The Research Centre – Part One

When the advert appeared in the local paper it received a lot of interest and application, the advert came from a private research clinic seeking people from eighteen years and younger to take part in trials for a new drug, the trials were being run over a weekend with a payment of one thousand pound along with free food and your own room, sixteen year old Karen thought that this looked good and the money would be very helpfull and applied for a place at the trials, her twelve year old sister Kim also applied but was did not get a place due to her medical conditions. Karen arrived at the test centre on a Friday evening where she learnt that the drug being tested was a new drug that helped the taker to become sexual aroused, Karen saw there were a few other youngsters there who were taking part in the trials some of who left when they found out what the drug was for, after having a medical Karen was shown round the centre and liked the large common room that had plenty to keep you occupied, Karen liked the room she had and liked the fact there was a king size bed in the room. The following morning at breakfast Karen met the others taking part in the trial and was surprised to see her neigbours Cindy who was six years younger than her and her brother Paul who was four years younger than what she was there, after a pep talk from the dr. in charge all the testers were given a jump suit to wear and told not to wear anything under it, they were also given two small tablets to take which they were told were the pills being tested. After a hour Karen started to feel a bit aroused, at lunch time they were all given two more tablets and mid afternoon another two. Karen now found that she was feeling extremely aroused and noticed other girls had pokies in their suits with boys having tents in their suits. In the common room Karen saw Mandy who was her age sat with the zip on her suit down her hand inside and from the movements was obviously rubbing her self, she then saw one girl with her top wide open her boobs with very erect nipples on full view, Karen then saw that Mandy also had her top right down and smiled when she saw a boy was sat naked jerking his six inch erection, Karen was now feeling the randiest she had ever felt and when she saw her classmate from school Steve stood with a nine inch erection showing she lowered the zip on her jump suit and went over to him took his throbbing dick in her hand and started to jerk it, Steve gently eased Karen’s suit off her shoulders and started massaging her now naked boobs then after a few minutes Steve lowered Karen’s suit to the floor then gently lay her on the floor and removed her suit leaving her naked Steve then removed his suit while he was doing it Karen noticed Paul standing naked looking down at her and smiling, Karen saw that he had a five inch erection which she thought was big for a boy of his young age Karen’s attention was diverted when she felt Steve’s dick slide into her love tube, Steve started thrusting in and out of her love tube causing Karen to start groaning, Steve thrust away as deep and hard as he could and soon Karen cried out in pleasure as she climaxed not long after Karen had climaxed Steve pulled his dick from Karen’s love tube and squirted his cum in five long spurts up her body after a few minutes Karen got up walked over to a table and got a cloth and cleaned her body as she did she noticed that every tester was naked with most have sex with somebody, Karen saw Mandy laying on the floor naked with Asif the son of the Bengali owner of a shop and two years younger than what she thrusting in and out of her love tube with Paul rubbing her boobs, Karen was still feeling very turned on and thought I have got to find more cock and when saw Martin from her class at school thought he will do and after five minutes was groaning as Martin thrust in and out of her still very wet love tube, Karen climaxed twice before Martin squirted his cum over her body in four very long spurts,, after Martin left her Karen rolled over onto her stomach then up onto her hands and knees but before she could get up onto her feet Steve appeared in front of her knelt down and pushed his dick into Karen’s mouth, Karen started to suck Steve’s dick as she did Steve held her head, Karen then felt somebody hold her hips and a dick slide into her love tube from behind and start to thrust in and out Karen did not know who it was but was feeling so aroused she did not care and carried on sucking Steve’s dick, after a few minutes of having his dick sucked Steve squirted his cum into Karen’s mouth, Karen chocked a little bit but managed to swallow most of Steve’s cum not long after Karen climaxed but the dick thrusting in and out of her love tube carried on thrusting away then after a short time Karen climaxed a second time then a third time before she felt the dick in her love tube pull out and a warm sticky splattering on her back, Karen lay flat then rolled onto her back and to her surprise and slight horror saw that the boy who had just made her cum three times was Richard a boy who was two years younger than what she was and well hated because he was a peeping tom and flasher, after recovering from her shock Karen got up and went to her room thinking it is bad enough that the perv boy saw me naked but he fucked me as well and made me cum three times, Karen had a shower then after a sort rest went to dinner where two more tablets were given to each of the testers, after dinner Karen was feeling extremely aroused when she went into the common room she had an uncontrollable urge for sex and sat in a chair then when Paul started to rub her boobs she made no attempt to stop him she sat enjoying the sensation and noticed that Asif was thrusting in and out of Cindy’s love tube and thought she is only a kid I bet she is tight, Karen felt her love tube being rubbed when she looked she saw it was Richard standing there Karen just looked at him and when Richard bent forward and rubbed her love tube with his eight inch erection Karen started to say no but when she felt the dick push right into her love tube she cried out and lay in the chair as Richard thrust in and out of her love tube while Paul sucked her nipples, Richard thrust in and out of Karen’s love tube causing her to cum five times before he squirted cum over her body, after a few minutes Richard walked away after a few more minutes Karen got up and went for a cloth to clean up after which she saw Richard thrusting in and out of Cindy’s love tube and Steve thrusting in and out of Mandy’s love tube, Mandy lost count of the amount of times she climaxed or how many dicks she had that day but had really enjoyed it. Back at home Karen saw that a thousand pound had been paid into her bank account and was happy, she looked at the tablets she had stole from the clinic thinking the party I am having tomorrow night will be super fun with these mixed in with the drink. At the clinic Tom the owner was saying to his wife that was a success they all thought it was a drug trial none of them realised it was a front for a porn film we will make a fortune and with next weeks trial we should make even more.

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