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The day centre was in the middle of an English city and catered for immigrants as they waited for their futures to be decided by the government, the centre was open every day from nine in the morning till nine at night, a lot of people who lived near the centre did not like it being there and made trouble for the immigrants, if it was a very cold or very wet night some immigrants were allowed to stay in the centre over night. Sharon was one of the girls who supported the centre and worked as a volunteer for a few hours each day and became well liked by the immigrants, it was a day when it had been snowing all day and snow was thick on the ground, Sharon arrived at the centre from school and after booking in went to change out of her uniform into work clothes, in the changing room Sharon saw the young African boy who she knew was soon being deported along with his family Sharon knew the boy had been in the same class as her ten year old brother and then had tried to stop the boy from being deported but had failed, Sharon put her bag on the bench and after taking her jumper off started to unbutton her blouse noticing the boy watching her as she did, after taking her blouse off Sharon unclipped her bra and took it off, Sharon noticed the smile on the boys face as her ample boobs fell into view, Sharon then took her skirt off followed by her panties and stood naked, Sharon smiled at the boy who stood up and said to Sharon ” you got really nice tits ” and left the changing room, Sharon put a tee shirt and a pair of joggers on then went and started doing her work learning that the centre was staying open all night she then saw her best Linda talking to a Romanian woman while her husband had his hands inside the back of Linda’s joggers rubbing her bum, At nine o clock the day staff left the centre lowering the shutters as they did, Sharon went to the staff changing room where she saw July who was two years younger than what she was standing naked combing her hair while the African boy watched her, Sharon got a tissue and left in the main room Sharon saw Linda sat in a chair with her tee shirt right up and the Romanian man sucking her nipples which were erect the man’s son who was two years younger than Linda had his hands down the front of Linda’s joggers, Sharon walked through to the store room and inside saw Linda’s sister Amy who was four years younger than Linda laying naked on a box while a Romanian boy that Sharon knew was seventeen thrust in and out of her love tube, Sharon got a box and walked back into the lounge where she saw that Linda was now naked with the Romanian man thrusting in and out of her love tube while his son licked her nipples, Sharon went into the kitchen as she was unpacking the box she saw the three sixteen year Bengali boys enter once they were in the kitchen they went to Sharon and stripped her out of her joggers and tee shirts and started playing with her naked body before laying her on the floor and taking turns to thrust in and out of her love tube making her groan as they did, after they had finished and left Sharon got up off the floor and walked still naked into the lounge where she saw Linda on her hands and knees sucking the dick of a man Sharon knew was sixty years old while another man thrust in and out of her bum, Amy was bent over a table with a boy thrusting in and out of her bum and July was having her love tube serviced by a man old enough to be her dad, Later the four girls were walking home when Linda said ” the things we do to make them happy, ” Amy said ” more to come tomorrow night. “

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