The Bikini Adventure – New Sex Story

Hi, my name is Andrea and my best friends are Erica and Christina. We’re two years short to graduate from high school and go to college. We’ve been friends since sixth grade. We met in the girl’s room in sixth grade and became good friends. And even during all these years in high school, we stayed friends.

We continued together while our girly bodies developed and we went through puberty, discovered guys, and grew up. We all got nice breasts except Erica; she is almost without breasts, though she has perky nipples, we stayed thin, and we’re really just cute all over. Because of good looks, most boys knew us, and our group of three girls was known to the boys from other schools too, so high school is mostly fun and easy.

My hair is brown; Christina’s a black just up to shoulder length, and Erica is short brownish hair. It’s all-natural. We wanted to be good students at our school; our academic record was reasonably good and our participation in sports activities was quite noticeable. Though our naughty side would take over our minds and behavior when we were away to a place where no one would know us. We knew we can get over any naughty and erotic behavior at those places. Boys are boys and seem to behave like they never mature. It’s like they are lusty children all their lives. But that makes them fun to tease!

My mom received a vacation package for four people which she was unable to go. It would have gone unused if not availed within the next two months. When I came to know about it, it was not difficult to convince mom to let me go with Erica and Christina. With usual cautionary advice and tips, we were allowed to proceed on vacation to this beautiful beach location with thousands of ideas in our young minds to make our wild fantasies to come true.

It was two weeks of great sunny weather, and the three of us walking around in skimpy bikinis. And we got all kinds of attention from the boys we walked by. Some thinking they could pick us up, and others shy enough to hang back and just stare at us. Sometimes it felt a little creepy, knowing all these guys were imagining us naked. The way we were dressed, it wasn’t too hard to imagine. We enjoyed the guys hitting on us, and we loved the attention.

It was a head rush just thinking about it, walking around in those teeny weeny bikinis. There was so little material hiding our bare breasts, butts, and pussies for everyone to see. What if a knot came untied, or a string broke, while we were in a crowd of people? The idea that we were so close to being naked kept us so aroused all day, really wired. And it took a lot of energy. When we finally got back to bed each night, we would just collapse into bed and fall asleep.

Two days after we reached there, Erica wanted to go shopping for a new bikini, something even more daring than she already had. Even though you might think Christina is the outgoing one because she’s short black hair, it’s the other way around. Erica has always been the adventurous one. She wanted to wear the tiniest bikini making her look completely naked and walk boldly in public places.

We went to the shop with the widest selection. Erica found this one bikini just marketed by an unknown designer. It was hard to believe anyone could wear it in public. It was light blue, smaller than the ones we were wearing, and completely sheer. There was no material covering bottom at the back; just very thin string. The front pieces were very small and no lining or anything. If you held it up from the rack, you could see your fingers right through it.
“That’s the one,” Erica said and picked it up. Then she went back to the dressing room and put it on after payment. Surprisingly it was not very costly.

She stepped out looking like she had second thoughts. “Oh my god, I don’t think I can wear this!”

It was held together by very thin silicon threads tied in knots which could come lose any time with the slightest pull. You could see her brown areolas and dark perky nipples very clearly through the nearly transparent top. Below, her thick brown pubic hair was easily seen, and in the back, she was completely naked. There was this thin silicon thread running between her butt crack completely invisible. The suit didn’t hide anything. She was practically naked.

“You look soooo hot,” Christina said.
“Shut up!” Erica said but smiling because she thought Chrissy was just teasing her.
“No, I’m serious, you look very hot in that thing,” Chrissy said.
I had to agree. “It’s like your exposed body says, ‘I’m a hottie, look at my cunt and fuck it’” — (Shut UP, Erica said) — “but this new suit just says, ‘Sex.’”

“Yeah, it loudly says ‘Fuck me’,” Chrissy said.

“Watch your MOUTH!” Erica said, laughing. Then she thought for a moment and frowned. “So are you like attracted to me when I’m wearing this? Better to find out now than later!”

I just pointed two fingers up and stuck my tongue between them, as if licking pussy. Erica said “G-rossssss!” and smacked my arm.

“I still think you’re hot, and yes, I want to sleep with you,” Christina said before she busted up laughing. Erica stuck her tongue out and turned away.
We were still inside the shop. Erica was trying to figure out if she could dare to wear the bikini outside. “I don’t know,” she said, looking down at her barely-covered body and frowning. “Andy, what do you think?” (“Andy” is a silly nickname for “Andrea.”)

