The Racist Family – Part One

Mrs. Jones was a middled aged woman who was an alcoholic and known to be racist, her husband had left home a few years ago leaving her to raise her sixteen year old daughter Sharon and Amy who was four years younger that what Sharon was, the two girls were racist like their mum was, the girls were out of control, both were violent bullies who caused no end of trouble, they had very few friends, the family were known as the racist family that was hated by the Bengali community in the town where they lived, attempts to get the family evicted failed because they owned the house that they lived in. When a Bengali family moved into the house naked door to where Sharon and Amy lived the two girls wasted no time in letting the Bengali family know that they were not welcome. On the Saturday after they had moved in the Bengali family held a house warming party that was attended by many local Bengali’s, Sharon and Amy were not happy and it was not long before the two girls were making racist threats and comments which the party goers ignored, Amy went down to the chip shop to get chips and as she returned she saw six Bengali girls who she gave racial abuse to and was surprised when one of the girls said to her ” shut your face bitch other wise we will give you a spanking ” Amy responded by kicking one of the girls and yelling ” fucking try it ” as she did, the Bengali girls all moved on Amy and soon had her pinned on the floor, Amy struggled trying to get free and issuing threats as she did but no matter how hard to struggled Amy was not able to free herself then felt her jeans being undone and along with her panties pulled down and off, then her tee shirt was pulled over her head and off then one of the Bengali girls said ” oh look a naked white girl with small tits ” to her horror Amy felt her budding boobs being rubbed then her smooth love tube being rubbed, Amy shouted out issuing more threats and abuse, she then felt her small boobs being licked and fingers slide into her love tube, after a few minutes the fingers inside Amy’s love tube were pulled out Amy then felt her love tube being licked and not long after Amy felt her boobs being licked and sucked, Amy then felt a strange sensation sweeping her body the same type she got when boys played with her Amy could also feel her love juices start to flow after five minutes Amy climaxed as she did one of the Bengali girls said ” the little bitch has cum, the Bengali girls all moved around taking turns on Amy’s naked body, after a hour Amy had climaxed six times, when the last girl had finished with Amy they all moved away taking Amy’s clothes with them, As the Bengali girls left Amy heard one of them say, ” now for her sister she has got a decent pair of tits on her ” a hour later there were loud cheers and the flash of camera lights from the Bengali’s as a naked Amy staggered up her garden path.

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