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The alert sirens at the local chemical plant had been sounding for over a hour, residents of the town that was half a mile from the chemical plant had followed the instructions that had been given to them on what to do in an emergency, nearly all the residents were now inside their homes with the doorsand windows shut tight, all the businesses in the area were also following the advice, the streets were now deserted except for the emergency services rushing to the chemical plant to deal with the problem. There local shopping centre had closed all the main doors as well as the windows, the underground carpark had also been locked down, some people were locked inside their cars Sixteen year Steve and his girlfriend Helen were in the carpark they had been giving racial abuse to the Indian girl who was twelve years old and sitting in her mum’s car, when suddenly Steve started to undress and was soon naked, the Indian girl looked in awe at the naked white racist thug admiring his seven inch dick Helen also stripped naked causing Steve to get a nine inch erection which the girl thought was cool, Helen lay on the bonnet of the car the girl was sitting in, the girl could hardly believe her eyes when Steve pushed his dick into Helen’s love tube and started to thrust in and out, Sara who was the same age as the Indian girl had been shouting racial abuse at sixty year old Jacob who was a black man from Africa but had suddenly stopped and stripped naked, Jacob had admired Sara’s developing boobs and smooth love tube for a few minutes and was now thrusting in and out of her love tube while her best mate Jane stood naked rubbing her love tube but when Jacob’s son thirty year old Marcus walked into view Jane had gone to him and was now sucking his dick, nine year old Mandy was sat in her mum’s car waiting for her to return from shopping as she looked at the stairs she saw the seventeen year old boy who collects the shopping trolleys walk into view completely naked his dick fully erect at eight inches, Mandy saw other naked boys and girls were naked having sex, the Indian girl saw Steve squirt cum and thought cool, Jacob felt Sara cum three times while , Marcus had squirted his cum into which Jane had swallowed, Mandy had watched the boy who collects trolly’s jerk his dick and squirt cum thinking now I know what cum looks like, Helen was still laying on the car bonnet with an Indian boy sucking her nipples while another was thrusting in and out of her love tube,, All round the underground carpark people sat in their cars were watching as those in the open had stripped naked and started having sex, the chemical leak at the plant was blamed for what had happened but not many people really cared.

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