The Flashers Joy – New Sex Story

Sharon had been out with friends from school celebrating her sixteenth birthday and was now sitting on the last train home feeling tipsy, Sharon wondered why the train had not left the station, it should have departed a half hour ago, Sharon looked out the window and saw that the rain was still pouring down very heavy and guessed this had something to do with the train being late, Sharon heard a carriage door door slam shut and on looking saw that it was Colin from her school who was two years younger than what she was, Sharon also knew that Colin was a flasher but he had never flashed her, Sharon was taken by surprise when the trains public address system came on and listened with interest when the train guard announced that the train would be leaving the station soon but due to adverse weather condition the train would only travel at ten miles a hour, Sharon worked out that it would take the train one hour and twenty minutes to get to the station that she wanted, Sharon saw passengers getting off the train and realised that they were going for taxis, The train left the station and started the journey, Sharon saw that apart from Colin and her there was nobody else on the train, Sharon drank from the bottle of cider that had been given to her by one of the boys at the party, from where she was sat Sharon could see Colin rubbing his crutch and sat watching him wondering why all of a sudden she was starting to feel horny, Sharon drank the last of the cider from the bottle when she looked back at Colin she saw he had his fly open and was undoing the popper on his jeans and when it was open Sharon saw Colin’s dick spring out and was surprised by what she saw, since he was twelve he had been using a dick developer every day and now had a ten inch dick when erect, Sharon sat looking at the monster dick thinking that is massive much bigger than my boyfriends, Sharon stood up and walked to where Simon was sat feeling her love juices flowing as she did, Simon looked at Sharon noticing the pokies in her blouse, when Sharon got to Simon she said to him ” how the fuck did you get a cock that size ” Colin just smiled and watched Sharon as she stared at his dick, Sharon started to rub between her legs then undid her jeans as she did she said ” if you promise not to tell anyone I will let you fuck me ” Colin said ” deal ” and watched Sharon as she took her jeans right off, Colin saw she was not wearing any panties and smiled at the sight of her smooth love tube, after dropping her jeans on the seat then sat astride Colin’s legs and took his erect dick in her hand, Colin slid his hands under Sharon’s tee shirt and soon found Sharon’s naked boobs and started to gently squeeze her already very erect nipples, after a short time Colin stopped took his hands out from Sharon’s tee shirt then lifted Sharon’s tee shirt up over her head and off then admired her very ample boobs then started to lick and suck her nipples, Colin then held Sharon’s legs and stood as he did he lost his balance and fell forward ending up on the floor with Sharon under him, Colin smiled moved his hips back then in one move pushed his dick into Sharon’s love tube as he did Sharon cried out, Colin started to thrust in and out of Sharon’s love tube hearing her groan as he did, Colin was pushing his dick in as deep as he could and suddenly Sharon wraped her ankles round the base of Colin’s back saying yes fuck me fuck me ” Colin carried on thrusting in and out of Sharon’s love tube then felt her cum, as she did Sharon cried out ” yes yes yes ” the shortly after Colin pulled his dick from Sharon’s love tube and squirted his cum over her body, Colin sat on the seat admiring Sharon’s naked body. At the station Sharon got off the train first, Colin saw her go and talk to one of her friends who looked at him, the two girls parted, Colin started to walk home glad that the rain had stopped as he walked along the deserted country lane Colin suddenly remembered who the girl Sharon had been talking to was, It was Sara one of the most violent girls in the area, Colin heard footsteps behind him he turned and saw Sara, who said Sharon told me all about the size of your cock and how you fucked her on the train, Colin did not say anything just looked at Sara who said to him ” get your fuckin cock out let me see the size of it ” Colin undid his jeans letting his semi erect dick spring out, Sara looked at it and watched as Colin’s dick grew to a full ten inch erection, Colin saw pokies quickly appear in Sara’s tee shirt and smiled when Sara said ” I want the same deal as Sharon got you can fuck me as long as nobody finds out ” Colin thought cool then told Sara it was a deal, Colin watched Sara as she climbed the fence into the field with saying come on as she did, as Sara walked away from the fence Colin saw Sara’s bum appear as her jeans slid down, Colin smiled and climbed over the fence and walked over to where Sara was laying on the ground with her jeans off and legs parted, Colin looked at Sara’s love tube seeing a few hairs round it and said to her ” tee shirt off like Sharon did then watched as Sara took her tee shirt off exposing her naked boobs, Colin knelt between Sara’s legs bent forward and slid his dick into Sara’s love tube causing her to cry out as he did, Colin started to massage Sara’s large boobs, Sara said ” fuck me ” Colin started to thrust in and out of Sara’s love tube and soon heard her groaning and after a few minutes felt her cum, Colin carried on thrusting in and out of Sara’s love tube and soon felt her cum a second time and then a third not long after Sara had cum for the third time Colin was squirting his cum over the grass. Half a hour later Colin was walking along the lane hardly believing that he had had two girls who at sixteen were two years older than what he was, and both had been naked, the following afternoon Colin got a text message from Sharon that said ” want a repeat fuck ” followed by an address, Colin went to the address and smiled when a naked Sharon let him into the house saying my parents are away for the weekend, Colin followed Sharon into the lounge where his smile got broader when he saw Sara laying naked on the floor with her legs apart, Sara said come on get your fucking clothes off ” Colin did not hesitate and after a couple of minutes was standing naked his dick fully erect , the door suddenly opened and Sharon’s sister Amy walked in, Colin looked at Amy who was in his class at school, Colin thought that she was very hot but she gave him lots of verbal abuse,, Amy stood with her mouth wide open and said ” what the fuck is going on what is that pervert doing here ” then ran upstairs, Sharon followed her returning a few minutes later on her own, Colin spent the naked three hours thrusting in and out of first Sharon’s then Sara’s love tube glad of the viagra he had taken, as he walked home he thought pity that Amy was not interested. The next night Colin went back to the house where Amy let him, Amy stood wearing a dressing gown and told Colin that her sister Sharon was out for the night, Colin started to head towards the door, Amy called him, Colin turned and smiled when he saw that Amy had taken her gown off and was stood naked her nipples very erect, Amy said ” you don’t tell anyone anything not even my sister ” Colin agreed and stripped, then could not believe his ears when Amy said ” I like the taste of spunk and like being tit fucked as well as bum fucked but first of all I want my cunt fucked and lay on the floor spreading her legs as she did and saying ” come on you fucking pervert let me see how well you can use that cock ” and when Colin slid his dick into Amy’s love tube she cried out yes oh yes. When Colin got home he lay on his bed grateful for all the viagra he had taken.

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