Teacher’s Pets – New Sex Story

Due to her mountainous, though firm udders, heart-shaped bottom, fine legs and beautiful face, the unmarried, 32-y/o Morgana was a wet-dream.

When the ensuing occurred, however, she was working for the local corrections department by tutoring non-violent parolees in math and English including creative writing lessons – while her favorite students were the white, 21-y/o Cyril, 20-y/o Thane and 18-y/o Pat, 3 inmates who’d been released from jail after a judge had sentenced them to 9 months on a marijuana-possession charge.

Otherwise, they weren’t real criminals.

But she soon noticed that Cyril had excellent language abilities without realizing he aspired to be a novelist.

Thus, after he, Pat and Thane had departed class at 6 p.m. one Wednesday in June, she was in her office checking her e-mails when she found his story involving fictional characters resembling himself, Thane and Pat:


Not A Lady

Of course, Johnny, Steve and Dale weren’t allowed any pussy during the 9 months they spent behind bars and were horny as hell by the time they left prison.

And they didn’t enjoy attending summer school, though it was either that or else, with their dicks saluting Morgana, their teacher, since she was a total fox.

Her blouses scarcely hid her huge knockers and her butt was a masterpiece. Too, they correctly sensed she was naughty, while things went well until she gave them a failing math grade.

Pissed, they decided to inflict their revenge upon her the next day.

She was ready to dimiss them when they exposed their pricks, followed by her spluttering, ‘W-w-hat… are… you… boys… doing?’

‘Boys? I’ll show you boys!’ Dale snorted as he stood and waved his 12-inched pecker at her.

‘You shouldn’t be doing that!’ she protested.

‘Why not? You’re aren’t a lady, are you?’ Johnny inquired.

‘No, sir,’ she admitted.

‘Truth is, you’re the biggest slut in town!’ Steve said.

‘Yes, sir!’

‘Then, tell us you need to be treated like crap, you piece of it!’ Steve instructed.

‘Oh, my god, yes, sir!’ she blushed as Johnny walked around her desk, tore her blouse open, shredded her bra, stabbed his 9-inched penis into her tits and sneered, ‘You lost your brains in these, didn’t you?

‘Yes, sir,’ Morgana softly answered.

‘That’s right! So, repeat after me: – I’m dumber than a rock! Say it word for word!’ Johnny ordered.

‘I’m dumber than a rock, sir,’ she obeyed.

‘Yeah, and how you manage holding ANY job is beyond me! We ought to get you fired!’ Dale threatened her.

‘Please don’t – please?’ she begged,

‘Stop whining!’ Dale said, after which he and his buddies stripped.

Considering that degradation and verbal abuse aroused Morgana, though, they could almost smell her twat starting to slobber, with Steve yanking her skirt and panties to her shoes, then inducing her to squeal by stuffing his finger into her moist vag.

‘Wow, her cootchie-cootch is burning!’ he grinned.

‘That’s because she’s an eager, little beaver!’ Johnny replied as Steve twisted his finger from her snatch, barely had he done which before she fell to her knees, to begin fellating him.

Next, Steve clutched her brown hair, jammed her lips against his crotch and growled, ‘Suck my cock, you worthless skank! C’MON, SUCK IT!’

Dale then gripped her flanks, raised her into the doggy-style position and snarled, ‘Want me to bang the slit you call a fucking vagina, you fucking bitch?’

‘Mmmm!’ she nodded, followed by Dale driving his piston into the gulch between her thighs.

‘Shiver her timbers, man!’ Johnny urged him while watching his friends’ pizzles invading her body

Nonetheless, feeling disrespectfully used brought her to a loudly-moaning orgasm.

Throughout her teaching career, however, Morgana had kept it a secret that she fantasized about making ‘conjugal’ visits to prison, and now wished she could’ve, especially when Steve, Johnny and Dale had been there.

Fifteen minutes later, though, Steve withdrew from her mouth and directed combined pizzle-juice and spit on her face.

‘Aaah!’ she gasped.

‘Take that!’ he snickered while Dale unloaded in her poontang.

Once he’d vacated that orifice and moved aside, Johnny crouched, savagely drilled his tool into her anus and yelled, ‘I’m gonna’ fuck your shit-hole inside-out, whore, you filthy whore!’

‘Oh, god, yes, yes, yes!’ she exclaimed.

But it wasn’t long until Johnny punched his seed into her entrails, from which he removed his cock before demanding, ‘Never fail us in math again, do you hear?’

‘Yes, sir,’ Morgana agreed.

Having finished reading Cyril’s story, however, she added an A+ to his records, then leaned back in her chair and sighed, ‘Boys will be boys!’

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