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The small English town had been having a lot of burglaries over the last couple of months and despite the best efforts of the local police the culprits had not been caught, nor did the police have any idea who was committing the burglaries, the residents of the town were very angry and had tried to find out who the burglars were and had set traps to try and catch them but like the police ll their efforts failed and the burglaries continued to take place. Anjana was a young Bengali girl who decided to find out who the burglars were, and one night she saw Steve who at sixteen years of age was six years older than what she climbing in through the window of a house while his sister Carol who was the same age as she was keeping watch, Anjana watched the pair over the course of a week and saw Steve climbing through windows a few times while Carol kept watched. Anjana then confronted the pair showing them photos that she had taken of them committing the burglaries, Steve and Carol looked at the photos and realised that they had been caught, Anjana looked at Steve and said, ” if people see these you two are dead ” Steve realised that she was right, Anjana said ” I could get rid of the photos but it ill cost you ” Steve asked her how much it would cost for her to keep quiet, Anjana said ” I do not want your money I want to see your cock I want to see you naked and I want to watch you have a wank ” Steve looked at Carol then back to Anjana and realised that he would have to do what Anjana had said and took his shoes off, Anjana looked at Carol and said to her ” you can take your clothes of as well ” Anjana watched s Steve undressed and once he was naked she stared at his seven inch dick, she then looked at Carol and said to her ” rub you can rub his cock and make it hard ” Steve looked at his sister who walked over to him and started to rub his dick which soon grew to a nine inch erection, Anjana smiled at the sight of a naked white boy with an erection, she then went over to Steve took hold of his dick and stroked it a few times then said to him ” fuck her ” pointing at Carol as she did, Steve looked at Carol said ” but she is my sister ” Anjana said ” fuck her ” Steve looked at Carol who said ” if you do not we will be dead ” and lay down on the floor, Steve went to her and after a few minutes slid his dick into Carol’s love tube finding it tight then started to thrust in and out as gentle as he could after ten minutes Steve had felt Carol cum twice before he squirted cum over the floor, after ten minutes Anjana gave Steve the photos and left. The following morning Steve was in the shower hen Carol walked in, Steve saw that she was naked and staring at his dick which went erect Carol smiled and said to Steve ” shall we do it again ” a few minutes later Steve was looking don at Carol thinking Anjana has done us a favour.

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