The Perfect Revenge – New Sex Story

Hello Everyone. I am Mr. Random and here is my next story. This story is about revenge of me and my sister on a guy who destroyed the man we loved. Let’s Begin.

Hi My Name is Kunal Sharma, age 19 and was studying in a reputative college of our city and my sister, Ridhima Sharma, age 26 and was graduated and was teaching in the same college as Biology Teacher. She had long hair, black eyes and fair skin and was 165 cm with a great figure of 33-25-34 and was a virgin. We were orphan and were adopted by Mr. Vikas Sharma, a shipping tycoon and treated us like his own children as he was not married and had no children. We used to call him BABA. Life was going all well and fine but one day a disaster news came out and we found that BABA’s company was bankrupt and his factory was caught on fire.
His most loyal employee who became his partner, Mr. Suresh Bhutani stabbed in his back.

BABA was in shock and was hospitalized. After months of treatments BABA recover and spent most of his time crying and sobbering. Doctors told us that it will take time to overcome from this painfull trauma.

One day all the debtors came to our place and asked to pay for the debts that was 3 Crore. But BABA was bankrupt and we were hardly living on Ridhima’s salary i.e 30,000. She started paying his debts but some of his debtors were not polite and threaten him to pay debt or sell this house. One of the debtor asked him to send Ridhima To his house and he will pay 1 Lakh for each night. BABA was filled with shame and told that he will pay their money and tried to commit suicide on the next day but we saved him.

One day he asked us for a favor. He asked us to take his revenge from his partner. He told us that Suresh’s Son Vinod Bhutani Was A Student In Bhutani College owned by his father. He asked us to take his revenge by destroying the only person Bhutani Loved i.e Vinod Bhutani.

We Agreed and started planning and foreseeing their movements. It was a perfect plan as neither Suresh Bhutani or Vinod Bhutani Had seen us and they don’t even know us.
Vinod Bhutani was a student but was a big big pervert and womanizer. We got the lead and went to Bhutani College. I went first and got admission in same class with a fake name Vishal Thappar.

Within A month I gain Vinod Bhutani’s trust and now he believes me and I was his friend. I came to know his secret and about his father’s safe vault where he used to store his all money and documents.

After one month Ridhima Came to college as a teacher and she was smoking hot for Students and it looks like their dream come true. She used A fake name of Renuka Tyagi

A young teacher of 26 years, with fine features and hourglass figure was in their college. Male teachers and students all were horned to see her. She used to wear saree with blouse over a shimmering transparent saree revealing her cleavage, navel and back. First day she arrived she was wearing Tube / Strapless Blouse Designs For Saree. Vinod Bhutani was in shock to see such a beautiful teacher in his college.
People of college had no idea that we both were brother and sister.

First week passed and we had no lectures that my sister took no lecutes. Vinod was pissed and arranged a class with Renuka Mam. She was my sister and I had to hear gross things about her like boys there used to talk about grabbing her waist her ass, lick her pussy, tear her panty down, gangbang her and many more things.

I noticed Vinod and he was so obsessed with her body. AS he heard that Renuka Mam was staying in college teacher hostel he arranged a room for him in the student hostel.

Teacher hostel and student hostel were together. We used to eat together and stay together.

We could see our plan becomming successful and Ridhima started giving hints to Vinod. She asked him for pen and asked him to sit in the front bench and sometimes drop her saree pallu accidentally in front on him when he was alone.

Vinod told me that he was obsessed with Renuka mam and would do anything if can get a chance to fuck such a beauty. I told this to my sister and said that We are going to take revenge of BABA no matter what we have to do.

Ridhima agreed and asked me tell Vinod that Renuka mam want to meet him at the terrace of hostel after dinner. He practiced a little and I told her to wear such a dress that would reveal her navel and waist as Vinod used to look over that portion most of the time.

I told Vinod about Renuka mam and he was excited. He even bought a condom and a viagra pill.

(Now Story from Ridhima’s point of view)

I was wearing a white tube top without bra revealing a lot of navel and my sleep pajamas without panty.

Vinod was shocked to see me and I could see a boner in his pants. I told him that I want to meet him and before I could say anything her forced me towards the wall and went down and started licking my Navel.

I was in 7th sky as a hot hunk guy was licking and kissing my belly all over and over. He did that for around 10 minutes and stopped and was holding my pajamas to pull down and see my pussy. I stopped him and asked what was he doing?

OK Reader. Here We Will Take a Pause. The story will have 2 ending

1. The Perfect Ending
2. No Ending Is Perfect

You Can read anyone or both as you wanted and I will post them soon.


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