The DVD Shop – New Sex Story

Jane was the sixteen year old daughter of the man who owned a lot of property in the small English town which included the DVD rental shop which was rented by an Indian family, the family were having problems with the book keeping due to their accountant being off work ill, Jane’s dad who was very well respected in the town because of his understanding and willingnes to help had asked Jane if she would go to the shop and sort the accounts out, Jane had agreed to do this and was now entering the shop on her way home from school, Amoli who was a school classmate of Jane was one of the sons of the man who rented the shop, Amoli was in the shop when Jane arrived and showed her into the office and got the account books for her, Amoli then went and made a drink for Jane as he put it on the desk that Jane was sat at he noticed the top buttons on her blouse were open and he could see down the top of the blouse and could see one of Jane’s boobs and noticed her nipple was erect, Amoli went and told his brother Ira who was four years younger than what he was, Ira went straight in and stood so that he could see down Jane’s blouse and smiled as he saw the first white boob he had ever seen, when Adhira one of Amoli’s friends and also a classmate of Jane went in the shop he was soon looking at Jane’s boob, While Jane worked on the books the three boys kept going in the office to peek at Jane’s boobs, When the shop had closed the three boys went into the office where Amoli said to Jane ” we can see your tit ” Jane smiled and said ” are you complaining ” Adhira who was stood close said ” yeah we are complaining we can only see one ” then lent forward and gently pulled the top of Jane’s blouse forward looking down the top as he did then said ” that is better and slid his hand inside Jane’s blouse and cupped her boob, Amoli slid his hand inside Jane’s blouse cupping the other boob, the boys started massaging Jane’s boobs, Amoli then unbuttoned her blouse sliding it off her once it was undid, the two boys stood back saying nice tits as they did, Ira was stood looking in awe at the topless Jane, Amoli gently pulled Jane to her feet and while Adhira was sucking Jane’s nipple Amoli undid her skirt letting it fall to the ground then slid Jane’s panties down , Jane stepped out of her panties, Ira stood looking at the naked white girl admiring her love tube and boobs, Amoli gently laid Jane on the desk after clearing it and undid his trousers, Jane looked at his eight inch erection and when Amoli slid his dick into her love tube Jane groaned while Amoli thrust in and out of Jane’s love tube Ira walked over and started to massage Jane’s boob while Adhira sucked her other nipple, Amoli thrust in and out of Jane’s love tube as pushing in as deep as he could and after five minutes felt Jane cum then not long after pulled his dick from Jane’s love tube and squirted his cum over the floor, Adhira was soon pushing his dick into Jane’s love tube and as he thrust in and out of the white girl’s love tube Ira was licking and sucking her very erect nipples, after ten minutes Jane climaxed again then not long after Adhira pulled his dick from Jane’s love tube and squirted his cum over the floor, Ira who was jerking his three inch dick gave a loud groan as he dry climaxed, the three boys all adjusted their clothing then after Amoli gave Jane keys to lock up the shop when she left and put the key’s through the letter box after she had done so left the shop and headed home, Jane was stood still naked and after a few minutes started to go to the small kitchen to make a much needed drink as she walked still naked out of the office into the shop Jane saw Diya the daughter of the man who owned the shop sat in a chair with her jeans down rubbing her love tube, Jane knew that Diya was a bi sexual girl who was two years younger than what she was, Jane said ” are you enjoying your self ” Diya said ” I just seen you through the window being fucked by my brother and his mate saw their hard cocks and saw them squirt their spunk and saw my little brother jerk off so yes I am enjoying my self ” then after a short pause added ” and you have got lovely tits ” Jane walked over to Diya saying ” you should not be doing that ” as she went, when Jane got to Diya she knelt on the floor and much to the surprise but delight of Diya started to lick Diya’s love tube as she did Jane slid her hands up and under Diya’s tee shirt then after finding Diya’s naked boobs started to massage them and at the same time as massaging Diya’s firm boobs Jane pushed her tongue into Diya’s love tube as far as she could get it and then started to wriggle her tongue about, after a ten minutes Diya groaned very loudly as she gushed getting Jane’s face wet as she did, after a few minutes Jane went into the bath room and after washing her face went and made a drink, when Jane had made her drink she left the kitchen and headed back to the office not seeing Diya any where in the shop as she passed through it, Once in the office Jane tied everything up and after dressing went home, once there Jane told her dad that she would need to return to the DVD shop again as there was more work to do.

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