“I think you should try it,” I said. “Just for a little bit.”
Erica agreed and took a deep breath, and then we walked outside.

I could tell though she was feeling scared she was enjoying the walk. We were getting a lot of attention than before, but now boys were just outright staring at her. They were laughing, pointing her out to their friends, and even whistling and cheering. I was watching her from behind. Though the three tiniest pieces of sheer blue were held in position on her breasts and pussy in front by very thin silicon strap threads there was nothing she was wearing at her back except very thin un-noticeably string buried in her butt crack and joining the other strap around her waist. Her complete back and sexy butt were all bare and hanging out naked.

About a half-block from the store, Erica stopped and huddled up as if trying to stay warm. “I am feeling completely naked. All boys are directly staring at my pussy,” she said. “I think I should go back.”

“Come on, Erica, be brave!” I said. I didn’t want her to change bikini. I liked her to see walking on the streets almost completely naked. Whatever Christina was thinking, I did like the way Erica looked. It was a weird thing. We had seen each other naked many times, just casual stuff when showering and sleeping over and stuff. And I had never fooled around with any other girl. It wasn’t my thing. But I loved the way she looked in that bikini. I couldn’t stop looking at her.

“How about let’s just go to the ice cream shop and get a cone,” I said. “And then see how things go. We could go to the bathroom and change if you want.”

The ice cream place was two blocks further. Erica thought about this for a while, then said she was OK. We kept walking down the street.

“Don’t cover yourself up,” I said. “It just makes you look very conscious. You’re probably freaking yourself out.”

She let her hands drop to her sides, letting people once again have a clear view of her nearly naked body in front and complete naked in back. Now I had pictured, since she was on display like this, that some boys would walk up to her and just start hitting on her, talking about their yacht or seaside condo blah blah blah. But they mostly kept their distance. I guess the sight of her was so unusual that it made more sense to just look. Then again, sometimes some boys aren’t easy to figure out.

Though Erica thought we were walking behind her pretty close Christina and myself were keeping a little distance behind her. That way it looked as if she was on her walk all alone. One boy walked to her and complimented her sexy and erotic appearance. They walked together for some distance. I noticed that Erica liked the attention she received and was loving this almost nude walk in public.

At the ice cream shop, a small open-air place, we each got a cone and stood at the counter by the sidewalk. I kept an eye on our little handbags on the counter. Erica stood facing indoors, her back to the sidewalk, so people could see her completely naked back, there was no material at all covering any portion of her body in the back. They still stared, though. “See, you’re doing okay,” I said. “People are checking you out, but they’re also scamming on me and Chrissy.” But this was mainly because we were facing outward and giving them a frontal view in our skimpy bikinis.

“You should turn around,” Christina said. “If they like the view from the back, the front view will blow them away.”

“Mmm May be I will after a while,” Erica said, still unsure.

“Oh, come on!” Christina said. “We’re leaving tomorrow. This is our last chance to do something crazy!”

“Nobody’ll know who we are, or where we live,” I said. “They’re all strangers here.” But Erica wasn’t budging.

So I took Erica’s shoulder and said, “Chrissy, you grab the other side.” We started forcing her to turn around. She was protesting and tried to resist, but we soon had her facing the people walking by. The sight of Erica in the completely transparent bikini, her nipples and bush clearly visible, caused some boys to stop in their tracks and nearly fall over.

Erica stood there smiling at the crowd, as more and more boys started hanging out nearby, pretending to wait or look for something as they kept gazing at her. She was getting surrounded by many boys and girls now. Some were approaching her directly and getting into some conservation. I noticed her responding them smilingly. I felt she was enjoying now from her heart and mind. How naughty this was! Even though she didn’t want to go through with it at first, it was really cool that she was doing it. I was impressed with her. How many other girls our age would have accepted a dare like that?

A bit of chocolate ice cream dripped onto Erica’s chest, and slowly slid down her cleavage, leaving a trail. She didn’t know what to do at first, just kind of staring at it. Then Christina handed her a wet napkin and she wiped it off. I could tell the boys liked this. There’s something sexy about cute girls in bikinis licking ice cream cones.

Then two guys walked directly up to us. They looked like they were the same age as ours. The taller one was better looking and showed a lot of confidence. He said hi to all three of us and then said to Erica, “That swimsuit’s really hot.” No pickup line or anything. Just really direct.

