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It was a hot afternoon as the bus made it’s way through the narrow country lane it was about five miles from the country village when the bus swerved to one side and hit a tree, nobody was hurt but sixteen year old Sara a loud mouth trouble maker started to curse the driver, who explained that he had lost control pf the bus because of a puncture, After getting off the bus and inspecting the damage he phoned the bus depot and found it was going to about three hours before a replacement bus could get to them, when the driver told the passengers this Sara cursed again saying she was not waiting that long and decided to walk, her best friend Sharon and her sister Kerry who was two years younger decided to join her as did sixteen year old Steve, after walking a mile Sara pointed to a cave saying that must be the same cave that comes out in the village by the vicarage it will save a lot of time if we cut through it and it should be light enough, the four youngsters started to walk through the cave finding there was just enough light to see where they were going, after walking through the cafe for a mile Sara noticed a strong smell and said ” that smells like dead meat ” the others agreed and covered their mouths and noses with their hands, Kerry was the first to see something lurching towards them and shouted what is that Sara and Steve both said at the same time ” zombies ” Sharon said ” it is some kids fucking about ” and went closer to the lurching figures ready to yell at them, as she got closer she stopped then yelled out ” fuck run it is zombies ” as she turned to run she tripped over a rock falling to the ground Sara went to help her mate get up and kicked out at a zombie that was pulling at Sharon’s top, as she did other zombies started pulling at her ripping her flimsy tee shirt off leaving her topless, Sharon was also now topless and could feel her jeans being pulled and called out ” for fuck sake help me ” Kerry rushed forward to help her sister and friend but was soon trying to fight the zombies off, Steve looked at the scene in front of him and saw that, all three girls had been stripped naked by the zombies Sharon was still on the ground and trying to fight a zombie off Sara and Kerry were now both on the floor trying to fight zombies off Sharon suddenly shouted out ” help I am being fucked ” Steve suddenly felt his shirt being ripped off and within a couple of minutes like the girls he was naked, Kerry then felt something enter her love tube and start to thrust away while her boobs were being rubbed, Sara had managed to get to her knees and gagged as something went into her mouth, Steve was now on the ground and screamed out very loud as his bum was penetrated and when the thrusting started he realised he was being fucked but like the girls he could not break free, Kelly could now feel something thrusting in and out of her bum while Sara could feel her love tube being penetrated, it seemed like hours and hours to the girls before the zombies left, the girls lay shivering and knew they had been raped in all holes by zombies, Steve was laying curled up in a ball with a very sore bum and like the girls was unable to get up. It was three days before a search party found the group of teens who were all rambling about zombies, at the hospital the doctors decided that they had all got high on some drug and after a few days the teens were sent to a mental health hospital. Steve’s girlfriend Helen did not believe that Steve or the others had been taken drugs in the cave and set off to the cave with her best mate Lucy and her sister to find out the truth about what happened and soon found out.

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