The Feast – New Sex Story

It was the end of the school term the following day was the start of the six week summer holiday break which near all the students were looking forward to and could not wait for it to start. Each year on the last day of term before the summer holiday break started a big party was laid on for the students, the party had become known as the feast and was well attended. The party started at mid day and after a hour the party was in full swing with students really enjoying them selves, Sixteen year old Tina was the school bully and along with her sister Amy who was four years younger than Tina was were tucking into the free food and drink. Sixteen year old Tony was well hated in the school because he was a flasher and peeping tom, Tony was stood watching as his fellow students ate and drank the free goodies on offer, Tony was smiling, he had spiked the drinks with a liquid he had got from the herbal shop in town, he had been told the stuff would get people sexually aroused, Tony had brought as much of the stuff as he could afford and had mixed it with the food and drink, as he watched Tony saw girls walking around with pokies and boys with bulges in their trousers, as he watched Tony saw Amy walk into the school main building and followed her as she went up to the roof, once there Tony watched as Amy unzipped her skirt let it fall to the fall then slide her panties down and off revealing her bare bum, Amy lay down on the roof parted her legs, Tony smiled at the sight of her open love tube and when she started to rub it Tony undid his trousers letting his eight inch erection spring out and walked over to Amy and stood at her feet, as he did he saw a dazed look in Amy’s eyes, Amy looked at Tony and said ” fuck me ” Tony knelt between Amy’s legs and after a minute was sliding his dick into Amy’s tight moist love tube as he did Amy cried out and as Tony thrust in and out of her love tube Amy groaned in deep pleasure then after five minutes of Tony thrusting away Any cried out yes yes yes as she climaxed, Tony saw other boys appear on the roof and quickly pulled his dick from Any’s love tube then went and hid and watched as the four boys who were all two years younger than what he was stripped Amy of the rest of her clothes the each took turns at thrusting in and out of her love tube hearing Amy groaning as they did , Tony crept away as he went down the stairs he saw Asif the Bengali boy who was four years younger than what he was thrusting in and out of the love tube of the naked sixteen year old Mandy who was Cindy’s twin sister, as he passed them Tony had a good feel of Mandy’s boobs, on his way down the stairs Tony saw a few different naked girls with naked boys thrusting in and out of their love tubes and their mouths. Tony went into the gym as he did he saw Cindy standing against the wall her skirt hooked right up her panties on the floor her blouse wide open and fingering her love tube, Tony admired Cindy’s ample boobs noticing her very erect nipples, as he watched Tony undid his trousers and walked over to Cindy as he got near her Tony saw the glazed look in Cindy’s eyes, Cindy looked at Tony’s dick and lay down on the pulling her fingers from her love tube saying fuck me as she did after a couple of minutes Tony was thrusting in and out of Cindy’s love tube listening to her groan as he did and when Cindy climaxed yelling out oh yes as she did Tony thought cool and carried on thrusting away making Cindy cum twice more before he squirted his cum over her boobs,, Tony stood up and watched as Cindy stripped her top off, Cindy lay naked saying ” do not stop keep fucking me ” Tony backed away as he saw a naked seventeen year old Joel who Cindy hated because he was black, Tony watched as Joel slid his twelve inch erection into Cindy’s love tube and started thrusting away, Tony saw other black boys appear all naked with erections, Tony left the school and headed home as he went he thought that is some party I will have to get some more of that stuff soon and smiled when he saw a naked Amy stood rubbing her love tube.

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