Taking away my friend’s virginity

Hey! This story is fully fictional. I hope you’ll enjoy it. Continue if you like petite girls.

I’m Raj and I’m 21 years old. I have a friend who is a girl in my class. She is cute. She already has a boyfriend. But that doesn’t stop me from perving on her. Let me describe her. She’s about 5.5 ft tall. She is thin and see has small boobs. Her eyes are big and her lips are so small you’d want to eat them up. Her skin is so soft. She doesn’t look 21 at all. More like 16. I’ve always seen her with lust. I’ve seen her ass so many times when I sit behind her. One day I saw her panties through her jeans and had one of the best jerk offs I ever had. I was crazy for her body. But I kept it all in imagination. One day, she and I teamed up for a project. We had to meet to do the project so we decided that she’ll come to my home one Sunday. Fortunately, my parents were out that whole day. I was excited about spending the whole day with her.

When she came, I was alone. I welcomed her and have her water. Then we moved to my room and started discussing on the project. She wore a yellow half sleeve T-shirt and blue jeans. One hour passed discussing. I couldn’t help but starting at her body and thinking about tasting her. Then we relaxed a little bit and looked at Instagram on my computer. Accidentally she noticed that she was on top on my search list. She frowned at me. Then she went exploring my computer in doubt. She found her photos downloaded in my computer.

“What the fuck is this?” She asked.

I didn’t reply. She stood up from the chair and started to storm out. I grabbed her by hand and pulled her close.

“What are you doing, Raj?” She asked

“It just feels right. I want you” I replied and thrusted my lips on to hers. Her lips were so soft. She tried to pull away. But I held her. Suddenly I felt her submitting. I pulled away.

“I can’t do this. I have a boyfriend” she said.

“But you like this, don’t you”

She eyed down. I went near her. I lifted her chin and kissed her lips. This time she didn’t resist. I moved my hands all over her body. Hey small ass fitted perfectly in my hands. As I squeezed it she moaned in my mouth. I lifted her. She was like 40 kg. I threw her on bed and laid beside her. Up in that close angle she was so sexy. She saw me with those eyes begging me to taste her. I guess the fact that not even her boyfriend touched her like I was doing, made her mad for sex. I used my fingers to feel her lips. They were so moist and soft. I slipped a finger into her mouth. She sucked it with so much lust. All while make eye contact with me. I explored the insides of her mouth with my finger. I can feel it getting wet, her tongue playing with my fingers. Then I took my finger dripping with her saliva and slowly inserted into her jeans. I could feel her clean shaved pussy. I leaned in to kiss her. I felt her tongue in my mouth. My finger found her pussy and made their way inside. I was so close to her, I can feel her body building orgasm.

I parted my lips from hers and asked “Do you like it?”

“Oh babyyy. Yess. Just keep doing it. Dig deeper”

“Oh you slut. What about your boyfriend?”

“He doesn’t have to know baby. You can do anything to me”

That made me so horny. I started to finger her harder. I can feel juices dripping form her pussy. I brought back my finger to my mouth and tasted it. “Oh you taste amazing”. She let out a moan. I then went on top of her and started kissing. I then remover her TShirt. Inside she was wearing a white bra. I kissed on her neck and unhooked her bra. I saw those tiny boobs. I ran my hand on them. Her nipples were hard and dark. I went in to kiss them. I kept sucking both of them when she tried to remove my t shirt. As soon as she got my t-shirt off I hugged her and rolled. Not she was on the top. I hugged her tight. Her body was so warm. I ran my hand over her back. She started rubbing her ass on my dick. I pulled her closer to my chest and started kissing her Belly button. Her belly was so flat and easy to lick. I tasted every inch of it while she was moaning so hard. Then I unbuttoned her jeans and made her remove her jeans. Then again I rolled her to get on her top. I kissed her lips. I made way to her bottom planting kisses on her neck, chest and belly. She was wearing red panties. Now my head was between her legs. The inside of her thighs against my cheeks. I kissed them. She kept letting out soft moans. Her hands were on my hair. I slowly kissed on her panties. She pulled my head closer to her pussy. The smell there was amazing. I parted the panties to reveal her pussy. It was the amazing thing I’ve ever seen. It was dripping with her juices. I couldn’t control it anymore. I removed her panties and dived into her pussy.

Her pussy was so tasty. I kept letting my tongue deep inside, exploring. I found her cilt and rubbed it hard with my tongue. My hands were on her Hips. I could feel her body building up orgasm. She was shaking so hard and moaning, I was afraid the neighbors would hear her. Finally a jolt went up her body and get warm juices poured into my mouth. I tasted every drop of it and swallowed. Then I rolled her to the top and kissed her. She tried to lick her juices in the corner of my lips. Then I asked for her to suck my dick. She removed my boxes and took a look at my six inch cock. She parted my foreskin to reveal the bulb of my penis. She pressed it to her cheeks and shot me a lustful look. That almost made me cum. But I held it together. She then brought out the tip of get tongue and touched my penis. It felt so good. She started licking it. Top to bottom. I could feel her warm lips wrapping around my cock, saliva wetting my dick. I held her head and directed her to go faster. After a while I stopped her to stop myself cumming. I wanted to cum inside her. I stood up from the bed and lifted her. She easily climbed in my hip with my dick rubbing against her pussy. I put her against the wall and guide my dick inside her. She was so tight. She started screaming in pleasure. I shut her out by thrusting my lips on her. I kissed her so hard while fucking her pussy out. I then pressed against her boobs and came inside her. Now we were both exhausted. I put her on the bed and climbed on top of her and kissed her body. After few minutes of kissing we fell asleep naked.

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