The Old Guard – New Sex Story

The large shopping centre had been open for three years attracting a large amount of shoppers then one day one of the shops caught fire, the fire quickly spread to three other shops it took the fire brigade fours hours to put the fire out, other shops suffered water and smoke damage but luckily nobody was hurt, the council who owned the building closed the shopping centre down the only person in the centre was a lone security guard who was kept busy keeping looters out. It was a Saturday evening when Joel who was from Nigeria was on duty in the centre at nearly sixty years of age Joel was looking forward to retiring, Joel hated working in the centre and was not looking forward to the twelve hour shift he had just started, after doing a patrol round the building checking all was in order Joel sat down in the security office hoping for a quiet night, after a hour Joel needed to take a pee and like every other guard did instead of going to the lavatory on the third floor Joel went and stood over the chain where he undid his trousers pulled his dick out and peed into the drain, after he had finished Joel was heading back to the office when he heard a noise he went to investigate and found sixteen year old Sharon in one of the shops, Joel knew that Sharon was a trouble making girl who could be violent, Joel asked Sharon what she was doing in the centre, Sharon smiled and said ” just been watching you having a piss I saw that fucking big cock of yours hanging out, Joel did not make any reply but noticed the pokies in Sharon’s tight tee shirt, Sharon said ” your cock is bigger than anything I seen before my boyfriend’s cock is nine inches when hard but your cock is about ten inches still soft must be massive on the hard ” Joel could see the pokies in Sharon’s tee shirt were bigger and felt his dick twitch, he started to take Sharon to the office when she said ” I would love to have your cock you want to fuck me ” Joel ignored the remark and took Sharon into the office, then Sharon turned faced Joel and took her tee shirt off, Joel looked at her ample naked boobs with erect nipples and watched as Sharon took her jeans and panties off and stood naked, Sharon then walked to the desk and lay across it with her legs dangling over the edge and apart, Joel looked at her open love tube and undid his trousers letting his twelve inch erection spring out, Sharon looked at it and said ” yeah fucking nice now fuck me ” Joel walked over to her stood between her parted legs and slid his dick into Sharon’s love tube as he did Sharon cried out, Joel started to thrust in and out of Sharon’s love tube massaging her nipples as he did, Sharon was groaning in pleasure and after a few minutes Joel felt her cum but carried on thrusting in and out of Sharon’s love tube making her cum four more times before he pulled his dick from her love tube and squirt his cum over her body, Joel sat down looking at the naked Sharon noticing the glazed look in her eyes, Sharon stood up but was unsteady on her feet and slumped into a chair where she nodded off to sleep, Joel covered with a blanket, seven hours later Sharon woke smiled at Joel said ” cool ” got dressed and left the building, the following night Joel was in the building again after being there for a hour Joel heard a noise turned and saw Sharon standing naked beside her was her best mate Cindy who was also naked, Joel thought better check how they get in and make sure it is safe for them and undid his trousers, when his dick sprung out Cindy said ” oh fucking hell that is massive ” and five minutes later was groaning as Joel thrust in and out of her love tube, after the satisfied girls had left Joel filled in the log book and wrote it was a fucking good night.

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