Sweaty woman – New Sex Story

Hi friends. I am new to this site. I am regular reader of stories published on this site. Please forgive if my story has grammar mistakes.

Some woman hate sweat because they feel irritated and immediately need fan or AC switched on making them relax.
Typical women love sweat drops on their skin because they regularly use some body lotion. Odour of their sweat doesn’t makes them feel vomiting or irritated. Due to use of herbal paste during bath, their body pores exit beautiful smell. When clothes stick to their body due to sweat, their private organs start try to tear out of their clothes.

Unknown woman:
I am being locked in panic room by kidnapper. I never informed security because my master takes proper care of me.
I keep fan in low speed so that my skin become more sweaty. Whatever season may be, I love to stay in dark room. Fever, sneezing and other health issues enter and exit out of my body. When my master comes, he switches on fan and AC for me. My sweat gets dried.

After meal again my master switches off light, fan and AC of room. My skin becomes sweaty. Master strips me with his hands and spread my legs for fucking position.
Then he starts licking my sweat and bites me softly, I just moan like
Mmmmm…. Hmmmmmm… Biting my own lips. With his deep passionate kisses, my body shakes and crumbles increasing my sexual urges. He consumes breathe from my mouth lips by breathing inside me. I love to scratch his back and dig his head when his kisses ignite steamy heat inside my body. When my master licks my pussy moving his tongue more deeper inside my clitoris, my body control loses making me wet and horny.
Uh-huh…. Mmmmmm… Ummm….. Yess… Ohhhyess….. OMG……
My master holds places his hands below my head caressing my hairs and cheek bones.
He starts thrusting my pussy tenderly and softly giving me heavenly feeling.
He understand my every signals and moans during sex.
I apply saliva to my pussy if I feel little itchy. My master makes me roll in entire home during sex making me laugh and cry due to pleasure. We lick each others juices.
When I am on my periods, my master cuddles and snuggles me leading to steamy oral sex. He presses skin of my sweat whenever we enjoy sex.
If I don’t obey master, he pours jams and jellies on my naked body and starts licking me. I love the way my master craves my naked body.
Fuck… Yes…. Ouchhh…. Hahah….
When I want my master cock more deeper, he increases speed making me difficult to breathe. Mostly I enjoy his deep strokes sometimes making me reach orgasm multiple times.
My master makes me drink 2 bottles of chilled water while having sex. He never allowed me to pee in such times.
He squeezes my navel and fingers making me squirt fuss… Fuss. Fissssssss
Then I ride my master cock by bouncing over it. When he pulls my nipples and squeeze, I start screaming due to pleasure making squealish noises. Master suggest me to lean towards him so that he holds my breast and squeeze it licking my areola and softly chewing my nipples. Passion and ecstasy increase in my body raising my chin upwards. As soon as my chin is raised little, he holds my neck and makes it wet by saliva
Yummm….. Don’t stop….. Fuck…..

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