Erica boldly smiled at him quite invitingly, flirting. After all, he was really cute.

“Hi, I’m Brandon.”

“Erica.” They shook hands.

“You’re very brave to be wearing that out in the crowd here.”

“I know,” she said, almost gushing. “Like, these bows are the only thing that keeps it on me.”

“Yeah! There is nothing really to keep it on. Your cunt hair are hanging out and your erect nipples are poking out so hard that you look like sexually aroused.” It was direct erotic comment about her naked appearance.

Erica looked at him little surprised but she did not want him to go. She appeared real smitten by his attractive looks. “Mmm. Yeah. I am feeling little aroused. Though, I am little scared that people may notice me dripping down below.” Wow. I couldn’t believe what she was saying.

“You must have to double-check them when you put it on,” Brandon said. He was openly checking out her body, not even trying to hide it.

“Yeah,” she laughed, “The middle string is somewhat tight. With little walking it rides up and everything gets exposed also if it got caught on something or came loose, wow! That’s it!”

“Really,” he said. He inserted his right hand finger in her butt crack and pulled the buried string up. The front tiny piece of material which was barely covering her pussy now got buried in her pussy slit. Erica couldn’t believe what he had done. She was dumbfounded and became speechless. Now he was directly staring at her exposed pussy.

“Wow. That looks fantastic. Fuckable at this very moment.” That was quite erotic comment. Erica still could not manage to say a word. She just kept smiling at him.Then he took one end of the knot at her hip, holding the bottoms up. He didn’t pull it but gently held it between thumb and finger.

“Uh uh. What have you done!” Erica said, but still smiling, enjoying getting teased. She didn’t even bother to cover her pussy. She was loving Brandon’s bold advances and exposing her pussy in public.

“So like, if this gets snagged, it can get pulled right off?” he said, grinning.

Then she got the idea that he might actually pull the string. “Yes! But then I will be really naked in public here. Many people may be offended!”

With her free hand, she tried to cover her pussy, holding on to the suit there, protecting herself. She took a lick of her ice cream, which was starting to drip. Mixed expressions started appearing on Erica’s face. What if he wasn’t just teasing? May be he was just joking. I could see her entire naked body flushing red.

“Jay, check those knots in the back,” he said. His friend Jay stepped behind Erica. There was a knot at the back of her neck, and another one between her shoulder blades; those kept the top-up.

“C’mon, you guys, it’s not the place” she was mumbling to herself. No one heard her. It was looking more and more like they might try to untie her. Looking back, I’m surprised that we didn’t do anything to stop them. The reason for me (which I didn’t want to admit for a while) was that I didn’t want them to stop. I also felt that she was enjoying the every moment. She appeared excited with the anticipation, not sure what’s going to happen next.

Brandon undid one side tie at her hip. So he now was really doing it! Erica couldn’t do anything, because she had the cone in one hand and the other hand was covering her pussy. Even though the bikini bottom was see-through, she didn’t want to lose it. The bikini hung loosely on the side he untied, baring partly her pussy, half of her lap (except what her hand covered), and her butt.

Erica was giggling and talking to Brandon and Jay smilingly. “You guys are really getting me naked here. I can’t believe!!”

They weren’t listening. In back, Jay untied the knot between her shoulder blades, and now Erica’s top rested loosely on her perky nipples. The ties from really just triangles of fabric dangled down toward her waist. As she leaned forward, her nipples and breasts were completely exposed for all to see. I was not sure if this was getting out of hand!

The guys didn’t stop there. Brandon untied the other knot for her bottoms, and now it was completely off. Her hand kept a bit of fabric in front of her pussy hair, but the rest of the bikini which was just silicon straps hung limply between her legs, which were about shoulder-width apart. Her shapely naked butt was completely exposed.

“Fuck! You really untied my bikini!” Her eyes were wide. Her ice cream was now dripping all over her front. Some drops were slowly moving down to her pussy now. She was standing with her feet shoulder width apart and her bikini strip buried in her pussy slit with the silicon ties dangling from her pussy lips between her legs. She was posed like extremely erotic model. She was It was the most erotic scene happening in full view of many people now.

