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Asif was sitting in is bedroom looking out the window waiting to see who was going to be looking after him when his parents went out, he knew the regular child minder was ill and could not make it, Asif could not understand why he had to have a child minder in his home country of Bangladesh they did not need a child minder, as he sat looking out the window he saw July enter the garden, Asif knew that July was sixteen years of age which was four older than what he was and a violent trouble maker, Asif hoped that July was not going to be looking after, he heard the door bell ring then the door being opened so decided to go down stairs, when he got in the lounge Asif saw his parents were ready to go out, his dad said to him ” July will be looking after you while we are away so behave your self and we will be back in the warning, after promising his dad that he would behave Asif sat on the sofa disappointed that it was July minding him. Asif’s parent left the house Asif waved them goodbye from the door step after the car had gone out of sight July grabbed hold of Asif’s arm pulled him inside the house as she did she said ” get inside you little piece of shit ” and slammed the door shut, Asif went into the lounge but July said ” you stay in your room I do not want smelly shit like you near me ” Asif quickly went up to his room and watching his telly, Asif could hear music coming from down stairs and closed his door, Asif got engrossed with a film on telly and did not notice the time fly by, when he looked at his watch he saw that the time was ten minutes past midnight and decided to get a drink, as he walked out onto the landing he saw the lounge door open and he could see July standing with her back to the door completely naked, Asif smiled as he looked at July’s naked bum, he knew that with the light off on the landing July would not be able to see him and sat on the top stair watching after a few minutes July turned round Asif thought very nice as he looked at her firm ample boobs and her hairless love tube Asif could see that July had erect nipples, after a minute July lay on the sofa with one leg on the sofa and one foot of the floor, Asif was looking at July’s open love tube and when she started to rub it Asif could not believe his luck and and watched in awe as July rubbed her self and when she pushed her fingers inside her love tube Asif thought cool and watch as July masturbated, after ten minutes Asif saw July gush just after she had Asif went back to his room thinking I am not bothering with a drink, In the morning when his parent arrived home they asked July if he had behaved when July replied ” yes he was a very good boy ” Asif thought but you were a very dirty girl and I saw how dirty you were.

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