The fitting Room – New Sex Story

School shopping was always a hectic time. Rushing to get new shoes, backpacks, and clothes almost everyone was in the store. We went to Marshall’s and started our browsing for a few items. As we came in we went our separate ways. You went to the dress section and I went to the active wear. We’ve been best friends since freshman year but you just continue to catch my attention. You’re browsing through the clothes wearing your red tube top matched with your home made biker shorts and brown sandals. You’re exuding confidence and it always gets my attention. As you move around all I can think of is sucking on your titties and playing with your nipples. Your roommate comes up to me and gets me out of my inappropriate thoughts. “We’re gonna go to the fitting room” she said and I responded with ok. I hadn’t made any selections so I said to her “I’ll wait outside”. We walked to the fitting room together and as you show me what you’re going to try on I’m distracted. I’m thinking of how you like your neck sucked and nibbles on your ear. I’m imagining you close your eyes as my finger traces your body. You leave me to go try on your outfits. As I’m waiting outside all I can think about is fucking the shit out of you. Giving you deep hard strokes pounding the shit out of your pussy. How I wish I could bend you over and pound your shit from the back. But I come back to reality and tell myself “I cant, I can’t. stop ”. I sit and wait patiently till I hear my name being called, its you. I walk over and you ask “what do you think?” I look you from head to toe and I want to tell you that you look hot but I say good. I turn around and walk away I get a few feet and I stop. “fuck it” I say. I turn back around and walk back to your fitting room door. I knock and you open. I say let me in and you do. You ask what’s going on and I say “shut up”. I grab your waist and pull you to me so I can kiss you, you kiss me back. I put my hands up your dress and grab your ass as we’re kissing. I stop and you proceed to ask “what the fuck is going on?” I tell you to sit down but you keep asking “wait but what is this.” I push you against the wall with my hand around your throat and say in your ear “shut up and sit down” and you do. You sit down and I tell you to spread your legs and you do. I get on my knees pull your panties off and put my head between your legs and you automatically begin to say “wait what….” then you stop. My tongue is finally on your clit and you shut the fuck up. I start to lick up and down on your pussy feeling it throb on my tongue and your hand covers your mouth so you wouldn’t be heard. I start sucking on your clit and you start to grip for everything one hand on my shirt and the other on the bottom of the bench you’re sitting on. You have your head up eyes closed and silently saying over and over “oh my gosh oh my gosh”. I come up and ask “do you want me to stop?” Without hesitation you say “no” and I go right back to it. As my tongue slides across your clit you arch your back and open your mouth. I start to tease you by licking your clit slowly and doing a circular motion and you take your hand and push my head down. My face is submerged in your pussy and I’m tasting your pussy juices. I start to suck and lick faster and you can’t take it you tell me “please, I can’t, I can’t” but I know you can so I keep going I bring my hand up put my fingers in your mouth so you can get them wet then bring it down to your pussy. I stop eating you out for a moment then slowly slide my two fingers in your tight pussy. You gasp as it’s entering you, as you feel it move across the walls of your pussy cause it’s so tight. As it slowly lets my fingers all the way in I start to finger fuck your right there in the fitting room. I start to do a come here motion in your pussy as you let out whimpers and small moans. You start grabbing my shirt because it feels so good. Something about being quiet and in a public place is making your pussy throb even more, you’re soaked. I bring my tongue back to your clit and start sucking on it while I’m fucking you. You’re now wishing you could moan uncontrollably, saying my name, calling me daddy. You wish you could grip the sheets of your bed because it feels so good, because you can’t handle the way I’m fucking you. Cover your head with pillows because you can’t handle how good it feels. We get a knock on the door so I slow down a bit. It’s your roommate I go back to fucking you so you can come all over my fingers and tongue “hey are you almost done? I’m gonna go switch some shirts” she says. You’re out of words because you can’t focus. I stop for a second and tell you to answer. You open your mouth and say “ye….” right as I start sucking your clit again. Your roommate says “huh?” You muster all the strength inside you to let out a sentence while I’m fucking you “ummm…. y… ea I’m… I’m… I’m almost do… done.. I’m gonna… I’m gonna… I’mmm” your body starts to get tense, your pussy walls start to tighten around my fingers I can tell your gonna gush on my face and I want to taste your cum so bad so I go faster and harder. You continue your sentence but this time in a higher tone. “I’mm gonna cum… I’m about…. I’m about to… I’m about to fucking cum” your roommate responds “you alright? You want me to wait?” I fuck you harder “mhm… yes.. YES.. I’m.. so Fucking good…. don’t.. stop.. do.. don’t fucking stop.. I’m about to cum I’m about to cummmm.” She says ok and leaves. You get silent and your hands griping my shirt and your body tenses up. I feel a gush of cum on my fingers and can taste you. I take my fingers out and suck off the remains that was in my fingers. I come close and start kissing you so you can taste yourself. I stand up straight, wipe my mouth, say thanks and walked right out.


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