Jay untied the top knot at the nape of her neck, and the top slid down. Erica tried to trap it between her arm and breasts, but she missed, and it fell to the ground. He picked it up. Her bare flat breasts and dark nipples were visible for a moment before she covered them as well as she could, with one arm. Aside from what she covered with her hands, there was only bare skin.
Even though Erica was almost naked, Brandon wasn’t satisfied, and tugged at the loose silicon ties of bikini between her legs, trying to free it. She refused to let go, and so he stepped back and kept pulling. Now, instead of being able to cover herself down below, she was in a tug of war; she holding her bikini with her tightly clasped pussy slit and Brandon pulling the bikini ties. With one arm she covered her breasts and held onto her ice cream, but the other arm was now stretched in front of her. Her pussy was completely exposed. No doubt everyone was getting a really good look at her bare butt, and her brown pussy hair, and a partial glimpse of her breasts and perky nipples.

Erica and Brandon still tugged at the bikini until it slipped out of her pussy slit, and she stumbled backward. Throwing out both hands to steady herself, one still holding the dripping cone, her lovely breasts were exposed, and now everyone had a full-frontal view of her naked body. Brandon and Jay each held half of her bikini and were grinning.

Then finally I got my conscience back for a moment. “Hay You!” I said. “That’s enough. Hand it over and please leave us alone.”

“Geez, what’s your problem,” said Brandon. “She is not objecting to anything and she is looking so beautiful and hot now. What do you expect, wearing something like that.” He tossed Erica’s bikini bottoms at my feet. “Let’s go.”

Brandon and Jay were seen walking off as suddenly as they have appeared.

Erica stood there huddled, trying to cover as much of her naked body as she could. “Why didn’t you guys do anything?”

“I’m sorry, it was just so weird,” I said. “I was like spellbound or something.”

“It happened really fast and we thought you were enjoying it,” said Christina. “God, I’m so sorry.”

“It’s OK, it’s OK. Can you help me with my bikini?”

“Sure,” I said and picked it up. She was doing an OK job of covering her pussy, but she was still completely uncovered in back. “I’ll put on your bottoms. Move your hand for a second.”

Erica lifted her hand, exposing her pussy once more. I was trying to get her bottoms on straight, but I couldn’t figure out anything; it was all tangled mess of silicone straps. Then realized I had her top instead. When things were that skimpy, they looked alike.

“Sorry, this is the top. Lift your other arm and I’ll put it on,” I said.
Erica lifted both arms, elbows out, completely exposing herself again. Oh boy, she was just pure beautiful naked! I found myself wanting to delay getting her dressed again.

Erica’s ice cream started dripping, forming little chocolate drops on her bare white skin. One on her thigh, another just on her erect nipple, one near her left nipple. “We have to clean you off before we put the top back on. Chrissy, can you get me a napkin?”

Christina dipped a napkin in her water and handed it to me. I thoroughly cleaned off each spot, dabbing it dry with the dry half. “Hurry up!” Erica pleaded, arms still up. She was shifting her weight from side to side, impatient with us. Her bare nipples got more erect like cutting diamonds as she did this. Quite a crowd had gathered around us to watch.

“Okay,” I said and picked up the top again. But more ice cream dripped on her skin. “It’s melting very fast now,” I said. “You’ll have to eat some so it doesn’t drip over the cone.”

“Come on!” Erica pouted. “I need to get dressed!”

“Until you stop dripping, we can’t do anything,” I said.

She wanted to argue further, but I think she realized the longer she argued, the longer she would be naked and draw even more attention. She licked her ice cream until it was level with the cone. She could have covered part of her body while doing this, but I guess she wasn’t thinking that very clearly.
Many boys got a good look at naked Erica licking her ice cream. Maybe they were imagining her licking them, or them licking her.

“Okay, I’m ready now!” she said. “Put my bikini back on!” She looked so beautiful standing there completely naked with her hands and legs spread like an eagle.

But there were still chocolate drips in many places. “Chrissy, you got another napkin?”

“No, we’re all out!” she said.

No more napkins to clean our friend off. So what were we going to do?

“We’ll have to lick it off,” I said.

“You’ll what?” Erica said.

“It’ll be really quick.”

“Chrissy, you take her legs, I’ll do up top.”

I guess Erica couldn’t believe this that she didn’t even say anything more. Christina knelled and I bent my knees a bit so my face was at Erica’s chest.

At each spot of chocolate on and around Erica’s breasts, I licked slowly and warmly, making sure I got every last bit. The taste of the ice cream on her bare skin was delicious. I looked down and Christina was doing the same thing, spending a lot of time licking just inches away from Erica’s pussy. She had her hands on Erica’s bare bottom to keep her steady. How hot this must have looked to bystanders: two cute girls in skimpy bikinis, kissing and licking another girl who was completely naked!

