The Job Application – New Sex Story

The country was in turmoil, the recession was hitting very hard, it was two years since the recession had started in that time lots of factories, shops, offices and other places of employment had closed down making lots of people jobless, tenants were unable to pay their rent so landlords evicted them making them homeless which meant there were more people sleeping on the streets, things were very bleak indeed when ever a job was advertised there was always a lot of people trying to get the job.. Karen was sixteen years of age and lived with her mum and sister Amy in their own house so did not have to find rent but needed money for other things, Karen’s mum was wheelchair bound so could not work, Karen had tried to get jobs with out any luck, a job was advertised for a home Karen assistant at a mansion on the edge of the town where Karen lived and she applied for it, the mansion was owned by a Bengali man who was very rich this did not bother Karen and she turned up for an interview and saw about two hundred other applicants, after waiting in queue for a hour Karen was interviewed and was pleased when she was short listed and was told she would know in the afternoon if she had the job or not and after being invited to look round the mansion went off looking round, As she was looking round she saw Asif and his twin sister Pia who were two years younger than what she was and the owners son and daughter, she also saw Steve who was sixteen and a pervert who Karen did not like, one of the staff who Karen knew said to her ” do not say no to them ” Karen wondered what she meant and carried on looking round, In one room Karen saw an applicant slap Asif and call him a dirty bastard, A few minutes later Asif rubbed Karen’s bum and said ” nice ” Karen then knew what her friend had meant and said ” thanks ” and walked on, Asif followed her rubbing her bum a few more times, then ran his hands over her boobs saying ” these are beauties as he did ” Karen said ” glad you like them ” Asif said ” show me them ” Karen thought about the job and money and undid her shirt, she had no bra on which caused Asif to smile when he saw her naked boobs, Karen then saw Pia looking and heard her say ” yeah nice white tits ” Karen just smiled did her shirt up and walked on, Asif walked up to Karen and undid the zip on her skirt and when it fell to the floor pulled her panties down and started rubbing her love tube, Karen just stood there thinking about the job, Pia walked behind her and started rubbing her bum while she did she said ” take your shirt off ” Karen did as she had been told, Pia started to rub Karen’s boobs as she did she felt fingers slide into her love tube, Pia said get dressed Karen did and when Asif said ” follow me ” Karen did, and followed the twins to a bedroom where she saw Steve, Pia said ” this is our friend we want to watch him fuck you ” Karen was about to say ” no way ” but thought of the job and much needed money ” and started to undress then once naked looked at Steve and saw that he was now naked and had a nine inch erection, Karen lay on the bed then after a few minutes felt Steve’s dick slide into her love tube and start to thrust in and out as he did Karen saw that Pia was now naked and rubbing her love tube while Asif was undressing, Karen started to enjoy having Steve thrusting in and out of her and was soon breathing heavy after a minute Pia started to lick her nipple while Asif who was now naked started to lick and suck the other, Karen was now feeling very aroused from the attention her body was getting and after ten minutes cried out as she climaxed, Steve continued thrusting in and out of her love tube and after another ten minutes Sharon climaxed again then soon after Steve was squirting his cum over her body, then soon after climbed off the bed, Asif moved round and slid his six inch did into Karen’s very wet love tube and as his sister rubbed and sucked her boobs he thrust in and out of Sharon’s love tube, then after five minutes was squirting his cum over Sharon’s body, after being shown where to clean up and cleaning all the cum off her body Karen dressed thinking ” I hope I got the job after all that ” half a hour later the head butler spoke to Karen and told her that she had not got the job she applied for but had been given a job as the full time nanny of the twins which meant extra pay, As she walked home Karen was smiling happy at getting a job, when Steve past her on his bike he said ” see you round the house, Karen said ” hope so, hope you keep that cock clean and hard we do not want to disappoint the twins, That night Karen thought glad I got the job.

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