Surprise Shows – Part 1

Sharon was sixteen years of age and not very happy, her boyfriend Steve was a well known car thieve who had been caught by the police driving a car that he had just stolen and had been sentenced to two years in youth custody when he had appeared at the magistrates court that day, Sharon was known as being a stroppy girl who mouthed off at people, she was sat in the derelict factory waiting for Martin who was in her class at school, not many people liked Martin because he was a flasher and peeping tom, Sharon had never given Martin any trouble which surprised him and he could not under stand why he thought it might because he had never flashed her or tried to spy on her, the main reason being because he was scared what Sharon would do if he did, after waiting for Martin for over a hour Sharon saw him walking towards where she was waiting and stood up when Martin was close, Martin saw Sharon and said to her ” sorry that Steve got sent to youth custody ” Sharon smiled and said thanks as she did Martin noticed that top buttons on her blouse were open and he see part of her ample boobs and when Sharon bent forward and lent on a bar top of her blouse fell forward and he saw her complete boobs he noticed that her nipples were erect and thought cool, Sharon asked Martin if he had seen her sister Mandy, when Martin told her no, Sharon stood up straight said ” she must have gone straight home from school and left, Martin thought what a sight better than looking through a window, later that night as Martin walked the house where Sharon lived he saw her through the window and saw that she was topless as he looked at her ample boobs he thought cool twice in one day and walked on before she saw him, two days later when he went to the derelict factory Martin saw Sharon there leaning on the bar her top partly open and her naked boobs showing, before he could say anything Sharon said to him ” this is how you flash ” Martin said what ” and when Sharon said ” you have seen my tits twice down my top and once when I was at home with out a top on ” Martin could hardly believe what he had just heard and when Sharon said ” if you flash making it look like an accident people will not know your a flasher ” Martin was stunned by what he had just heard, then Sharon said ” you could do it like this ” and raised her skirt, Martin saw that she was wearing no panties and he saw her hairless love tube and said ” nice ” Sharon let her skirt drop and said ” somebody is coming ” and walked away as she did Sharon said ” be at my house tonight at nine ” later as he walked to Sharon’s house he saw her mum at the bus stop and knew she was going to work, he then saw Mandy with her best mate Kim he knew both girls were two years younger than what he was and thought that they were both cute, Martin walked on to Sharon’s house knocking on the door when he got there and getting no reply went to the window looked through a gap in the curtain and saw Sharon sat naked on the sofa masturbating and as he was in a dark area knew he could not be seen and stood watching Sharon after ten minutes Martin smiled as he saw Sharon gush then not long after walked away, as he walked down the street he got a text message which he saw was from Sharon and smiled when he read it, the message said accidents do happen Martin smiled thinking yeah I like that sort of accident, the then saw Mandy and Kim stood on the door step of Kim’s house, Kim stepped back inside her house as she did the dressing gown she was wearing fell open giving Martin a clear view of her boobs, Kim closed the door, Mandy walked out of the garden as she did Martin was right next to the gate and saw her blouse was see though and she was not wearing a bra, Martin smiled at the sight of her boobs and walked on thinking all these accidents will make me go deaf and pushed his hand inside his joggers and held his hard dick smiling when he saw Amy who he knew would stand and watch as he masturbated.

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