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There were many residents of the small country town that thought sixteen year old Cindy was very attractive so when she won the beauty queen contest at her school three years on the trot not many people were surprised then when she won the town’s beauty queen contest again very few people were surprised, there were many people who thought that Cindy could go on to win Miss England and even be crowned Miss World. Many boys had tried to date Cindy but with out luck there were also a few girls who would like to get to know Cindy better but they also had no luck. Cindy lived with her mum in the former lock keepers cottage a couple of mile out side of the town. Adam was a boy who was two years younger than what Cindy was, he was not liked by many people due to him being a peeping tom. Cindy was walking home from school along the canal tow path when she saw Adam, Cindy took no notice of Adam ad carried on walking home, she knew that her mum would not be home till very late that night, Cindy went into the cottage noticing Adam not far away, Cindy smiled and left the cottage door open a she went in, Adam was stood by a tree not far from the cottage and could see Cindy as she moved about the cottage, Cindy could see Adam stood by the tree thinking good then started to take her school uniform off and after a couple of minutes was stood naked, Adam stood looking at Cindy hardly believing what he was seeing but loving the sight of Cindy’ ample boobs and her smooth love tube and when she walked around he thought her bum looked very cute, Cindy walked to the door looked straight at Adam and waved at him then to Adam’s surprise Cindy called out ” are you going to just stand there or are you going to come in ” Adam walked to the cottage went in, Cindy closed the door and when she said to Adam ” come on take your clothes off ” Adam did not hesitate and stripped naked, Cindy looked at Adam’s seven inch erection and said ” not a bad sized cock but can you use it ” then took hold of Adam’s dick saying I will have to find out as she did, Cindy guided Adam to her bedroom once there she lay on her bed parting her legs as she did then said to Adam ” come on then fuck me ” Adam knelt between Cindy’s legs and after rubbing her love tube and sucking her nipples for a few minutes bent forward and slid his dick into Cindy’s moist love tube pushing in as deep as he could then started to thrust in and out, Cindy was soon breathing heavy and groaning in pleasure and after five minutes cried out yes yes yes as she climaxed not long after Adam squirted his cum over Cindy’s body then lay down beside her, after a few minutes Cindy gave Adam one viagra telling him he was going to need them, not long after taking the tablets Adam’s dick was solid again, Cindy moved down the bed and to Adams joy started to suck his dick, Adam lay there enjoying being sucked by the towns beauty queen and when he squirted his cum into her mouth Cindy swallowed it all, Cindy lay down on the bed, Adam looked at her then after a few minutes when Cindy rolled over onto her stomach and said ” come on fuck my bum ” Adam thought I am dreaming but was soon pushing his dick up Cindy’s bum and after ten minutes of thrusting away squirted his cum up Cindy’s bum. After a couple of hours Adam had made Cindy cum twice more and was on his way home thinking I will have to go to the cottage more often which he did and had much fun with Cindy, other boys were still trying to date Cindy but none had any luck.

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