The Centre 2 – New Sex Story

The centre was a place for immigrants who were waiting for a decision from the government as to if they could stay in the country or be sent back to their home country, at the centre the immigrants could have a relaxing time enjoying a film show meeting other people as well as getting advice, sixteen year old bang was a boy from Bangladesh who had been nicknamed bang by his gran because he often shouted bang when he was really young. Bang visited the centre as often as he could, he thought that some of the white girls who worked as volunteers in the centre were very cute, Bang was sat in a quiet corner of the centre reading a book when Sara who was two years younger than what he was bent to pick something up from the floor, as she bent Sara’s tee shirt fell forward at the top, bang smiled when he saw down the top of Sara’s tee shirt getting a very good view of her naked boobs, bang thought very nice, after Sara had stood up straight she looked at bang smiled and said to him ” you just been looking at my tits ” bang replied saying ” yeah I did they looked great ” Sara looked around then to bangs surprise and joy raised her tee shirt, saying have a better look, bang looked admiring the naked ample boobs, Sara lowered her tee shirt and before walking away said ” none of the girls are wearing a bra so you might get lucky and see more tits ” after twenty minutes bang went to the toilets on his way he saw sixteen year old July in the corridor his best mate was stood with his hand up her tee shirt, after using the toilet bang returned to the main hall where he noticed all the adult volunteers had left, bang went to get a drink when he got to hatch he saw July standing in the kitchen with pokies in her tee shirt and a boy rubbing between her legs, bang stood and watched as he was watching a boy who was two years younger than July walked up to her and pushed his hands up the inside of July’s tee shirt, after a couple of minutes July made the boys stop and left the kitchen, bang then saw Amy who was four years younger than what he was stood with her jeans open and Asif who was seventeen with his hand down the front of Amy’s jeans, Amy pulled Asif’s hand from inside her jeans and after doing them up left the kitchen, bang saw Sara and noticed pokies in her tee shirt, as Sara walked past bang she said ” go to the showers ” bang waited wondering why he should go to the showers but after a minute he went, as he went in he got a pleasant surprise July was laying on a bench totally naked with a boy thrusting in and out of her love tube, bang looked at July’s large boobs that had erect nipples and loved the way they were bouncing around, he then saw Amy who was also naked with Asif thrusting in and out of her love tube, bang saw that Amy’s boobs were just starting to develop but thought they looked cute, Sara walked up to bang and said ” told you that you might see some more tits, bang smiled then slid his hands up the inside of Sara’s tee shirt and started to massage her naked boobs s he did Amy took her tee shirt off then stood back and took her jeans off and stood naked, bang looked at her smooth love tube and undid his own jeans, Sara lay on a bench draping a leg either side of it, bang went over taking his jeans off as he did and after a minute was pushing his dick into Sara’s love tube pushing in deep as he thrust in and out he heard Sara moaning and after five minutes felt Sara cum, bang saw Amy stood still naked looking at him, bang then saw Asif thrusting in and out of July’s love tube, bang pulled his dick from Sara’s love tube and stood up, Amy knelt down on the floor and to bang’s joy Amy started to suck his dick, It was the first time a girl had sucked him and bang was enjoying it and when he squirted his cum into her mouth Amy swallowed it all and as she stood up Amy wiped her mouth. Two hours later bang was walking back to the hostel where he was living hardly believing what had happened, bang thought I am certainly going to be at the centre more often and July is certainly going to be sampling me.

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