enough light so we could see each other. She looked around making sure, while I spread a mattress on the floor, the sound of raindrops on the tin sheet created music, she came to where I was and she simply took off her nighty and I dropped my shorts, she hugged me tightly ” आज रात तुम ही मेरे पति हो, अपनी रानी को जी भर के प्यार दो ” I kissed her lips ” हाँ मेरी रानी जैसे बोलेगी वैसे प्यार करूंगा तुझे रात भर ” this language instantly turned her on and reached up to kiss me, I met her lips in between and we kissed her vigorously, she broke away and pressed her big tits into my chest ” आज न सोना और न मुझे सोने देना! ” , Her warm body made me harden and my cock dug into her belly ” ओह्ह रानी तुम्हारी यही अदा तो मुझे पसन्द है ” . She slowly dragged her body against mine, kissing my body and kneeled between my legs and took my cock head into her mouth, I gasped as her teeth brushed against my semi hard cock head ” अह्ह्ह मेरी जान स्स्स्स ” she held my balls and massaged them gently, she knew very well how to get me hard, soon my cock was looking like an inflated salami, she sucked my balls one by one, I made her stand, and kissed her lips, I pushed my tongue into her mouth and she readily sucked on it, I made her lay on the mattress, and came on top of her, kissing her roughly, I pressed my shaft between her slit and rubbed her clit, she sighed loudly ” ह्ह्ह्ह्ह ससस ” as I entered her fully suddenly and worked her wet interiors, she was getting ecstatic and mumbled and groaned at every stroke of my piston in her cylinder, I held her hands above her head and pounded her hard and deep, I could feel her pussy grasping on my cock, I stopped deep inside her ” रानी अभी नहीं रुक थोड़ी देर ” , she whimpered ” हहह नहीं रुका जा रहा स साहिल करते रहो, चोदो मुझे ” , I turned her over and got her into doggy position and entered her and fucked her for a couple of minutes she was all sweaty and I stopped again when I felt her onset, she fell on the mattress face down ” और कितना तड़पाओगे हो जाने दो मुझे ” , she turned around and I lay on her ” बस होने वाला है मुझे भी ” , and started again and in another couple we both burst into an intense orgasm biting and clawing each other, I rolled over ” रानी ये होता है सेक्स मज़ा आ गया ” , she kissed my lips with content and, that night we had sex twice again each time harder than before falling asleep, she woke me up it was still dark ” चलो नीचे चलते है, दिन निकलने वाला है ” , I held her ” रानी हो जाए एक बार और? ” . She agreed instantly ” चलो आओ पर जल्दी करना ” , then we had another great round before returning to my room even though her pussy was Raw and I had trouble getting it up, but thanks to Raani she always Gets me Hard…

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