The Dorm Room – New Sex Story

A school night like any other we were heading to bed. We decided to sleep in your room that night because we were too tired to go back to mine. I had no problem with that because your dorm room had such nice vibes, dim lights hung around the room, with a grey carpet and your pink bed covers that matched it so perfectly. We were both on this twin xl bed and not having any space to sleep separately, naturally we cuddled and spooned. I put my right arm around you and closed my eyes. As I laid there behind you I could smell the shampoo you had used that night to wash your hair, and the sweet pomegranate soap you used on your soft, warm body. I’d move by your neck and kiss you. With your foot rubbing against mine and my hand rubbing on you, I wanted you.

I move my hand slowly along your beautiful body, from your stomach to your hips, then thighs then ass. I trace my hand along the shape of you, moving it up your shirt now to your breast. As I trace my finger around your nipple you begin to squirm and whispering “stop”, because your roommate was only 10 feet away. I kiss you on your neck again and this time I lick it slowly, and start to suck on it and begin to leave a hicky. Your eyes are still closed and you begin to open your mouth slightly. From your neck I move to your ear, I take a little nibble and you gasp as if you can feel how wet I’m making you, you let out another “stop” only this time it’s weak. I bring my hand from your nipples to your throat and slowly tighten my grasp around it. I turn your head towards me so I can steal a kiss. As you turn I kiss you and start sucking on your bottom lip and biting at it. I lower my hand and begin to rub on your body and lower my hands to your legs. You’re on your back now, making out with me with your eyes closed. I can tell I’m making you wet, and making your pussy throb just from kissing you. I move my hand slowly towards your inner thigh, but you’re hesitant to let me in. You squeeze your legs shut and say “don’t” and I whisper in your ear “open your legs” you release a little then again tighten them and I say to you again “open your fucking legs” finally you give in and slowly spread your legs. I start from your knee and move down your inner thigh. You start to breath heavy, waiting for me to touch it, your breathing gets heavier and heavier the closer I get to your wet pussy. I run my hand over your pussy on top of your black shorts with red hearts. At this point you’re heart isn’t the only thing that’s beating. I run my finger over it and you gasp, and begin to squirm eager for me to put my fingers deep in your wet pussy. I whisper “do you want me to touch it ?” And unlike your previous statements you say “yes I want you to touch it.” I trace my finger on the brim of your shorts and slowly dive my hand down your pants and happily your not wearing any under wear. At this point your silently whispering “touch it, just touch it” and I finally do. The moment my fingers connected to your wet pussy you let out a gasp and arched your back. I was so surprised of how wet I made you. I took my hand out and rushed to rip your shorts off. We put the blanket over us so your roommate wouldn’t see anything in case she woke up.

