The Hospital Visit – New Sex Story

Josh was a sixteen year old boy from Uganda but was now living in London which he did not like doing, in the two years that he had been in London Josh had suffered at the hands of racist bullies as had his sister who was four years younger than what he was, Josh had just been to see his mum in hospital, his mum had fallen down stairs breaking her leg, his sister who had earned the nickname tiger because she loved tigers had already left the ward and Josh was just leaving, as he left the ward he saw Cindy who was the same age as his sister and in her class at school the pair were good friends and often had a good laugh with Josh, Cindy smiled at Josh and said ” you should visit me and make me feel better ” Josh poked his tongue out and walked away, as Josh went into the lift Cindy push in as well saying tiger is on the roof garden and pressed the button for the roof, once on the roof Josh looked for tiger but could not find her it was just him and Cindy there, after going to one end of the roof Josh started to go back and got a shock, Cindy was stood in the doorway to a shelter her dressing gown and night dress on the ground, Cindy was standing naked, Josh looked at her well developing boobs and love tube smiled and said ” what the fuck are you doing ” Cindy smiled and said ” waiting for you to come and fuck me ” Josh could hardly believe what he had just heard, Josh was looking at Cindy who was now rubbing her love tube, he had thought that Cindy was cute for a long time and had fantasised about having sex with her and started to walk towards her undoing his trousers as he went, Cindy walked into the shelter as she did Josh admired her bum thinking very nice, when he got to the shelter he saw Cindy laying on a table her legs wide apart, Josh released his nine inch erection and smiled when Cindy said ” fucking hell that is big ” Josh walked to the table and started to rub Cindy’s love tube smiling when he felt it was wet, Josh pulled Cindy to the edge of the table bent forward and started to suck her stiff nipples, after a couple of minutes Josh stopped sucking Cindy’s nipples and after rubbing his throbbing dick over the lips of her love tube push his dick right in as far as he could, as his dick slid up Cindy’s tight love tube she cried out, Josh started to thrust in and out slowly listening to Cindy groan as he did, Josh started to thrust in and out faster and after a few minutes Cindy cried out ” yes yes yes ” as she climaxed, Josh continued to thrust in and out of Cindy’s love tube pushing in deep and after another five minutes Cindy climaxed again crying out ” yes ” as she did, after another minutes Josh pulled his dick out of Cindy’s love tube and stood looking at her noticing the glazed look in her eyes, After five minutes Cindy got off the table and after putting her night gown and dressing gown on left the roof, Josh sat down and ten minutes later Cindy’s sister Sara who was in the same class as Josh was at school walked into the shelter, Sara looked at Josh and said to him ” you just fucked my little sister ” Josh smiled and said ” are you jealous ” and walked towards her his dick still sticking out of his joggers, Sara looked at it and said ” fucking hell you got a massive cock ” Josh reached out and rubbed Sara’s boobs saying It is still fully loaded as he did ” Josh then pulled the zip on Sara’s hoody down and slid his hands up the inside of her tee shirt and started to massage her naked boobs for a minute then lifted Sara’s tee shirt letting her boobs fall free and then started sucking her nipples which soon became erect, after a few minutes Josh lowered Sara onto the table and unzipped her jeans as he pulled them and her panties down Sara lifted her bum allowing Josh to get her jeans and panties right down and off, Sara parted her legs, Josh knelt and started to lick Sara’s love tube making her softly moan then after a few minutes stood up wiped his mouth pushed his dick right up Sara’s waiting and willing love tube as he did Sara let out a deep groan and was soon groaning loudly as Josh thrust in and out of her love tube, Josh pushed in as deep and hard as he could ten minutes later as she climaxed Sara cried out ” oh fuck yes yes yes ” Josh did not stop he carried on thrusting in and out of Sara’s love tube causing her to climax three more times before he removed his dick from her love tube and squirt his cum over the ground, as he wiped his dick Josh saw that like her sister had had Sara had very glazed eyes, Sara just lay where she was smiling, after five minutes Sara got up off the table and after adjusting her clothes left the shelter with Josh, as she walked through the hospital Sara was thinking ” that was good the best that I have ever had but certainly not the last from him, The next day after school Josh was walking down the street where he lived when Sara caught up with him and asked him if he was coming in, Josh looked and smiled then followed Sara into her house and got a surprise his sister tiger was laying naked on the floor of the lounge groaning as Sara’s boyfriend Steve who was in his class at school thrust in and out of her love tube, Josh watched for a minute and when he turned he saw Sara laying naked on the floor her legs open, soon Josh was naked sliding his throbbing dick into Sara’s wet love tube as he did he was thinking, being in England is not to bad after all.

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