The Perfect Ending – New Sex Story

Hello Guys This Is Mr. Random and Here is the second part of The Perfect Revenge story.

In The Previous part, we visulaized that how BABA was destroyed by Bhutani and asked his children to take revenge and how his son Kunal (Vishal) and daughter Ridhima (Renuka Mam), came to the point where Vinod Bhutani was licking Renuka’s Navel.

(Now Story from Ridhima’s point of view)

I was wearing a white tube top without bra revealing a lot of navel and my sleep pajamas without panty.

Vinod was shocked to see me and I could see a boner in his pants. I told him that I want to meet him and before I could say anything her forced me towards the wall and went down and started licking my Navel.

I was in 7th sky as a hot hunk guy was licking and kissing my belly all over and over. He did that for around 10 minutes and stopped and was holding my pajamas to pull down and see my pussy. I stopped him and asked what was he doing?

He told him – Renuka Tum bhi toh yahi chahte ho. Tumhare pussy puri wet ho chuki hai. Chalo aaj ho jaye. Let’s do it.

I told him that I was not going to have sex with him here on the terrace as it was in open and teachers and student can come anytime here or hear our sounds.

He told me that let’s go to his house. His dad was not in town and today was a perfect day. I agreed. He called his driver to come and pick us. He asked me to wear something more hotter.

I went back inside and got dress in black bodycon dress revealing my cleavage, back, shoulders and legs. And Black Boots and went with him to his car. I had already given Kunal A Message to meet me outside house. I thought I could skip the sex part but Vinod was so into me. During our way to home, we were sitting on the back and he asked me to sit on his lap and was massaging my thighs and kissing my neck and shoulder. He was touching my boobs and I was moaning all over in the car. I was sitting on his lap and could feel his erection and it felt like his cock was finding its way to my ass. He was so excited that he opened my legs and started taking his hands from thighs to inside my dress and was now near my panties. He started touching my panties and my vaginal area. I was a virgin and became wet soon. He inserted his middle finger in my virgin pussy and started fingering it roughly which made my moan more loudly. I was soo horny now and he was doing it so hard.

The car stopped and we had reached his home. We got out of the car, he took me to his room and I saw his father safe lock. He asked me to strip and I rejected and asked him to play a sex game with me. He was so horny that he agreed. Rules were simple -> I would ask a question, if correct answer was given I would strip one on my clothes and if wrong Vinod has to do the same and drink a glass of wine.

I asked him questions and finally I was in my Bra and Panties and Vinod Was Naked. I tricked him and asked password of his father’s safe. He told me the code was 44454 and I told him I don’t believe him.

He took me to the hall and opened the safe in front of me and said – > Are You Happy Now.

He Closed the safe and was going to reset the code but before he could do that I dropped my bra and panties in front of him and said “NO MORE GAMES FOR YOU”.

I was fully naked. Vinod came near me and started kissing my lips. We were smooching for around 1 minute and then he took me to the sofa and took a viagra pill. He started kissing my neck and bare chest. After all kissing and licking part he softly held my left breast in his hand and started pressing it roughly and licking my right nipple and pressing it with his right hand. I was all wet on the bed and my pussy was dripping with my liquid as it was my first time. He was biting my nipples sometimes and continued playing with my navel again.

He was holding my boobs and was playing with my navel belly button with his tongue. This continued 15 minutes and now he was kissing my legs, thighs and inner thighs. He saw my pussy, smell it and started kissing it and licking my dripping fluid. I was on 7th sky and was moaning and was thinking that he should not stop doing this. He was kissing my pussy, licking my fluids, fingering my pussy and I was enjoying the moment.

He asked me to suck his cock. It was my first time seeing a 8 inch big monster and I took it in my mouth. He was enjoying my sucking his dick. He told me how he felt when he first saw me in College.

Vinod -> Renuka Mam, Jabse aapko dekha tha, tabse aapke sath sex karna chahta tha. Aaaj meri iccha puri ho gaye.

And I continued sucking his dick.

He now asked me to lay on the bed as he was going to make my night more interesting. He separated my legs and tried inserting his 8 inch big cock in my virgin pussy. It was tight but Vinod was experienced in deflowering girls younger than me. He thrusted with force and his monster was inside me.

My body jerked when he pushed his cock in my pussy as I felt much more pain. I was still a virgin so my vagina was soo tight, but not for long as Vinod start moving his cock inside and outside faster and faster. My body continues to jerk and I begin to moan more loudly as he was also pressing my boobs. He changed position and again started the inside out movement of his cock. He asked me to get up for a second. He went on bed and slip under me. He insert his long cock in my pussy and told me to felt down. I was still moaning and enjoying as he started playing with my boobs. He continued fucking me for 10 minutes then changes his position. Again the fucking started. And finally he cum inside me as he was not wearing a condom.

He gave me a pill so I don’t get pregnant. He told me that it was the best night of his whole life and slept on bed as he drank to much wine during our little game and was out of energy after whole sex. I went to bathroom took a shower, came back and dressed back and went to the vault and inserted the code 44454 and searched for papers. I got the papers and also got some illegal documents of business Suresh Bhutani was running. I also got papers of some businessman he had runied like BABA. I also saw some tapes of girls whom Vinod was blackmailing by shooting their porn videos.

This reminded me of the camera in his bedroom. I quickly went to the room and searched for recording device and took the CD with me.

I took them all and went outside. Kunal was waiting for me asked for documents. I showed him and we went back to our house.

BABA was pleased to see the all documents and within 1 month Vikas Sharma, BABA was again shipping tycoon and his enemy Suresh Bhutani was in jail because of illegal business and fraud cases with their partners.

Vinod Bhutani was sent to jail too cause he was blackmailing many girls by shooting their porn videos.

BABA was pleased and told us that he was very happy and his children took his revenge. But he didn’t knew the price we had to pay.

Kunal has to repeat his college again as his 1 year was wasted and I lost my virginity to a fuck boy.

But all of the above the sexual experience was great and BABA was happy and that’s what matter’s the most.

*-*-*-*- End -*-*-*-*


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