You had your knees bent and legs spread and was waiting for me to fuck you. I moved my fingers over your wet pussy so that I can put them inside you. I found the entrance And I slid my middle finger inside you. Your pussy was so warm, and so wet, I had to have a taste so I took it out and put my finger in my mouth so I could taste you, you look down at me and get turned on and begin to bite your bottom lip. I bring my hand back down and slowly put two fingers into your wet, tight pussy. As they’re going in you close your eyes and let out a gasp of pleasure. Finally your wet pussy was hugging my fingers, I can feel how tight your are. I started to finger fuck you. Sliding my fingers in and out, and doing a come here motion to your g-spot, its so hard for you to stay quiet and so hard for me to not get in between your legs and fuck the shit out of you. I feel the pussy juices drowning my fingers and the gushing sounds it’s making from how wet you are. “you’re pussy is so fucking wet” I tell you and you can’t even respond. I see your hands starting to grip the sheets and your pussy is so soaked it’s beginning to make so much noise from me fucking you. In and out my two fingers go and I go as deep as I can to reach all of your spots. I lift your shirt and put your tittie in my mouth. I start to suck on and play with your nipple, as you mutter “fuck that pussy, fuck that pussy”. I’m pounding your pussy as much as I can with my fingers and you’re just trying not to belt out a moan. We hear some movement from the other side of the room so I stop, nervous she woke up from the sounds. I think of how you could sit on that dick right now and how much I love seeing you ride the fuck out of it. Taking all 8 inches of the thick cock inside of you. If only your roommate weren’t here I could see your beautiful body go back and forth and titties in the air while I hold onto your waist. But sadly you can’t because you’re roommate is fast asleep and you definitely would be way to loud. I turn to look back and the coast is clear. I start to rub your clit and you start to squirm, breathing heavy and holding back your moans letting out whimpers and “oh fuck” from time to time. I kiss you and we play with each other’s tongues and you ask me “you like fucking this pussy” in a quivering voice. And I say “I love fucking your pussy” I start to rub your clit harder and faster you grip at my shirt and the wall just to have something to hold on to but it feels so good you don’t even know what to do with yourself. You feel tingles all over your body and pressure that you’re so eager to release. You’re pussy is so wet my hand glides over your clit rubbing against it just the way you like. Your legs begin to shake and you’re trying so hard to stay quiet but you want to burst out in moans. You wanna tell me how good it feels and how you don’t want me to stop. I can see in your eyes that you wanna talk to me so much and I want to talk to you too. I want to ask you if you like it, tell you that you can take it and that you will take it. “omgh… oh my goshhh.” Is all I can here as I rub your clit. I ask “you wanna come for me baby? Hm?” And you say “yes I wanna come for you. Make me cum…. make me fucking cum” your legs start to shake more and I can tell you’re about to cum all over the bed. I begin to kiss you while I rub your clit but you can’t kiss me back, you’re only able to let out silent moans in my mouth because you can’t focus on anything else other than how good it feels. I go faster and tell you “look at me while I make you cum, look at me” we make eye contact and you’re letting out whimpers “oh fuck… oh my .. fucking gosh it feels so good .. don’t stop”. you’re barely able to let it out but you say “I’m .. about to …. I’m abo” not able to finish your sentence your mouth opens wide and you take your hand to cover it. You’re whimpering as I’m about to make you cum as I’m rubbing your clit so good you’re afraid I might make you squirt all over the sheets but that’s exactly what I want to make you do, I wanna play with your pussy until you scream and squirt all over me and the sheets. I continue to rub it while you’re trying not to let out a loud moan. I tell you “cum for me baby, cum for me” while we look each other in the eyes and finally I feel your body get tense and begin to jerk a little and you come all over the bed to the point you leave a stain on the sheets. I keep going until you relax. You’re breathing heavy and so am I, I know you like to taste yourself so I take my fingers and put it in your mouth and you suck your cum and pussy juice off my fingers. We hear movement and so we act like we’re sleeping. I whisper in your ear, “you want me to finish fuck you in the bathroom?” It’s 2 AM and no one would be in there and you whisper “yes”. I grab your shorts from underneath the covers, you put them on and we make our way to the bathroom.

As I’m watching you walk to the bathroom I’m thinking of how much I want to bend you over the sink and fuck you. Look at ourselves in the double mirrors as I pound your shit from the back. We walk in the bathroom and you guide me into the shower that has a small bench in it. We lock the door and start to make out. I bring you against the wall and pull your pants down to your ankles. I lift your leg and put it on the bench and start to smirk a little when I feel your push dripping. I put my fingers in you and you wrap your arms around my neck and we get really close. I’m finger finger fucking you now and I can’t believe how wet you are but I’m sucking on your neck while I’m fucking you. You’re moaning and gripping my shirt “omgh my gosh. I can’t. I can’t” you’re legs are quivering and shaking from our previous session. I tell you “yes you can.” I keep fucking you and move back some to tell you to rub your clit. Your bring your hand down infront of you and start playing with your clit. So I’m finger fucking you while your hand rubs your wet pussy and your other hand is over your mouth. You’re shaking even more now but I tell you not to stop. I don’t want you to stop until you cum again. I’m wishing I could put my tongue between your legs and have you cum on my face but there wasn’t any space for it . You’re rubbing your clit harder and faster trying to make yourself cum. You close your eyes and try not to think of how much you’re shaking I say “cum for me again baby. I want you to cum for me” I fuck your pussy harder while you go faster. You let out these high pitch moans that are escaping from your cover mouth. You’re body jerks as you’re cumming. I begin to kiss you and tell you how sexy you are. I can feel all the cum gush on my fingers as you release that pressure for the second time tonight.


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