I loved the taste and sight of Erica’s breasts, and spent extra time there, even after everything was clean. I could tell she was starting to enjoy this because she started to shiver a little bit, and her nipples became really erect between my gentle lips. Then I started licking her breasts in really broad strokes like they were big scoops of vanilla ice cream. She started writhing and buckling and breathing really hard. I went back to her nipples and gently nibbled them, like cherries on a banana split. It was like she was the sundae, and I was taking my time enjoying her.

Erica started moaning, and I thought wow, she’s about to cum, right here in public! But I wanted that to happen. Chrissy was still going too, down below. “We just have to finish cleaning you off, and then we’ll put your bikini back on,” I teased, and then went back to kissing her nipples. She didn’t say anything. I think she realized we wouldn’t get her dressed anytime soon.

I glanced down and Chrissy was doing what I thought she would. Her head was between Erica’s legs, working away. No more teasing, she was actually licking her pussy! That was so hot! I looked up, and Erica’s eyes were closed, and her lips were open. She no longer cared where she was. All she knew was what we were doing to her. And then Christina must have finished her off, because she came, gasping and moaning. Her lips were slightly open as she breathed. I put my ear to her chest and could hear her heart pounding really fast.

Erica’s eyes opened, and she looked happy, maybe a little embarrassed, a little sleepy, and a little freaked out. I looked at her lips again. “There’s a spot I missed here,” I said and kissed her with open mouth, my tongue probing her. She responded forcefully, sucking, and nibbling as we kissed. Her eyes were really surprised for a second, but then she brought me against her in a tight embrace. I had never touched a girl or kissed a girl or anything “bi” like that, but there was no doubt, I liked what I was doing now.

We were snuggling and kissing, and then she unclasped my top. I thought, wait a minute, I’m not ready for this. She looked me in the eye and said, “It’s only fair.”

She pushed me back a little bit and I let her take the top off, over my head. I could feel the open air on my nipples. Now I was topless in public!
Adrenaline rushed through me like it does when you’re speeding, and then you notice a cop. I still wasn’t sure I wanted to do this. But Erica was right, fair is fair. And I had already made a spectacle of myself, even with my bikini on.

Christina stood up, smiling. “Hey, cutie!” she said, noticing my top off. I wondered if I should go for hers. But instead, she said, “Wanna trade sides?”

Did I want to lick Erica’s moist pussy and make her come again? You bet I wanted to!

So we started working on Erica’s again, this time with me at her waist and Chrissy licking her chest. What a nice assortment of girls for those watching: Christina in a skimpy bikini, me topless, and Erica completely naked. Erica’s pussy was wet and pungent and I just went straight in with my tongue. Meanwhile, I massaged her bare bottom, squeezing, and caressing.

We did this for a while, and Erica was close to cumming again, then Christina stepped behind me and squatted down. “Stand up,” she whispered in my ear. I stood up, and Erica had a look like “huh?” and then Christina started kissing the nape of my neck and fondling my breasts!

I almost came right away from the surprise. Christina was coaxing out this warmth which radiated from my nipples all through my body, and her light kisses, like a butterfly, were doing the same thing. And then Erica started kissing me, and instead of us ganging up on her, they were ganging up on me.

I felt hands at my hips, and it had to be Erica because Chrissy was still cupping my breasts. Erica stopped kissing me and knelled and took my bikini bottoms off. Now I was completely naked too, and I shivered from a thrilling feeling that rushed through me. Erica stood up again and resumed kissing me, wetly, open mouth, and lots of tongue. And Chrissy was still kissing my neck and fondling my boobs, and Erica had a finger between my legs, and now up inside my wet pussy. All this in front of so many people… I couldn’t even think about that. I closed my eyes. With four lips and four hands making love to me, I came really hard, many many times.

Then Erica and I looked at each other, and without speaking, we knew it was time for Christina to be naked too. We turned toward her, but she was already picking up our suits.

“Cops are coming,” she said, which broke the spell immediately. “We quickly gotta go before we’re in big trouble.” Two policemen were walking over and trying to get the crowd to disperse. Many were protesting and booing this turn of events.

I just froze, and I think Erica did too, as the reality of this hit us. What had we done? I was standing out here naked, and probably about to get arrested!

