The Private Hospital – Part One

Dr. Chandra was the night duty doctor at a private hospital in London, he had just finished doing his check of patients and was making a drink in his office when the message came through, there had been a racist march that day, the march had turned violent with a mass fight taking place in which lots of people had been injured, the local NHS hospital had run out of beds so some of the injured were to be admitted to the private hospital. Dr Chandra became concerned for the safety of his staff and himself as they were all from Bangladesh, when there were only two patients admitted the Dr felt a bit easier, sixteen year old Steve and his girlfriend Emma were the two patients, Dr Chandra arranged for them to be put in separate rooms on different floors and gave them both sedatives to keep them drowsy so they would not cause problems. Mao was a sixteen year old volunteer at the hospital and was asked to get Emma into night clothes, Mao got the night clothes and went to the room that Emma was in when she got there she saw three Bengali boys sitting in the lounge right opposite Emma’s room, Mao smiled at the boys who she knew were all two years younger than Emma and herself, Mao went into Emma’s room leaving the door wide open and seeing that Emma was well out of things removed her shoes and undid her jeans, Mao could see the boys watching and pulled Emma’s jeans and panties down and off then after pulling Emma’s tee shirt over her head and off removed her bra leaving Emma naked, Mao saw the three boys were now stood at the entrance to Emma’s room each with a bulge in their night gowns, Mao pushed Emma’s legs apart then squeezed past the boys into the corridor as she did Mao said she is a racist bitch, Mao looked back into the room and smiled when she saw the three boys were now stood round the bed rubbing Emma’s body all with erect dicks on display and when the first boy got on the bed and slid his dick into Emma’s love tube Mao thought cool and watched as the boy thrust in and out of Emma’s love tube, Mao said ” go on fuck the bitch ” as she did she thought better than watching a porn film, Mao stood watching as each of the boys took turns in thrusting in and out of Emma’s love tube and when she saw Alif was sixteen years old and lived next door to her walking down the corridor she smiled pointed to Emma saying naked white racist bitch, Emma watched as Alif and when Alif undid his trousers and his eight inch think erection sprung out Mao thought at last I can see his nice cock, Mao watched as Alif got on the bed slid his erection into Emma.s love tube and started to thrust in and out, after ten minutes Mao watched in awe as Alif pulled his dick from Emma’s love tube and squirted his cum over Emma’s body. Pao waited till the boys had left Emma’s room then went in and after cleaning her dressed Emma in a see through nightie then left. Pao saw one of the other volunteers who told her that she had to change Steve but was scared, Pao smiled and told the other volunteer that she would do it and was soon in Steve’s room looking at Steve who was now naked with a nine inch erection.

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