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Steve was a sixteen year old thug who was also a junior boxing champion who had won quite a few trophy’s. Steve was at a gym owned by a Bengali family, Steve’s manager hired the gym every Friday night so that Steve could train there in peace and away from spying eyes, It was late on the Friday night and Steve had just finished four hours of training, his trainer had left early leaving Steve on his own, Pia the sixteen year daughter of the owner of the gym was just locking the main door and was heading back to the office when she saw Steve going into the shower room, Pia smiled and walked to the office and sat down, after waiting a couple minutes Pia went to the shower room entrance pushed the door open just a small way and when she heard the shower running thought cool then pushed the door wide open and walked into the shower rooms walked round the room until she saw Steve under one of the showers and stopped then stepped back into a corner knowing that Steve would not be able to see her, Pia stood admiring Steve’s muscular back and bum thinking come on turn round I want to see what you got in front, after a couple of minutes Steve turned Pia smiled as she looked at Steve’s seven inch placid dick liking the way it swung about as Steve soaped himself, after five minutes Steve got out of the shower as he did Pia sneaked out of the shower room happy at what she had seen, Pia was sat at the reception desk when Steve came out of the shower room fully dressed, Steve went to the desk and said to Pia ” enjoy yourself ” Pia looked at Steve but did not say anything, Steve added ” I saw you watching me did you enjoy looking at my cock ” ten lowered the front of his joggers letting his dick fall free and said ” have another look ” Pia smiled and noticed Steve’s dick twitch and watched as it grew to a nine inch erection. Pia now had a big smile on her face, Steve moved round the desk and stood beside Pia and said ” go on have a feel ” Pia looked up at Steve who said ” go on have a feel ” Pia could not believe her good fortune and reached out and took Steve’s dick in her hand and slowly stroked it, after a short time Steve stopped her and pulled her to her feet and slid his hands up the inside of her tee shirt finding her naked boobs after removing his hands from inside Pia’s tee shirt Steve lifted the tee shirt over Pia’s head and off throwing it to one side then gently lay Pia on the desk and started to lick and suck her nipples which soon became erect, Steve undid Pia’s jeans and after pulling them and her panties down and off and like her tee shirt threw then to one side and started to rub her love tube then after a few minutes pushed Pia’s legs apart stood between them and rubbed his dick over her love tube then slowly pushed it inside as he did Pia groaned out loud, Steve started to thrust in and out of Pia’s love tube listening to to her groan as he did, Steve thrust in as deep and hard as he could and soon felt Pia cum but carried on thrusting in and out of her love tube, Pia climaxed another three times before saying no more ” Steve pulled his dick from Pia’s love tube and stood back as he did he saw Pia’s sister Pao who was four years younger than he was stood watching mouth open wide, Steve smiled and said to Pao ” come on you can wank me if you want ” Pao rushed forward and took Steve’s dick in her hand and started to stroke it loving the feeling of a big stiff white dick in her hand and when Steve squirted his cum in four spurts both girls smiled, Later as he walked home Steve was thinking wonder what next Friday will be like..

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