The shop owner, a smart guy with short gray hair, called to us. “This way!” He lifted up a hinged section of the counter. He was going to help us escape!

“I’ve got your suits!” Christina said. Good; Erica and I could get out of sight as fast as possible.

“I loved your show out there,” he said, leading us through the back of the shop. “No way should you get in trouble for it. Out the back door, and I’ll stall the cops for you.”

“Thanks!” Christina said, blowing him a kiss. Erica and I waved behind us as we headed for the exit.

The door opened into a back alley. No one else was around, which was fine with me.

“That was a close one,” Erica said. “Can I have my bikini? Let’s go back to the condo.”

But Christina was empty-handed. She was supposed to have picked them up! She told us so!

“I think I dropped them,” Christina said. “Sorry.”

“Sorry??” said Erica. “Thanks a lot! What do we do now?”

“Let’s just go,” I said. It wouldn’t do any good to stand here arguing or to go back in and look for them. But I was pissed off too. Because Christina forgot the bikinis, Erica and I had to walk home naked, while she had no consequences at all.

The condo was five blocks away. We cut through parking lots and back alleys, staying away from main streets with lots of people. Still, we were seen. Erica and I could sort of cover ourselves with arms and hands, but our backsides were still completely naked. When we got to the condo complex we sprinted to our room and were finally out of public view.

We didn’t speak to Christina for a while. First I showered and got dressed, and then Erica did. Christina stayed in her bikini, watching TV. Then Erica called her out.

“I can’t believe you, Chrissy.”

Christina stood up. “I’m sorry I lost the bikinis. I didn’t mean to.”

“Not only that,” Erica said. “First you have me and Andy naked while you keep everything on. Then you forget our bikinis. And on the walk home, you never even offered to share! You’ve got that full bikini on and we are completely naked! It’s just selfish.”

“It was your idea to wear the see-through bikini,” Christina said.

Erica glared at her. “Not to have it stripped off! You guys were all, ‘let’s lick off the ice cream’ while I’m standing there with everything showing!”

“Hey, I was naked too,” I said, trying to calm things down. “I know it was wrong what we did. But it was a mistake. And who knows, Christina might have stripped off her suit if the cops weren’t coming.”

“She should take it off now,” Erica said.

“No way!” Christina said.

“It’s only fair,” I said. We both stared at Christina, and she at us, for probably a full minute.

Then she said “Oh, all right”, and stripped her bikini off. She stood there naked, arms out like she was being crucified. “I’m really sorry you guys. I got caught up in the thrill of it and didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“That’s OK,” Erica said. “Now all three of us will go down to the pool and hang out until dinner. Christina, you can stay like that.”


“She did apologize,” I said. “Do you really need to get revenge?”

“Yeah, two wrongs don’t make a right,” Christina said.

Erica thought about this. “Okay. No eye for an eye. Instead, let’s hang out here until it’s time to eat.” She smiled. “You can get dressed when we go out.”

“What?” Christina looked confused.

“Andy and I are going to explore that cute little body of yours.”

Christina’s eyes widened. “I think I’d rather go to the pool!”

We cornered her and took her to the bed, and she didn’t put up much of a fight at all. With me licking her pussy and Erica nuzzling her breasts, it wasn’t long before Christina was really enjoying it. We ditched our clothes and soon all three of us were under the sheets fooling around.

We didn’t feel like going out for dinner, so Erica ordered pizza. When it arrived, she told us “watch this”, and went to answer the door naked, just as casual as could be.

The pizza guy read more into this than he should have. “You guys having a party? I could have my buddy cover my shift.”

“Noooo,” Erica said coyly, looking over at us. We were under the sheets, but our bare shoulders probably told him all he wanted to know. “I’ve got more than I can handle right now. Thanks… bye-bye!”

He was still trying to peer in as she shut the door.

Have you ever eaten pizza naked? We did, just that one time. I had to be careful not to spill anything on myself; otherwise, Erica or Christina would have to lick it off. After a while, I was dipping a finger in tomato sauce and marking off parts of my body I wanted to be licked.

We didn’t put any clothes on until about lunchtime the next day when it was almost time to leave. We didn’t get much sleep that night, either.

So did this set us on a life of wild uncontrolled exhibitionism? Well … not immediately! What we did in that condo stayed in the condo. Back home, we were our regular group of friends again. Good friends, who kept our clothes on. For a while.

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